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Author Topic: Devolution (taken)  (Read 730 times)

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Devolution (taken)
« on: March 17, 2017, 11:06:55 am »
Here’s a plot that was inspired by another RPer on this site. The attraction to me is the complete isolation of our location and that my character (Kate) has lost all of her rights and must comply with your character in all respects. I see this as starting simply, but becoming more and more extreme as we progress. If you think you are able to spend six weeks with no one but a beautiful submissive woman then please read on.

PM me if you’re interested, telling me what you would bring and what you would change. I must admit, I’m looking for someone with a boundless imagination.I have written this with a male partner in mind, but I’m more than willing to play with either sex (character or RPer)


Kate is a respected university lecturer of psychology, married to Jack, the head of her department (not your character – though we will both use him throughout this RP). Kate is mid to late thirties or early forties, a proud and confident woman and of course stunningly beautiful. Jack is 15 years her senior.

After several drinks at a dinner party Kate, Jack and a few friends discuss the premise that without technology and varied social interaction mankind would quickly devolve into a more primitive state. As a psychologist, Kate is at once intrigued by the possibility, which simply won’t leave her thoughts and the semblance of an idea forms.

She confides in her husband telling him she’d like to monitor how the behaviour of two people confined and alone for a period of time changes over the duration of their internment. Jack thinks it interesting enough to explore further and offers to help her draw up a plan.

The university owns a remote lighthouse several miles offshore in which ecology students are able to monitor nesting Atlantic sea birds, but it would not normally be in use at this time of year, lying vacant until the migrating birds arrive. It’s the perfect location for Kate’s research. She considers combinations of subject types, but Jack insists that she must be one of the pair to ensure that the results are documented thoroughly and scientifically. The other subject would need to be a younger man, of course, he tells her. Sex is the most primitive driver and so the pairing must be a younger man and older woman. It would be interesting, Jack argues, to see if they can overcome modern codes and ethics under such extreme conditions. They place an advertisement in the university magazine and from the hundreds of replies, Kate’s husband interviews six and chooses one. He will not give Kate any details of her partner as he feels that this will prejudice her impartiality and therefore her conclusions.

The lighthouse is stocked with ample food and water and a generator provides power. However, jack recommends that electricity is used sparingly as it could be considered to be technology and dilute the results.

Kate is genuinely excited by the idea and her notebooks, reference material and luggage are airlifted ahead of the commencement of the experiment.

Your character would already be on the island as Kate approaches by boat. The old fishing trawler draws as close as it can, but Kate has to swim the last 100 metres or so as the weather is too rough for the boat to land safely. Jack has Kate strip naked and swim to the island – a neat twist to the experiment she thinks; she will arrive with absolutely nothing.

On her arrival Kate finds that although her books have been delivered, her clothing has not. Initially, Kate would assume control and your character would be understandably nervous and wary.

However, Jack has left a note and they read it together.

•   The duration of the experiment is six weeks.
      o   After such time a helicopter shall remove both parties
      o   Solar powered monitoring is in place and you shall be observed by the adjudicator at all times.

•   (YC) ishall be solely responsible for the stores
      o   Although you are free to eat and drink as you please, Kate must earn her food and water.
      o   If it is felt by the adjudicator that (YC) does not adequately enforce this all rations shall be stopped for both parties.

•   There are 42 numbered boxes in the store room, one to be opened each day
      o   The box will either detail a task or include an object.
      o   (YC) shall be responsible for ensuring the task is completed or the object appropriately used.
      o   Open box number one immediately after reading these instructions.

•   Kate shall be subservient to (YC) in all respects
      o   Kate shall obey you without question or complaint.
                   (YC) failure to enforce this will result in the stores being locked for one day
                   Stores can be unlocked by (YC) administering suitable punishment
      o   Anything that occurs on the island will remain on the island
      o   Kate has signed a contract waiving all of her rights.
                   (YC) may reward or punish Kate as you see fit.
                   (YC) may make any demands of her that you choose

•   Kate is to maintain a journal of the experiment

Note: we can both determine what is in the 42 boxes by opening them in turn.
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