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August 12, 2022, 06:29:52 am

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Author Topic: Stuck In An MMO: An Experiment in Blood Magic & Pain [M/M or M/M/M EX]  (Read 893 times)

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Hey there, and thank you for the potential interest!

I've done a few games in the 'stuck in an MMO' genre, and always had a lot of fun with them. I'd argue it's one of my RP tropes at this point, in fact. In this case, I have something a little more specific--and esoteric--in mind. At its base, I want to experiment with Blood Magic. In other words, bloodplay, knifeplay, possibly torture through magic, etc. This has the potential to go over some relatively dark themes, so I figured I'd offer the warning right off the bat. On that note, I'll be talking through a couple of ideas... However, these are not the 'be all and end all'. If you have something you'd like to explore in the same vein (heh) involving Blood Magic, please do hit me up. There are dozens of directions to take the base idea, and if we end up doing an M/M/M I'm not sure how well the ideas I have would work, anyways.

That aside, a couple of other notes. I'm only looking for an M/M game. That is, male characters; I don't care about the gender of the author, but the characters themselves must be male. I am also looking for a submissive, probably someone that is--or will become--quite masochistic. Not to say that they need to be meek and mild! I'd much prefer they weren't, actually. Characters are not one dimensional, and I'm partial to strong personalities. Ones that will push my character and force mine to push back, with their own history, their own issues and baggage to bring to the table and involve themselves in the plot. As you may infer from this, I tend to play dominant top characters.

I'm open for this being freeform or a system game (would actually prefer a system game--there are a fair few that have interesting possibilities here--but it isn't required at all), and would be intrigued by an M/M/M game. Multiple characters are always good, whether it's with three authors or one author playing two 'main' characters. I also believe communication is key, and would love to exchange ideas and thoughts for where things should go either plot or smut wise via PM. I enjoy catering to my writing partner's kinks, right down to the look of MC. So if you have a preference for anything, don't be afraid to ask.

On the note of smut, I like a decent mixture of plot and smut with the lion's share going towards plot. Typically 70/30, sometimes up to 60/40 depending on the game. This one may involve a fair bit of blood based erotica depending on how it evolves, so could go closer to a 50/50 ratio of plot/sex. But enough waffling! If you've managed to get this far, I'm grateful.

Two of the ideas I had are more or less a similar take on a singular idea: That my character is a Blood Mage, a class based around summoning 'Pets' or 'Familiars', and harming those pets to power their spells. The twist of course is that in the process of 'upgrading' or 'acquiring' a new pet, YC gets mixed up in the ritual or discovers a bug and accidentally becomes bound to MC in place of the 'normal' pet. What that means precisely we can discuss, but might be simply that YC is forced to follow MC's commands or stick within a certain range, etc.

Now, the two twists on the idea are one: My character desperately wants to find a way out of the game. The PCs have been stuck in the game world for who knows how long, and MC has a life he wants to get back to. Whatever the cost. Maybe he has a kid or an ailing mother, whatever the case he thinks nothing of hurting the AI if it means he gets out faster. Enter YC... And suddenly, the 'being' he hurts and bleeds to cast his spells is no longer an AI, but a living, breathing (for a certain definition of the word) human (or other race). Suddenly, there's a lot more depth behind each spell cast as he has to decide how much exactly he wants to get home. Likely darker than the second idea, this one would likely go over themes of non-con and follow a "How far is too far?" theme.

And two, this idea is a bit more lighthearted. In a reverse role, my character hates having to harm things to cast his spells. He didn't actually pick the class, he was simply randomed into it. Perhaps the game has a 'test' to select people's classes at random. Regardless, this is the way it is. Once again enter YC... who is actually quite the masochist, and greatly enjoys the idea of MC pulling his power from YC. Where the RP would go from there is up for debate.

Other directions we could take it are simply exploring the emotional and mental issues with being forced into this lethal world of kill or be killed. Going from a modern world with all its comforts, to a game world that might as well be real with the effort put into it. Being forced to kill, to push yourselves and grow stronger. It has a wealth of potential, and that's a large part of why the trope calls to me to such a degree. You could have a hundred stories on the same theme and each would find different directions to take it.

I'm quite fond of PvP, and the idea of world building and factions vying for control. There's something to be said for characters with their backs against the wall, forced to rely on and trust each other because... well, what choice do they have? They can't get rid of each other, and presumably they have similar goals; whether it be getting out, sabotaging efforts to prevent other people getting out, or any number of other things. There are a large number of directions this could go, and I'm anxious to hear your thoughts and ideas. Please absolutely feel free to PM me your own twists or thoughts, plots and so on.

Thank you for your time, and looking forward to hearing from you!