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Started by Aragem, December 26, 2008, 03:15:57 PM

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Below is a list of games that have came from my wild imagination.  Each of the games is geared toward a younger girl with an older male.   

I will play the girl of course.  16 to 18 years old, I may even go 20 if the player is uncomfortable about sex with a teenager.

The guy has to at least be around thirty.  I'd prefer around 40, but I'm willing to go to 50, but dammit, he has to be fine.  The guy may be older, but he's healthy.  Meaning he works out, he's pretty solid, and with no flab around the waist.  He would have lines on his face because he is older, but a real nice good looking 40.  I'm thinking Vin Diesel.   :P

If you have an idea, a story, or a game you'd like to play with me, then by all means PM me and we'll work something out.  Now if you like one of my ideas, but want to add to it with ideas of your own, then please go ahead and suggest and share your ideas!  I'm all for collaborating on a story. 

Now as a forewarning, I am picky about who I RP with.  I especially look for writing styles that I like.  I'm being honest.  I've RPed with people who made what could have been fun games into a boring chore whenever I had to respond to them to keep from hurting their feelings.  I don't want to go through that again, so forgive me if I become particular.  If you are interested, PM me or post here on the thread. 

Below are the games and the pics of the girls I'll RP as.


A beautiful girl born into a mob family comes home after graduated from an overseas private school.  She's not naive; she knows that her father is a lieutenant for the local mafia and her brothers are helping in running an underground gambling ring.  She's very eager to get into a university and leave before her life becomes too involved with the criminal ring and she dies like her mother did.  However, she catches the eye of the head of the mafia, and whatever the Don wants, the Don gets.

I would prefer the story to take place in the same time setting as the Sopranos.  I'm unfamiliar with the time the Godfather is set in.  So I prefer to use this day and age.  From this, I am expecting the Don to get close to the family, giving her father and the brother's favor, inviting them over for dinner with his family in order to get close to the object of his lust.  It won't be outright, bring the girl to me so I can fuck her.  He has an image to maintain and also a wife to keep the truth from.  So the abuse will be more secret and discreet[/s]

The very classic, but lovable Teacher/Student scenario:

My character goes to a very prestigious private school for girls for her freshman year.  Of course there they wear the full out sailor school uniforms with the short skirts, mary jane shoes and loose socks.  However, unbeknownst to her and most of the student body, the teachers will sometime acquire "pets" from the freshmen.  The "pet" will be the teacher's personal little fucktoy or lover during her four years at the private school. 

Now for this game you could be the teacher or the headmaster/headmistress in this case.  I am willing to accept a female character for this role.  I would LOVE for the teacher or principal to perform corporal punishment on the girl over any excuse, like her skirt is too short or her grades were slipping, just to see her cute little ass turn pink.  They can blackmail her with her grades, promise her nice things if she complies, or even seduce her.


A Bondage Master live happily on a private island, in mansion, with a collection of beautiful slave girls at his beck and call.  He is the head of a powerful corporation renown internationally for cuthroat tactics in the stock market and economic ventures.  He is also known for stealing companies out from under owner's feet.  One company owner makes him an offer that Master finds rather intriguing.  If he left the man's assets alone, he would receive company's owner beautiful young daughter to be added to his collection of beauties.  The deal is made and arriving today is the frighten young girl who has no idea of what will happen to her.  All she was told that she was going to be staying with a "friend" of her father.

Okay, you must have a wide knowledge of bdsm techniques.  From rope tying, whipping, and I'll even allow enemas.  But no severe torture.

The Princess and the Warlord:

This could take place in a fantasy setting or a science fiction setting.  An Elven kingdom has been invaded and toppled with most of the royal family has been killed or executed, except for the king's youngest daughter, an Elven Princess.  The Warlord, the leader of the invading forces who've been conquering country after country, takes a liking to her and takes her into his household to "raise" as his own.  However, he has rather deep carnal desires that a young virgin girl would quite easily sate.
This could become a romance, but I want it to be heavily dominated from the Warlord's side over the princess.  I decided to make the princess an elf because I have never protrayed an elf girl before.  The invading forces could be dark elves, drow, or even the unseelie court or something like that.  But if you are unfamiliar with elves; then we can discuss it and try with just humans or different races.

Little Red Riding Hood witha Brutal Twist:

The world had ended.  The story takes place in a post-apocalypse where supernatural creatures such a werewolves exist and rule the world.  Humanity lives in scant little towns with tall talls of concrete and steel.  However, does doesn't always keep the monsters out.  A young girl wearing a red cloak and hood flees the remain of her hometown after a brutal assault by vampires.  She takes a path through a dark forest to get to the bunker that her grandmother resides in.  However, she gets held up by a rather large werewolf. . . .

This story could be considered Extreme if not Exotic. 

Special Treatment:

A young girl is placed in a hospital for a rare illness that has so far been untreatable.  She feels weak, and very finds it very hard to breath without a oxygen tank.  This time, the doctors don't believe she'll make it.  While she's sleeping, the hospital's top doctor enters her room and takes advantage of the poor girl.  She was going to die anyway, and no one would believe her over the word of a one of the best doctors in the country.  However, shortly after raping her, her vitals return to normal, she becomes stronger and healthier and is able to breath on her own.  It turns out there is a chemical that her body is unable to produce on its own.  Only through hard sex will her body produce this life saving chemical.  Of course, this cruel doctor is more than willing take the patient into his private clinic for further study. . . .

Be great if the player has some experience with the workings of a hospital and medical tools. . . .

Mass Effect:

This is a personal fantasy of mine.  Takes place in the universe of Mass Effect.  Takes place several years after the events of the game.  A retired Turian general is offered the job of being an instructor in an experimental training facility design to train possible candidates for Spectres.  However, the students are very young, ages ranging from 10 to 18 years old.  Only the most promising students from military schools and boot camps are allowed to enroll by invitation only and the requirements to be allowed to stay are stict.  Its not uncommon for each day two or three students are forced to leave the school due to less than excellent standards or grades. 
The Turian general took this as a chance continue dedicating his service for the good of his people and the citadel by taking hand in training future spectres.  However, he wasn't prepared for a certain lovely young human girl to take such a vivid interest in him. . . . 

This story is a bit different from the others.  It more of a seduction story than a BDSM story.  The requirements for this game is to be very familiar with Mass Effect and familiarize yourself with Turian culture. 

Evil Step-Father:

Rena has spent her life in private schools since she was 10.  Her mother is strict career, working endlessly to build up her late husband's business up from a small company to an international corporation.  During Rena's first year of highschool, her mother married a rich and powerful politician.  The marriage was more about gaining than it was about love.  Rena's mother would get the government's backing for her company and the politician would receive the money he needed to run for president.  Rena isn't sure of what to make of this.  She hadn't seen her mother in six years and the man she married is old enough to be her grandfather.  For the first time in in years, Rena is taken from her school to spend the summer with her new "family".  However, she only saw her mother when she kissed Rena on the head and wished her to have a happy summer break before she got on a plane and left for Europe to expand her company and leaves her daughter alone on a private island with her new step-father.
But unknown to Rena and her mother is that Rena's new step-father has healthy appetite for young virgin girls. . . .

I guess this game is pretty straightforward. . . .

Kidnapped to the Underworld:

The story of Persephone and Hades, God of the Underworld.  If you are unfamilar with the story, or just need a run through again, here goes.  Persephone was the beautiful daughter of Demeter, Greek goddess of the harvest and earth's fertility.  This young goddess often went out to the meadows to collect flowers with nymphs and virgin maidens.  The God of the Underworld, Hades, became entrance by her beauty and innocence, something very rare in the dark World of the Dead; and decided to take her for his own.  He bursts from the earth and kidnaps Persephone from the meadow and takes her down into his dark city to keep as his wife. color]
For starters, I'm not into dead people.  At least not zombies or people whose flesh is rotting off their bodies.  I picture hades as very large, pale skin man in very dark robes and piercing red eyes.  However, you are free to come up with your own version, just no rotting flesh.  It would also be a good idea to have some basic idea of Greek Mythology.

Touched by a God:

Another Greek mythology story.  Zeus, the ruler of the Gods and Mount Olympus is powerful and supreme.  But he is renown for his desire for the fairer sex.  From mortal virgins, the playful nymphs of the wood, and to the beautiful goddess of Olympus, mortals and immortal women alike are up for grabs to this almighty god.  And his latest affection is placed upon a lovely young girl, daughter of a farmer who just had her 16th's birthday.

This could go into extreme!  Zeus has been known to change himself as animals in order to keep his wife Hera finding out about his "conquests".  He's even raped a woman while he was swan.  He's kidnapped and out right raped women who refused him.  So there might be some coercion.  Nice to have a basic knowledge of Greek Mythology.

Goldilocks and the Horny Bear:

Okay, this might be a little silly.  Picture Fairytale land combined with real family drama.  The Three Bears live in a surburban neighborhood instead of the woods and they live across from Sleeping Beauty and the Seven Dwarfs.  Papa Bear has lived the life that most people want.  The after of "after happily ever after".  He has a lovely wife with a scrappy young son.  He wakes up, has breakfast, goes to work, comes home, eats dinner, and go to bed.  Everyday, for years.  He's miserable.  Competely miserable, and bored with his life.  That is until the new neighbors come.  Goldilocks and her parents move into the house next door to the Three Bears and with one look at the lovely golden hair teen, Papa Bear suddenly felt that life was worth living again.

This game is more of a drama than sexual oriented game; something you might see on LifeTime.  An unhappy married man, meets the next door neighbor's daughter and begins having a secret affair with her behind closed doors.  I am pretty sure that there is a movie like that on Oxygen or Lifetime Channel.   

The Sad Tale of Jeff Quinlin *From Laurel K. Hamilton's Bloody Bones*

For anyone who is a big Anita Blake fan, might know the unfortunate story of Jeff Quinlan.  A 16-year-old boy from the small town of Branson whose sister was found dead with vampire bite marks on her neck one night and chances were that she would rise three nights later as a vampire.  A brave woman named Anita Blake who was a vampire hunter promised him that she would kill the vampire who killed his sister and set off with a small group of cops to hunt down down beast. . . leaving Jeff and his parents alone.  Vampires came, killed the sheriff's wife and stole the girl's body, however poor Jeff was kidnapped by Xavier, a certain monstrous vampire who had a taste for boys.

The rest of the novel covers Anita Blake trying to rescue him, however in the end, Jeff gets turned into a vampire by Xaiver and then is burned to death when the coven's lair was set ablazed.
I want to RP Jeff's time with Xaiver.  We have two options:

1.  We could RP the behind the scenes stuff in Bloody Bones between Jeff and Xaiver up until the Bloody Bones bar is set on fire and they are killed.

2.  Or we could arrange it where Xaiver and Jeff aren't killed in the fire and Jeff must contend with being a vampire and being the pet of Xaiver an ancient vampire.

The requirement for this game is that you MUST be familiar with the world of Anita Blake novels.  You don't have to have read all the books, but please at least have read Bloody Bones. 

Vampire Seduction

I don't know why, but I am in a vampire mood.

A lonely woman suffering from clinical depression after her husband dies in an accident, gets a special nightly visitor in her apartment.  He claims he's a vampire come to take her away from her sadness, yet she doesn't trust him.  Each night he comes, and attempts to seduce her.  She begins to suspect that her husband's accident, might not have been an accident after all. . . . .
This world can be set in World of Darkness or Anne Rice, or even Twilight Saga.  The vampire visitor can be male or female.  This story is more of a romance or seduction.  Plenty of angst.

A Succubus Comes of Age

As the title states, a young succubus comes of age and is taught by her mother how to seduce mortal men and drain their life energy by having sex with them.  However, it is discovered that this young succubus has the ability to also drain other demons and supernatural creatures of their energy, thus making her an oddity and considered a threat by other demons.
Just wanted to explore a little bit of my darker side.  The succubus will be young (No younger than 16), but not naive or ignorant of sex, however you can reach about skiing and dancing, but in practice you are still a novice.  There is a chance of mother/daughter incest especially during lessons, however if you are uncomfortable with it, it can be reduce to the mother being her teacher instead.  This could go into exotic or extreme, depending on how exotic the demons and creatures the succubus has sex with.


The Well of my Dreams is Poisoned; I draw off the Poison, which becomes the Ink of my Authorship, the Paint upon my Brush.


It doesn't even have to be THESE choices.  If you have an idea and you think I might enjoy, PM me.  CHeck out my ons and offs though.  But I'm a pretty open minded person.


Wow.  I'll want to think over this one.


I updated.  Added more games.  I may update this as ideas come to me.


The Well of my Dreams is Poisoned; I draw off the Poison, which becomes the Ink of my Authorship, the Paint upon my Brush.


A few games have been taken.  However, there are still more, and as ideas come to me, I'll add more.




Added two more games.  Just keep checking back people.  I'm always cooking up games that I'd like to play.


A game got taken!  Don't worry, there are plenty other games.



Sorry folks, as of right now, I am not taking on anymore games.  I have a lot on my plate at the moment and a bad dose of Real Life heading my way.  Don't worry, I'll still be able to commit to the currant games I have going, but as of right now, I am not taking on anymore.  Thank you and when I am able, I'll reopen the games and have some new ones to add.


I'm back.   ;D

I have enough time to take on a few more games.  So check them out and see if any catches your eye!




Awww, man, the student-teacher one really interests me... especially if it was F/F and based more on seduction than force.  Too bad it's taken...
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