Take Me To the Fallen Isles [Ex] -- Seeking submissive F character.

Started by Montagne, March 26, 2017, 09:18:42 AM

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Drow are a corrupted race. Fallen Elves, tainted centuries ago by demonic powers they left the main continent of the world, retreating to an island fortress, shrouded in mists. “The Fallen Isles.” The Drow have built a society in which decadence is an absolute. They are near immortal, and great wielders of demonic magic. With their considerable powers they built a culture of brutal passions; the most exotic sexual pleasures, profane music and illicit cuisine was theirs. Nothing about their culture avoids the touch of pleasure, and the corruption of demonic magic. Their city is built upon slaves, nearly a hundred for every Drow who perform every menial task in the city. They are messengers, builders, cooks, handservants, pets and toys. The Drow capture servants from every race of the mainland and take them to The Fallen Isles, never to return. The Drow have become the most expert subjugators of people, sadistic, torturous, with magic and curses designed souly for the subjugation and rebuilding of lesser races minds.

600 years ago, a curse was placed upon humanity by the Drow. They saw the humans, and they knew they would make the perfect slaves. Easy, bendable minds, nimble hands and... supple bodies. But, they multiplied too quickly to fully enslave, the Drow were comparatively few in number, lacking the manpower to fully subjugate the human kingdoms. Thus the Drow placed a curse on one of the human tribes, now grown into a mighty city state. The night they come of age, one in every thousand women are afflicted by the curse. Every night their dreams transport them to The Fallen Isles. There their captors torment them; for the Drow are masters of two things: Torture, and seduction. Every night their bodies are first placed through the most agonizing torture, bringing them to the point that their minds shatter into a thousand shards and they are mouldable like soft clay. Then the perfect toned ebony bodies of their Elven masters come to claim the women, and take them to such extreme pleasure that no man could ever bring them too. Some women lose their minds, never wishing to sleep...others only ever wanting to dream.

Once a year, on the last full moon of winter, The Drow return from their homeland beyond the shores covered in a magic mist, and make landfall in great ships upon the continent of man. The cursed women flock to the boats in droves, thousands of them, their minds so tainted by their need for elven pleasures they will do anything to be allowed to make it a reality. Most women board the ships on the first year they receive the curse, few last more than a year or two; either leaving for the ships, or taking their own life, every hour of their sleep filled with the siren calls of the Dark Elves. The ships are great prison arks which take the women back to The Fallen Isles to begin their new lives as slaves.

No attempt by the humans to stop this has ever been successful. Every ship sent into the mists that surround The Fallen Isles has never been seen again. Only one attempt was made to try to stop the women, locking up those cursed and meeting the Drow with an army rather than a horde of willing slaves. The Drow king, riding a ferocious black dragon, slew them all, and burned one of the great human cities to the ground for their resistance. From then onwards, it has become an accepted sacrifice the humans must give.

Your character was cursed nine months ago. For nine months her dreams have been haunted by her Drow masters. She is special, one of the few humans able to perform magic, a healer, still a studying apprentice. Her mind is far stronger than the other women, whose minds turn to putty in the hands of skilled Drow mages. The curse on humanity is maintained by the greatest of the Drow mages, only he has the power to maintain such a curse. He has taken special interest in you as a specimen seemingly resistant to the Drow and visits you in your dreams, tempts you, punishes you...ravishes you. It is time for the Drow to arrive once more, and you wait for him on the beach. You plan to stop him; to allow him to take you prisoner so that you can find the source of the curse, and stop it. The pleasures he gave you even in your dreams were near unimaginable. Will you be able to resist him in person, or will you surrender your body to him, like the rest of your kin. And more worryingly, does part of you want to.


Hey reader, I hope that short introduction caught your attention! I'm looking for a writer (of any gender) to play the human apprentice on a mission to save her people.

I'm looking for interesting mind games and a dark, character driven story. Hopefully the set-up should provide plenty of that. The story will develop around her plots to defeat the dark elf mage and his counter-plots to finally break her. As such a player who can actively contribute ideas to advance the story is a must. Being able to write a convincing internal monologue is also important, as the story will driven by her plans to defeat him.

When it comes to the sex part (this is E after all!) My preference is for more extreme kinks, and they'll be plenty of hard bondage/torture scenes to go around, so make sure that is your sort of thing before applying. I'm fine with either bad or happy endings for this story, depending on partner preference. Either your character ends her days enslaved and broken, or my character is defeated by his own hubris.

Hopefully we can craft an engaging story together.

If this interests you drop me a PM. Give me an idea of what you liked about the concept, the kinks/themes you want to explore, the type of character you want to play and if you have a preference for a good or bad ending to the story!

I look forward to hearing from you!