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May 13, 2021, 01:19:59 am

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Author Topic: Long term Fantasy or Sci-Fi plays (Looking for your M x F or your F x M or FxF)  (Read 772 times)

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Offline SkekfaerTopic starter

    I'm looking for a variety of fellow players but would prefer an average of around two to three paragraphs and a bit more descriptive in their writing. Make me feel emotions!

    My interests lie mostly in fantasy, historical, sci-fi, post-apocalyptic or other such stories. If you want a 'regular' modern roleplay and think I could be interested pass it by me, perhaps it will interest me. However I won't accept anything concerning; daily jobs, schools, neighbors or other 'run of the mill' stuff. Give me something I won't see every day when I wake up (espionage, modern fantasy,…)

    The only thing I'd want is character development. Not just a string of sexual encounters clipped together with meaningless set pieces only meant to lead to sex.
    Sex is fine for me in role-plays but not constantly and the reason for it has to be there be to Non-con or not.

My Offs:
Generally I roll with whatever comes my way but these things I simply won't do:

- Vore
- Watersports/scat
- Death (in a sexual way)
- Fisting (Anal or Vaginal)
- 'Fantasy' sexual elements: multiple cocks, cum inflation, futanari,…

If the story calls for it or if I feel comfortable enough writing with you then you'll be more likely to get a 'yes' on this.
- Anal (Giving or receiving)
- Heavy Bondage


Her Champion
War prisoner, slavery, new reign, supernatural or historical
Your Character: A legendary Warrior (supernatural or not) used to win entire wars and bring victory
My Character(s): A snobbish Ruler having come into his possession and his former (perhaps more loving) ruler
Two armies oppose each other. Each as vast as the other. Releasing the men would result in countless deaths and numerous injured. However such needless violence needn't occur.
Caras, Ruler of Imvor had always had a plan. They would set two warriors in the ring, each the strongest or best fighter in their country. The victor would ultimately be the one to win this war, the other forced to lay down their weapons.

However Caras was a scammer. For they had a warrior unlike any other. Through contacts they had achieved access to a fighter of legendary status, one believed not even to exist within this world. Perhaps a human on first glance but so much more upon the battlefield. (Depending on your preference either a 'historic' character: legendary warrior, berserker or member of an elite group or if fantasy is preferred— a shapeshifter, a hybrid creature (naga, werewolf, dragon, banshee,…)
However Caras secret was discovered before the battle would take place even. As the infamous bodyguard of Caras would battle against the enemy fighter, a special team was send in to capture/kill Caras. Their mission was successful and all too soon the kingdom of Imvor was granted to the supreme Ruler who'd won the battle.

Now standing without their master the Warrior is imprisoned by the enemy Ruler but rather than dispose of the Warrior they have other plans for him.

Variations of the story:
  • Caras is kept alive and perhaps the Warrior and Caras are closer than just Ruler and subject. The Warrior has to bear everything to keep this new Ruler happy and Caras alive. 
  • ... Open to suggestions!

A Rebelious Cause
A world where a dictator has won,superhero/vigilante, espionage, sabotage -- historical, sci-fi
Your Character: A free-living heir to an important family with an interesting secret when night comes along
My Character(s): The ill-humoured and stern First Minister who is their spouse as well as a more playful albeit cruel agent searching their alter ego.

Setting; Fifties-Sixties, a Post War world where a dictator won.
For 10 years the land was occupied by enemy forces— well, enemy to people still begrudging the outcome of the war, their new leaders according to the news and saviours according to the oppressors themselves.
The previous government has been stripped off of it's power now installed with a new one that is less focused to deal with the original population and more with pushing their own agenda and people to the front.

The land is now ruled by a stern and hard Minister, one who is as eager to laugh as they are to share any of their wealth. To keep face or perhaps to tantalise his little play of power they wed the child of a wealthy and powerful individual. A true creature of beauty.

Yet as beautiful as the heir is they are just as secretive. They isn't all that happy with the changes this new government has brought and has taken to acting against it. Taking on a different guise at night they have become an image for the Rebellion, a hero— almost a god-like creature.(Wether it's Batman (wealth = power) or Superman (actual superpower = power) is up to you) When their spouse is away or when the city is asleep they strike to defeat enemy soldiers, free citizens from incarceration or steal important documents.

So far the hero is unrivalled in their excursions and unnoticed — still seen as the dainty and loving spouse to the First Minister.

However it all changes when a new player enters the field. A dedicated agent is promoted to finding her and seems to rival the hero's skills.
The situation only complicates when the agent is often in their home, discussing the fall of this hero to their spouse, often with the undercover in the room…
Variations of the story:
  • The Agent also has supernatural powers.
  • Suggestions welcome!

Between Fire and Steel 
Medieval Fantasy, War, Arranged Marriage
Your Character: A Noble forced into a marriage or a Commoner subjected to the same
My Character(s): A rowdy and free-spirited leader of a gang of raiders using dragons to achieve their goals

A land is threatened with war, its neighbouring country inhabited with orcs, goblins and other savage, war-loving creatures becoming greater with each passing second and in an attempt to save their kingdom the king sees no other option but to ask a violent band of bandits to aid them should they be threatened. But customs are old and resilient and in order to truly bind them, a marriage is to be taken place. The leader of the gang, their unofficial king, must marry one of their country to bind them.

These bandits are, however, not like the common scum littering highways and the seas. Their band has lived for centuries and they still practice the almost forgotten art of dragonriding.
Dragons are not gentle and kind creatures, they take to their masters or their masters to them. Beings which bring with them huge amounts of carnage and destruction and are never truly tamed.

A feast is arranged and an unfortunate individual has been hand-selected by the King to wed this Leader, hoping their charismatic skills are enough to keep the raving band leashed.

Variations of the story:
  • Again a feast is organised only this time on city-scale with more than just the nobles and thus every smith, baker, farmer or others are invited to indulge themselves.
    A Nobility had already been selected by the king to wed the leader but when the announcement is given the leader declines the offer. While at first everyone is shocked and appalled by such treason the crowd goes silent when one of the generals pushes a seemingly random commoner forwards.
    It is stated then that the commoner will wed the leader (either they were chosen randomly (if only to irk the King), the Commoner is an important figure in the army/Guild what have you but not quite nobility or the leader and the commoner might have had a past. It's up to you).
    The king, having no other choice but to mark the commoner's family as nobility, complies. The person being both unknown with the custom of the dragonriders and of the nobility tries their best to tie the savage bandits to the snobbish nobility. 
  • Dragons not to your liking? Regular bandits or mercenary band is fine with me!
  • Suggestions welcome!

Gotta do what we have to Survive
Post Apocalypse, dictatorship, hard conditions
Your Character: A survivor (perhaps leading a small gang) seeking shelter or supplies
My Character(s): Head-honcho of a vast settlement

The apocalypse has hit humanity hard. Between patches of wasteland are some scattered pockets of civilisation terrified by zombies, monsters, the worst of humanity or perhaps even a combination of everything.

People have to scrape and fight to survive, do whatever it takes. Things are looking bleak without sturdy walls around for protection until a group led by a crafty individual stumbles upon the equivalent of a fortress, a building with a name to it, even in these times.
Protection but one for the cost of your freedom, your voice or your place in this world.

Your group is desperate. Perhaps they simply seek help by asking it, perhaps they are more bold and attempt to steal supplies if not try an out-right take over.

Variations of the story:
  • Switch the roles around!
  • Suggestions welcome!

The stories not to your liking or seeking something else? That's what the themes are for. For now I have no plots for these or semi-half-assed ones but with some cooperation I'm sure we can make it work!
These are placed in no particular order.
Supernatural Creatures - Roaring Twenties - Medieval - Steampunk - Cyberpunk - Science Fiction - Mercenary - Dungeons and Dragons - Arranged Marriage - Survival - Victorian Age - Highwaymen - Bandits - Medieval - Ancient Greece/Greek - Fantasy - Horsemen of the Apocalypse - Criminal - Prison


I don't play canon characters. You can but I won't force you into anything, if you want canon that's fine with me, OC more your thing? Again fine with me.

The Strain
Vampire the Masquerade
Dragon Age
Mass Effect
Avatar: The Last Airbender
Assassin's Creed [/list]
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