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June 02, 2023, 09:29:14 pm

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Author Topic: Can I fancy you with these plots/ideas? (Male looking for F/Futa)  (Read 1114 times)

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Hey, everyone! I am a 26 year old guy who is also ways looking for new people to role play with. While I strictly prefer to play with woman, I might consider playing with guys. But only if they play as females. For the women, I have no problem what gender you play as. I am on always once day and you should expect a post from once a day, a few times, a day, or few days later. But I will always respond to the role play unless something comes up but I will tell that. I can range from one - four paragraphs, but it all depends how can creative I can get. I do have problems when it comes to my writing style, like grammar and such so I might not be good enough to work with you if you find these to be strongly important. But I will always try my best.

Pairings I like:

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Dom female x sub male
Switch female x switch male
incest( rather they cousin, parent and child, brother/sister, or aunt/newphew. Step siblings and cousins is also fine. Twin siblings is a maybe.
Furry female/male x human male
Muscular woman x non muscular man
Older woman x younger male
Younger, dom woman, (18 -23). Older male (20-27)
android/cyborg/AI x creator or owner
Monster/ monster girl x male
Cosplayer x nerd or another cosplayer
Soldier x soldier
Alien/humanoid alien x  human soldier or civilian
Cheating wife/girlfriend x husband/boyfriend
Cop x civilian
Tribal/Amazon woman x explorer or soldier
Mythological creature x male
Criminal x Cop or Civilian
Transgender Male/Female x Male
Futanari x Male
Teacher X student

Turn Ons
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Dom, sub, switch woman
Woman who play as a guys
Muscular Woman
Tall Woman to short guys
Large(or even Larger) Breast
Large Ass
Trans Characters
Futanari or Hermaphrodites
Large cocks
Power struggle
Large Ass

Turn Offs:
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Toilet Play
Me playing as a rapist as my main
Under age
People who don’t tell me when they want to drop the role play.

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Time travel
Science fiction
Post apocalyptic

Fandom (cannon x cannon or OC X OC):
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Gears of War (same has Halo. Not into playing overly muscular characters)
Mortal Kombat
Deus EX
Legend of Zelda
Mass Effect
Nartuo/ Shippuden
Fullmetal Alchemist/Brotherhood
Dragon Ball
Ghost in the Shell
Avatar the Last Airbender
Samurai Jack
Spiderman: The Animated Series
X-MEN: The Animated Series
Batman: The Animated Series
The Simpsons
Marvel Comics
DC Comics
Star War
Star Trek

Now for my plots. I always keep them open and I have no problem  doing same plot with different people as they would have different styles to them.

Fantastic Breasts and Where to Find Them:
MC is traveling around the world to find the best breast on a woman. His reason that it came to him in a dream where the woman who has the biggest and the most perfect breasts who bare him a child that is so smart he/she would become PotUS and bring peace to the world and to the two parties. This role play would require someone to play as more than one character but the only main character is mine until he finds the one he looking for. The other player would need to be open playing as people from other races and not just white. They can come from poor, middle class, and rich backgrounds.  What they have in common is that have large breast. Ages should be 18+

But I thought my headphones were plugged in, sister!
So my character comes home from college to spend Spring Break with his family, but he finds out he has to sleep in his sister’s room because water came into his room during a major thunderstorm. While the sister was sleeping, the older brother decides to watch porn on his Ipad. There is one problem though. He thought his headhpones were plugged in but they weren't, meaning his sister can hear him watching porn(or even hentai). This goes on for a few days until one day she confronts him about his were porn fantasies ( one of them could be about incest). Bother characters will be 18+ with 3 or 4 age difference. Her blackmailing him to have sex is also optional. Bonus points if you know where I got the story from lol.

The Milk Addicted Whore
YC is a 25 year old college student at the Westwood University. She is in the high honors of all her classes and loved by all. But she has an addiction that people do not know and would find very unusual. When she was young, she was breastfeed like most every other kid. But she is not like other kids because she is addicted to milk.  She was drinking milk from her mother’s breast till she couldn't take anymore and left her with her father. This why she is super intelligent and she excels her other classmates. When she was 18, she was already going a nice pair of G Cup breasts.  Her classmates and teacher took notice that too; including her father.  Her father use her addiction against her made her has sex with him. Soon other students knew her secret and took advantage of it. She became her whore all her life and she didn't care as long as she gets milk. She didn't have a boyfriend until recently. A young guy name Joesph is   who had just moved to Westwood. He lived in the city all his life and prefers it was time to get away from it. He was a nice guy, most people wouldn't take to him, but Jessie did. And the two started going out. But what he didn't knew was the things she is doing behind his back

My Girlfriend is a Psychopath
Malcolm has been friends with this hot Indian girl in college and the two have been seeing each other a few times already. One day, he takes her out to this really expensive restaurant for her birthday where the two talk and getting to know one another. Two hours later, the two of them leave and they had to her place. When they head inside they are greeted by her dog's; German Sheppard’s. The two of head to the couch where get real cozy. She head's to the kitchen where she gets a butcher knife and starts licking it sexually. As she walks closer to him, she pins him down, and holds the knife to his throat. She orders him to take off his clothes and he agrees. She starts to take off her clothes and bends him over, putting something in his ass. He asks what’s going on and she tells him she is actually a he and starts to have her way with his ass.

The American Otaku
Benjamin is an American who just left the US in order to move in Japan. He is living at Tokyo where he is going to school at for the next few years. While he knows some Japanese, some of the other students feel uncomfortable of him at the university because he is not one of them. However one student seems to take a liking to him. Mostly because she is not as ordinary Japanese woman. She prefers the American life style. She eats American food when she gets a chance; watches Hollywood action movies; and even dresses like an American. She also has westernized body that is all natural. Big hips, bubble ass, and a large set of breast. Of course she has never gone out with any of the other because her is a hermaphrodite. When the two started studying at his place, she finds hentai on his computer when he went to step out to get some food for the two of to eat. This caused her to be sexually aroused. When he gets back, he finds her on her bed looking at him with a sexual smile.

The Last Dragon
A knight is on a quest to create a very powerful suit of armor that needs dragon skin and bones. He travels to faraway island where these dragons located. As he enters the islands shrines, he sees one of them. The knight approaches it but doesn't drawn his sword, instead he is an awe of the dragon beautiful golden skin and form. The dragon speaks and tells him that she is the last of her kind and asks that pleads that he she could spare her. He drops his shield and sword and approaches her. The knight puts his hands on her face and starts to rub and agrees that he won't kill her but ask her what he can do to help his kind. She tells him that it remarries a mate to bring her species back.

The Tale of the Police Officer and Yakuza Member
A Cantonese man from Hong Kong is now working as one of Japan's police department to bring the two countries to a more friendly relationship. As well as trying to eliminate the Japanese mafia, the Yakuza. His first day on the job is to take down one of the gang’s money laundering at a warehouse, which is sending the shipment to Argentina. During the Yakuza's heist, he meets one of the Mafia’s henchmen.. As the warehouse burst into flames, he catches up to her and drags her out. She pleads to spare her life that she didn't want any part of the Yakuza. Her son was being held captivates and that she had to pay them off for his gambling addiction. The Cantonese officer agrees that he would help her and her son and they go back to the police station.

The Emperor and the Ninja
The last of Japan’s emperor’s son; Ichiro: has been sneaking out day after today to learn martial arts. On the way, he meets a beautiful woman who was being harassed by a group of thugs. He throws a rock one of them and gets their attention. The three come charging at him and he is beaten to death. The woman stops the three men and knocks them out cold. The emperor's son is amaze by her strength and comes up to her. She twists his arm and slams to the wall and takes off. As he enters the martial arts school, he sees the woman from before. He tries to become friends with her but she refuses. But as time goes by the two have been spending time with one another and became friends. Just one month before he graduates from his martial arts school, YC tells that she has to go and that two don't be spending time together. She runs off crying and is never seen again. Ten years later, as he becomes the successor to his father, he meets up with a ninja. He fights against the ninja and finds out that it was someone from his past; it was YC. He asks why she is trying to kill him. She tells her it was her father's doing and that she was order to kill the emperor's only son from taking the throne. Though she didn’t know it was Ichiro. Ichiro comes up with idea and the two embark to please both her father and his family.

The Nonbinding Contract
William has just moved from New York to a small town in Massachusetts. Being a big nerd like him, he checks out the local library. Of course this library doesn't get too many visitors (or any visitors at all) because it supposes to be hold some dark secrets. As he enters the library he is meet with an old man who gives him a book. He tells William to be on his way and read the book if he wants some excitement in his life. William leaves as it starts to rain heavily. As he re heads to his apartment and starts to read the book. The book and room start to shake and there is a bright flash. Few minutes later he sees a naked woman in his room. She looks at him with disgust look on her face. William ask who is she and she tells him that she is the demon princess of the underworld has been sealed away by a sorcerer. He is amaze this was his first time meeting a demon chick.

City of the Vampires
The country of Romania has been a dire need of monster slayers. Vance, four year expert on the undead all who is wicked take the offer and heads to the Lasyina, the city of the vampires. Taking with him his sword, potions, and is monster finding amulet he journeys to the city to get rid of the monster menace. The lady of the Count is bored while her husband plays war games the human nations. Neither the Count nor the Countess herself cares for the lives of the mortals but she believes they could be useful to expand their economy which Lasyina could become the prosperous country of them all. And that the Count wasn't spending anytime with her. Vance disguising himself as a servant in the castle was going to use this to his advantage.  But what was on a mission to overthrow the Vampire might become something much more.

Friends to the End
Two friends were planning to get married, but the male (my character) was from a lower caste than the person he fall in love.  His sweetheart was about to get married that her parent’s setup. Her boyfriend tried to reason with her and not go through with the marriage, but she couldn't ignore her parent’s desires. But as he pressures her, feeling between a hard place and rock as she had to chose, she decided to runaway in the woods.  At the middle of the night, the young woman was attacked by something and bitten on the neck. The following morning, a farmer found her and brought her back to the village. She was suffering from a massive fever and couldn't wake up, screaming of the horror she witness last night. Her parents stood beside her as she lay unconsciously in her bed. As night had fallen, she twist and turn her bed with her eyes opened wide. She began to scream and howl. All of a sudden, her nails became long and sharp. And without thinking, she used them to kill her parents. A local heard the cries from Mr., and Mrs. And rush over to see what was going. Out came the door was a tall and hideous creature. The villager scream for help and the created lashed at him in frenzy. More villagers came, trying to kill the beast. One by one, their lifeless bodies hit the ground. Most of the villagers were dead. The young male riding horses stopped by to see if his lover was okay, not knowing the horrors that happened that night.

Our Anniversary.
I have this idea where your character is a ghost after she got into a car crash when she was going to meet her soon to be fiancé. At first he thought she wasn't coming and decided to call the wedding and started to get paranoid she was seeing another man. But what actually happened is that her car got struck by an 18 wheeler and she didn't make it on the way to the hospital. Three years later on the night of their anniversary, she visits him.
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