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Author Topic: Short seeds and story snippets to spur your imaginative spirit (M for F)  (Read 1277 times)

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Offline AlexandrTopic starter

If you're the type who needs just a bit of food for thought to kick off a brainstorming session, these snippets are for you. I'll be glad to elaborate further on any of these, or you can come with your own take on how they might go. The important thing is that you contact me. PM me, or IM me, whatever you need to get in touch. We can discuss all the fun stuff after I've grabbed your attention.

You're supposed to look down below, but you can learn more about me here if you like
  • I've been having a huge fantasy craving lately as evidenced by my plot ratios, hopefully a good adventure story with an engaging writer. Talent over words is great, a vocabulary second to none would be fawned over, but really, it comes down to wanting to find somebody who I flat out enjoy creating a world with.
  • I probably love the plotting part of RPs most of all, brainstorming with a creative partner is wonderfully enjoyable to me. You might need to snap me out of that headset and get on with the actual writing.
  • I will definitely ask what your interests are, and I hope that you'll do the same with me. Part of roleplaying to me is learning to bend slowly to accommodate a new experience. I will answer almost any question about myself, if you have one for me.
  • I play male characters who tend to know what they like, and will not hesitate to grab it.
  • I enjoy perfectly equal parts sensual and story scenes, but I've been convinced to go to 100% in each direction.
  • My favorite color is purple, I love bigger dogs but I can't own one myself. The last movie I watched was The Count of Monte Cristo, I haven't read the book and even though I should I wonder if I ever will. I'm worried that my garden won't grow well enough in the summer, I love quotes and references that I recognize and I feel silly when I miss one, and my favorite roleplaying partner had a vowel in her name. It also had at least one consonant.


- He knows exactly what to say to make her knees go weak. She knows exactly how to sway her body to fixate his eyes on her.
- The bet was simple. "I can totally handle more requests in one day than you can." Winning was not.
- A pair of teens can't help but get excited each time one hits a growth spurt. Sharing their new developments with their friend becomes an intimate habit.
- Fifty laps in the swimming pool as punishment. You better finish before your arms give out.
- A girl's boyfriend is finally going away to college. But, y'know, his brother does look somewhat similar, after all…


- The monarch of a particular country is not defined by bloodline, but by who can survive the punishments of sitting upon a cursed throne. A prospective new ruler has stepped up to claim it.
- Fucking the warrior seems to be the only thing making him forget he's supposed to attack her town.
- There is a bit of discrimination between an adventuring pair. One receives all of the punishments, and the other receives all the rewards.
- It is much more forgivable to treat the girl like a toy when you don't even know that she's royalty.
- Whenever a magician has sex, the strength of their spells grow and their power increases.
- The princess in the tower is really a succubus. The hero couldn't be happier.
- Personal beauty isn't enough for a girl. She needs more jewelry and bigger gems on them, nothing is ever enough.
- Drow are rampaging through the countryside gathering slaves, and a mercenary company must hold the raiders off until an army proper can engage them.
- The king's entire court has been blackmailed by an agent of chaos. They're pressured to tear themselves apart until the treasury is empty.
- How exactly are you supposed to pawn off a stolen dragon egg that's five feet tall?
- Sure, that weapon is shiny and sharper than most, but why does it keep talking to me?
- A magician's apprentice needs to keep covering for his/her master's failed spells.
- Even a goddess can be brought to heel before a larger-than-life mortal. An entire religion can be upended by somebody with enough drive.
- Aiming for a simple life for himself, a villager settles the land where a witch gets her favorite ingredients. Who knew a farmer could be so stubborn? She has to find a way around this pushy peasant so she can collect them again.
- Due to her playful nature, a nymph unknowingly desecrates a holy area dedicated to a god. She is plagued with nightmares until she makes amends to him personally.
- After a fierce encounter, a sorceress has lost most of her abilities, and needs to regain her scepter and the gems that power it before a foe can take revenge on her in a weakened state.
- A demon sets his sights on the soul of an old opponent, at the end of his lifespan, and a Paladin must make sure her friend can pass into the afterlife.
- When a prophecy is seemingly fulfilled at a temple in a major city, the followers of opposing gods strive to control it to gain their deity's favor and boons, turning the city into a battlefield.

Liked where the heart was but didn't quite see anything that matched your desires? Use promo code ALXNDR for three sentences tailored to your interests!
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Offline AlexandrTopic starter

Alliterative bump, added a new story to each section.
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I would love to have a few more partners.

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Re: Short seeds and story snippets to spur your imaginative spirit (M for F)
« Reply #3 on: September 22, 2017, 09:58:12 pm »
A bump four months in the making.

Offline Hotomidemon1

Re: Short seeds and story snippets to spur your imaginative spirit (M for F)
« Reply #4 on: September 23, 2017, 11:24:34 am »
Well it seems we are booth on the same spot
I am fairly new to this site but not new to writing and you have quite amount of ideas
I think they're all good so it would not matter which you picked that you really want to try
I must admit though I do tend to create a lot of plot twists in a story and  dislike one liners
But I am up for anything really soooo
Just let me know >.>