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November 28, 2020, 07:21:37 AM

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Author Topic: Superheroine Devolution - seeking Supergirl / Kara Zor El (NC, Human)  (Read 651 times)

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Offline MelendrithTopic starter

Hi, looking for someone interested in playing Kara Zor-El for some non-consensual roleplay.



The story has Supergirl encountering and being defeated by a supervillain who has been planning for this for some time. Post-defeat, she is given a choice to either submit or carry on her illustrious crimefighting career but with "less" powers.

So she finds herself freed to fight crime, but this time with an unremovable collar with a kryptonite core, part of a nefarious plan to humiliate her. The collar disables her powers, but she can restore them temporarily by experiencing unspeakable things done to her person. The more she takes, the longer (and more intensely) she can use her abilities until she reverts back to powerlessness. In any case, without her powers, that is probably the outcome whether she likes it or not...


OOC Notes

For easy ref

The 2005 Supergirl outfit is the best imho, but that is also up for discussion. I would prefer her having a skirt.

The collar must never be removed, destroyed or affected in any way except by the one who placed it. The one who placed it can also has a failsafe where Supergirl cannot regain her powers in his presence. Supergirl must also never be killed and never "break" fully, until perhaps near the end of the story.

For purpose of this play, there are no other superheroes in existence, or if there are, they don't know each other and are generally isolated geographically.

The RP will definitely involve non-consensual, humiliation and probably forced orgasms. It will likely be human-only ( open to RP partner preferences) and have bondage in varying degrees (again based on RP partner prefs) and possible costume changes, etc. Most kinks can be discussed.

The identity of the main supervillain (as well as other encounters) is up to my RP partner, but if there are no requests I have my own characters in mind (and more normal guys for the other scenes, to make it even more humiliating). I do wish to cater for the fantasies of my RP partner, but I do disclaim that I am not intimately familiar with most villains (and their myriad of depictions ugh. Yes Lex Luthor, I'm looking at you), and while I will google about, dont get too worked up if I dont get it quite right.

Char Development
Of particular interest to me is the mental character development (or degeneration) of Supergirl while experiencing all these negative tribulations. She will at some point become aware she is actively "destroying" her once formidable reputation by trying to carry on being a heroine after being stripped (almost in every sense of the word). Is it worth it, why bother? When she reactivates her powers, with the limited time she has, why should she not kill those who had tormented her? Why leave it to the justice department (she might even sit in a hearing in a scene)? And if all these unspeakable experiences are so pleasurable, why not just submit fully to pursuit of it? This may even be an active process while she is "in" a situation. If RP partner is agreeable, the collar might be able to transmit thoughts in a two way fashion (akin to telepathy) to the main villain, who can then masquerade as her "conscience" or "inner devil/angel discourse" to further weaken her inside out.

So yeah, post here or PM me if anyone has interest :)


Separately, if Supergirl is not quite your heroine for such, feel free to suggest. I (think I am) open to most, but not generally interested in Power Girl.

If you like the Character Development concept but not especially into explicit smut related stuff, that might also be arranged via abbreviated scenes. Probably just a cursory narration of what happened before we focus on the juicy post fall out stuff.
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Offline MelendrithTopic starter

Re: Superheroine Devolution - seeking Supergirl / Kara Zor El (NC, Human)
« Reply #1 on: April 07, 2017, 11:16:04 AM »
anyone keen?