A ghost in the shell themed idea

Started by playfullchick76, April 09, 2017, 10:04:57 AM

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I watched the new ghost in the shell movie last night, and have the 96 animated movie. I wanted to play out something based on that here, so here goes.

In the future, a corporation like Hanka has succeeded in transplanting human brains in android bodies, for security, and for pleasure companions. Unknown to any outside the company, the company succeeded in making time travel real, but struggled to find a use for it, as changing one thing in the past could have disastrous consequences, so instead of altering history, the company sends people back in time to snatch people that are about to die, in accidents, so that the time stream is kept intact. With the human brains, there would be more realistic responses, nothing predictable, which would make them desirable to those that can afford them.

My character is taken like countless others, and  my brain is placed into the body of a pleasure android. Something like that, thats the basic idea, but, a storyline behind it would be what Im after. Taken from my own time, my brain put into a body that wont age, is stronger, with new expectations of me in the future.

If this appeals to anyone, let me know.