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April 02, 2023, 06:26:54 am

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Author Topic: Your little brother (M for F)  (Read 1123 times)

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Your little brother (M for F)
« on: April 04, 2017, 02:12:46 am »
It began relatively innocuously. In 2025, new state laws were enacted which mandated that female patients could only be seen by female doctors. Sally Harris wasn't too concerned. It was a ridiculous law, of course, but for her it was an advantage: she had more patients than ever and they were able to pay. She worried briefly about the future of her three daughters in such a country, but surely this was a temporary thing. A liberal president would be elected next time and laws like that would be repealed.

In 2026, laws were passed requiring a woman to get her husband or father's permission to work. There were plenty of waivers in the case of divorce, being single, and so forth. Sally's husband was an enlightened, supportive man. He thought it was ridiculous. He signed the silly forms. Sally kept working. A liberal president would be elected next time and laws like that would be repealed.

In 2027, laws were passed restricting a woman's ability to invest money without her husband or father's permission. Sally and her husband kept money jointly so it didn't bother her too much. She worried more about her daughters. Again this was temporary. A liberal president would be elected soon.

In 2028, attempts were made to remove a woman's ability to vote. This failed, but instead, women could only vote with the permission of their husband or father. Many other minorities had their ability to vote suppressed. Sally voted for a liberal president. For liberal congressmen. But her preferred candidate lost. Promises were made of more "Godly, righteous laws" to be made.

By 2032, Sally found herself working only with her husband's permission. Her husband was considered the male guardian of all three daughters, even though the eldest was twenty-three. She legally had to have a male guardian, who would be her father until she married, and then her husband. None of them could hold property. They could only travel or work with permission. Church attendance wasn't legally required but not attending Church was social and professional suicide.

Pornography was banned. Internet communications monitored. Premarital sex, extra-marital sex were banned. Spousal discipline was normalized.

Sally worried about her three daughters. Her son, Luke, her youngest, would be fine. But her daughters. What kind of a world was this for them?

Then, tragedy struck. Some idiot manually driving his car rather than using an auto-car hit his car at high speed and he was killed instantly. Sally was distraught. Not only were things difficult, but she legally had to have a male guardian. So did her daughters. Her husband's brother, Uncle Spencer they called him, he became the guardian.

And he was a cruel, petty man. Sally had to bribe him. To let her continue working. To let her travel. To let her daughters date. Or go to school. Or get jobs.

And then, then Luke turned sixteen. Sixteen. Old enough to be a guardian himself in the eyes of the law. So she took papers. She went and saw a lawyer. Technically illegal but she got away with it. She managed to make Luke guardian. Her guardian. Guardian of his three sisters.

He had always been a bright, academic boy. Friendly, gentle. He would be a good guardian. More importantly, he would let her do what she wanted. Have her job. Travel. Invest. And let his sisters do as they wanted. He would be a rubber stamp that would let them get around this ridiculous bureaucracy.

And so he was. At first.

But slowly, Luke realized the extents of his power. The breadths and depths. He began attending "Guardianship" meetings at Church where male guardians gained "advice and support" from each other.

And he realized the intoxicating exhilaration of the power he wielded. The first time he had one of his sisters spanked. The moment he forbade his mother from something she truly wanted to do. The way he could overcome the total sexual restriction of the world he lived in and bend the rules to gratify himself.


I am looking for someone who is interested in playing this scenario out in detail, someone who is interested in world-building this setting with me. You might play one of the sisters in particular or might play the entire family, or some combination.  I definitely want this to play out in a slow, realistic fashion. There will be lots of time to explore the power dynamics at play here.

I am very into spanking and other forms of corporal punishment and so this will feature prominently. I also love power play and power dynamics.

If wanted, I am happy to negotiate the sisters into being step-sisters if that is more palatable for someone who is otherwise very into all aspects of the role play.

Please review my ons/offs and message me if interested.