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February 26, 2021, 01:05:07 pm

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Author Topic: Sci-fi/God(esses)/Star Wars/Blizzard/other games?(f/t/etc characters seeking all  (Read 1082 times)

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Offline Soaring KnightTopic starter

Hey! Its been so long since I've been here in earnest. My name is Soaring Knight. I'm a pretty nice person, I think. I'm twenty three and an avid reader, writer, gamer, and show watcher. Basically, I love all things entertainment. Right now, I've got a bit of a futuristic love right now, and am really looking to get back into Elliquiy as I haven't done much for pretty much more than a year, maybe even two by now. Basically, my ons and offs and my preferences may be a bit out of date -- or a lot. I'm into pretty much anything now. At the moment, I'm most interested in doing something in these universes:

Mass Effect (Mostly as a civilian or original organization that is non military. Criminal, perhaps, or a pmc. Bounty hunter, etc. Anything. Very open.)
Star Wars (Any setting)
Original Sci-fi Setting(I've got loads)
Magical Girls (Happy to play with gender transformation here)
Dragon Ball
A Final Fantasy
Original Fantasy
Real World/Modern Fantasy (Can be interesting!)

I prefer to create a custom setting with each partner. I am much more open to discussing kinks, etc. in detail in private message, which is both my preferred means of contact and my preferred method of roleplay at this time though I am open to others. I am happy to feature a ton of different character types. Things that I am okay with are:

Mostly Humanoid races
Anthropomorphic Furries
Fantasy races

And probably tons of other stuff I am forgetting. I'll play against any gender. Gender of the writer does not matter to me. I will generally play female, trap/femboy, and trans/shemale characters. I'm open to play futanari/hermaphrodite characters as well. currently open to playin males as well. I am able to play both dominant and submissive, though generally I prefer a more submissive switch role. I am very comfortable with either, as long as the story is fun! I am able to play male character's as well, though I don't do this very often as I usually would prefer to play a female at that rate. I am very open to ideas! I am not a person who is ashamed to admit what they like, either. If you have an off the wall kink, feel free to ask about. Generally, my nos are scat, vore, etc. These are not things one usually finds on E though! I am open to non-con and con, etc.

I could just keep going on and on, but this is just an interest check. If you think we might be compatible, send me a message. I'm happy to hear from you! A couple of parting kinks I'm okay with: slavexmaster/petplay/harems/adultery/leash and collar/light bondage/blindfolds/spanking/vaginal/oral/anal -- all par for the course!
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Offline Soaring KnightTopic starter

Re: Sci-fi/Star Wars/gameworld etc. (f/t/etc. characters seeking all)
« Reply #1 on: April 09, 2017, 09:25:45 pm »
I have an idea! Its not an original one by any means, and is in fact quite inspired by some pictures. Ultimately, this idea boils down to what if there was a little bit of a system to do with sex? We don't need DND or anything so complex necessarily, but what if we created our own little game rules for both lewd and non-lewd activities?

What if, for instance, a character was fucked hard and satisfyingly by a male ogre, and as a result become more addicted to cock, more addicted to large creatures, and decided that "If they were the meat in a dude sandwich, they'd be pleased as punch" -- if this sounds familiar, you've probably seen this picture, and know what I'm getting at. [warning, NSFW, trap.] and the story attached to it. Its an interesting little concept, isn't it?

What if you add on top of that, that characters can be transformed? Tons of people here have probably played corruption of champions. Actions can and do have consequences! What if you went a straight, heterosexual, completely human male and slowly became a lesbian, female catgirl ninja, as an example? What if you went in as a girl, and came out a futanari? There's a ton of interesting room here, especially if its taken at a good pace. So we have a place where there's a bit of a sex system, and a system for actions, and this system can ultimately transform your character, and they can gain experience. etc. etc. Things I would love someone to help me figure out by combining creativity.

That's all nice, right? If it's interesting, message me.

Actual Plot Idea: Videogame world!

Technically unrelated, although serving as a plausible backdrop for what I just discussed, has anyone seen sword art online, or some of the other similar shoes like hack.sign// and others? These are shows that take the idea of what if someone is active, and in some cases perhaps entirely trapped in a video game world. Maybe it reveals your real self, like SAO did. Maybe your real self will come to reflect your avatar and what occurs to it. What if this world was as visceral and versatile as the real one, and nothing protected you from what could really happen?

You can see how it ties in with what I wrote above! Basically, an MMO setting where actions have real consequence is interesting to me, so feel free to message me if it is interesting to you! Thank you for reading!

Offline Soaring KnightTopic starter

Re: Sci-fi/Star Wars/gameworld etc. (f/t/etc. characters seeking all)
« Reply #2 on: May 24, 2017, 06:09:48 pm »
bump HELLO did I mention that I really love Persona? HOW ABOUT OVERWATCH SETTING? Canon or OC. I also love starwars. Let's play.

And how about warcraft, perhaps? Maybe even starcraft.
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Offline Soaring KnightTopic starter

Hello! Perhaps... a bump!

Also, anyone down for playing deitys like gods/goddesses of various pantheons H I T ME U P.
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