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June 29, 2022, 01:36:14 am

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Author Topic: The old request post is dead... LONG LIVE LIVE THE REQUEST POST!  (Read 1944 times)

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Soo.. Yeh! Old request page is lost so far back that... Yeah.

Anyways! Wanna try and get back into the swing of things... So a new one!

First off i have to admit my schedule is a bit weird, I work a graveyard shift which means im normally up/on around 7pm til about 10am PST, though until about 7am im at work and dont have much a chance to get posts up. And things have been shaky which usually hits my ability to get posts done in a decent and timely manner fairly hard. Its not often, but there are occasions when things add up or sudden RL Flak hits me and it gets hard to get something good up.. If thats not to much of an issue... I usually try and do good sized posts, paragraph or two, maybe more, and i try to get in good details without repeating, overlapping, or just bogging things down pointlessly!

Generic stuff!

Big ons for Sci-fi, fantasy, modern, wild west, or whatever variations, all depends on the idea honestly. Though favored specific settings include Cthulhutech, Exalted, Warhammer 40k, Star Wars, Mass Effect, Shadowrun, Dishonored, Elder Scrolls, Mutant (Year Zero), Blue Rose, Symbaroum and the like!

Ons include Romance, affection and Lust, Action, adventure, investigation, ect. Big likes towards things involving Transhumanism, the use of Science, magic, Magi-tech, or whatever combinations there of to allow people to become something more (or less if done wrong).

I like alot of them. Pure sci-fi/fantasy made up ones, Norse, Mediterranean, greek, roman, Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, Japanese, Russian, English, french, German, ALMOST ALL OF THEM!! I spend lots of time looking up other cultures mythologies and histories just for interisting quirks and info for characters, and love settings that make use of odd mixes, like a warhammer game set on an ocean world that used a mix of South American, African, Asian, and middle eastern river cultures and such. I love workin with people to make up new ones as well!

My Characters:
Sooo.. Yeah. I play a weird assortment of things. Humanoids (elves, dwarves, goblins, orcs, "Other") cyborgs, demons, demon tainted, angels, angel touched, androids, reploids, or whatever! I love playing weird and strange things! I tend to have my characters be a little damaged, and not in that way that "Only accents how awesome they are" Alot of them can be a real mess.. And i like characters that are the same. Not ever relationship needs to be this perfect thing, i like it a bit realistic, and maybe a little messy... Its the quirks that make your partner grand:3 I am totally down with working out the general details of a character with each other so we are on the same page, but i like to leave some of it unsaid as its some of that mystery of them and their past that makes it fun to play and learn as well. Same for stories.
I should mention im not really much for Fan characters, characters based on ones from established series. If its one i know its hard for me to get into playing, or playing with them. I have the nerd brain bad. You should see me Rage at movies over it:I

RIGHT! So Things that get me going and dont!

Big Ons:
Partners playing Female, Futa, And Shemales! (Male characters are a pretty rare mood, and usually leans more towards Traps then anything..)
Anal (intercourse and oral play, Giving And Receiving)
Biting (soft and hard, though not chunks)
Licking (many MANY things..)
Excessive Semen (and things involving it, Bukakke, baths, ect)
Oral Sex (Vaginal, cock, Anal, Giving & Receiving)
"Forbidden" couples (Taboos like incest involving Cousins, Aunts, ect)
Multiple partners (I am willing to play multiple characters as well)
Hypnotism (an odd one.. Not into Non-consensual, but more to loosen inhibitions to get someone to do something they would like to do, but might be to embarassed or so forth to persue or what not)
Muscular Partners (Reasonable ranges, lets please not invoke the spirit of Liefeld..)
Shapely partners (Not that the two cant be mutually exclusive.. ;3)
Watersports (Marking and general such like that!)

General Ons:
Um... Well to be honest... Aside from the ones above (which REALLY get me going) im rather willing to try most anything honestly! I enjoy a pretty wide range of things, and am willing to try out new things at least once!

Offs: Except... These things.
Castration (Nope. Nopenopenopenopenopenope.)
Ick stuff (vomit, gorey sex, other things like that)
And just playing weird stuff (like someone wanting to fuck my navel, or ear, or things like that. Laugh if you like. I mention them cause its come up...)

If there are any doubts, questions, or whatever feel free to ask! I'll answer the best i can, though some of them i dont really know why i feel about them why i do...
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Re: The old request post is dead... LONG LIVE LIVE THE REQUEST POST!
« Reply #1 on: October 01, 2017, 10:42:01 pm »
Soooooooo.... One little thing to mention... I suck at names... So yeah, lotta repeats/minor varients cause.. I suck at names.


Name: Lilisa Langly (A.K.A Latrans)
Sex: Female
Sexuality: Bi-curious
Age: 17
Species: Mutant (Humanoid with coyote traits)
Setting/Universe/Theme: Marvel Universe 255
Background: Born with a set of coyote traits (ears, tail, teeth, and claws) Lilisa was marked as a mutant at a young age. Kept at arms length by people her own age and overly wary adults she grew up as a very self reliant child with a strong independent streak. As she grew older her mutation further advanced, her physical abilities moving well past olympian levels and just short of super natural, not to mention an uncontroled ability to shape shift to a coyote. She kept these changes secret from her family, though with growing difficulty in resisting shape shifting she decided to accept an invitation to the Xavier memorial school for the gifted. After proving her abilities she was allowed as a probationary member of Factor X, a team that worked to help protect mutant and human rights in the world. While on a mission she was temporarily bonded to the Enigma Force, a balancing power in the universe that helped her and the avengers fend off corrupting forces from outside their reality. After the Force left her she found her powers under much better control. The only issue left was being stuck in a high school full of super powered beings and nobility from other planets and under the sea..
Powers/Weaknesses: Super Strength, agility, stamina, and damage resistance, enhanced senses (hearing, sight, smell) Jaws & Claws, Limited shape shifting (Coyote of equivelent weight) | Short attention span, general overestimation of abilities, sensitivity to loud noises, strong smells, impatience.

Name: Tilissa Kangly
Sex: Futanari/Shemale
Sexuality: Omni-sexual
Age: 18-25 years old
Species: Human
Setting/Universe/Theme: Modern/Sci-fi
Background: A young woman who spent her formative years working out and exercising, training her body greatly. Suffered serious injury before entry to olympics and went into college to study Exercise Sciences and Kinesiology to help people train in the future.

Name: Ephabia
Sex: Female
Sexuality: Bi
Age: 22
Species: Human
Setting/Universe/Theme: Dungeons & Dragons/fantasy
Background: As a young girl Ephabia grew up in some small no name village on the outskirts of some minor kingdom. They made their living through lumber, hunting, and the other little dailies most people never think of. Amazingly stout and tough for her age she took to exploring the area of the village quickly, finding the old haunts and oddities of the land that the people had forgotten long ago. The villagers gossiped of how she would grow up to make a fine ranger for the area, though many insisted she would get bored to quickly, and wander off into the world to disappear.

Things continued as the norm for a long while, her family seeing an increase in their life style by selling off the small trinkets and items she found while exploring to merchants and passer throughs making their way towards the bigger cities. The best of these she kept for herself, an old but still sharp dagger of a stone handle, a book of text she couldnt decipher as the letters kept changing, the hilt of a broken sword with a crystal blade, and a small black obsidian urn, that no matter how hard she tried, she couldnt remove the lid of despite it being loose and rattling about.

Around this time the villagers spotted her laughing and playing by herself with some imaginary friend, nothing unusual, though they hoped this time it wasnt another bear. What they didnt notice was how items had gone missing around the village, candles, chalk, special herbs and other materials.. Ephabia had been stealing them at the insistance of her new "friend", the voice from the urn that always sounded so happy, and would at times just start laughing for no reason.. It had shared with her special powers, the ability to make small things happen, sounds, illusions, make small fires start or go out, a magical servant that would do her chores so she could go out and play, and the most amazing, through gestures and words make bolts of black lightning appear from her hands striking at a distance with enough force to kill even the small beasties that had menaced her while exploring.

In exchange, it only asked her to get the materials, and follow its instructions for them, and it would give her so many more great powers. Young and naive she followed its instructions, unsuspecting that she was readying a ritual to free the Thing inside, some ancient horrible being that had been locked away so very long ago. With preparations complete Ephabia began the ritual with the "Laughing Ones", as she had begun to call it, directions. The tiny lid began to rattle and shake, like something inside was fighting to get out, while the urn struggled to keep it contained. Things much to big to fit inside started crawling out, insects that were missing their shells, and were nearly the size of dogs, some larger. Once free they quickly scuttled out of the small shack and into the village which erupted into screams of chaos and violence. And Death.

In a panic Ephabia tried to break off the ritual, but some outer power forced her to continue until her struggles became so intense she kicked over the materials ruining the setup and breaking the spell. But it was to late, some Thing dragged itself out of the urn, not the full being, but some shattered part of itself, much of its power and strength lost as it pried itself free of confinement. The shock of seeing such a horror so close, the sounds of the villagers dying, the sheer amounts of power robbed Ephabia of her senses as the thing, The Laughing One, began to cackle madly in triumph.

She awoke sometime later, the village in ruins, the villagers in pieces. The things that had escaped the urn still scuttles around the ruins, shyong away from Ephabia, at least after she had blasted a few. The Laughing Ones gift still with her even after it had left. She continued in the ruins for some weeks, scavenging what she could from all that was left and exterminating the remaining things until a small party of adventurers that had been hired to investigate what had happened arrived.Taking an interest in what had how she had survived took her in and began teaching her to fight and survive as she began looking for clues as to where the Laughing One had gone so she could get revenge.
Powers/Weaknesses: Warrior Training, innate warlock powers.

Name: Melissa Atropes
Sex: Female
Sexuality: Lesbian
Age: 33 years old
Species: Human
Setting/Universe/Theme: Urban Fantasy
Background: Police officer of some 15 years (enlisted as a cadet at age 18) duty. From a happily upper middle class family melissa joined the police with a love of helping people. She performed her duties well enough as a trooper, and eventually made her way towards Detective with eyes on a position as a sergeant, but settled into the position comfortably. Several years before game there was an incident, a conflict with some Sorcerer, rogue supernatural, or other of the like. The event cost her an eye (and if go with a Powered concept) and awakening/empowering her. Since then she has been fighting pushes to retire or take a desk job while working to solve supernaturally aligned cases, while keeping contact with some supernatural contact she has developed.  Assertive, confident, in control, and happy to help... Right up to the point you make her day difficult, at which point she will do all she can to Wreck you. Melissa does her best to remain professional while on the clock or other situations, but is more then happy to fly by the seat of her pants when things call for it, or the situation is something that isnt in the book (or when such comes up the book plugs its ears, does its best to drown out the noise, and takes every action to ignore). Borderline alcoholic to help deal with damage done by magical encounters/issues, very upbeat, friendly, open, and unreserved when under influence.
Powers/Weaknesses: Spiritual medium, enchanted artifact, marksman.

Name: Telko Ondri
Sex: Male
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Age: 32 years old
Species: Human (cyborg)
Setting/Universe/Theme: Star Wars
Background: A former Imperial Agent, his employment came to an end while working undercover to eliminate a crime boss who was speaking a little to loudly against the empire. The plan was for him to infiltrate the group, disrupt its workings from the inside, and leave the Boss open for arrest by Imperial Forces. What happened was his superiors instead bombed the location knowing full well he was on location, having gotten quite tired of his flippant attitude and the way he would ignore mission parameters for his own goals and enjoyment. Somewhat thankfully this wasn't completely unplanned knowing full well his superiors would write him off, though not expecting it quite in that style. He was able to survive the initial blast and hide himself away from the following searches and patrols. Declared dead he gathered the hidden and stashed away resources he had and went on to continue his life free of Imperial interference. A bit of reconstructive surgery, further cybernetic augmentations, and credits to the write papers people, and Telko started his life a new with an interest in the glamorous world of Smuggling..
Powers/Weaknesses: Expert at infiltration, close combat, small arms, system cracking

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Re: The old request post is dead... LONG LIVE LIVE THE REQUEST POST!
« Reply #2 on: October 17, 2019, 03:47:04 am »
Lilisa changeling sheet
~ Character Sheet Format ~
Name:    Lilisa LanglyPlayer: The Laughing One
Chronicle:   The Duchy of StormsMotley: ---
Court:   SeelieSeeming: Wilder
Legacies:   Wayfarer/Fool   Kith: Pooka
House:   ? ? ?   EXP Spent: 0 EXP

Physical       Social       Mental
Strength:   ●●●●○Charisma: ●●●○○   Perception:●●●○○
Dexterity:   ●●●○○Manipulation: ●●○○○   Intelligence:●●○○○
Stamina:   ●●●○○   Appearance: ●●●○○   Wits:●●●○○

Talents       Skills       Knowledges
Alertness:   ●○○○○Animal Ken: ●○○○○   Academics:○○○○○
Athletics:   ●●○○○Crafts: Metal Working ●●●○○   Computer:○○○○○
Brawl:   ●○○○○   Drive: ○○○○○   Enigmas:●●○○○
Empathy:   ○○○○○   Etiquette: ○○○○○   Gremayre:●●○○○
Expression:   ●○○○○   Firearms: ○○○○○   Investigation:●○○○○
Intimidation:   ●○○○○   Larceny: ○○○○○   Law:○○○○○
Kenning:   ●●○○○   Melee: ●●○○○   Medicine:○○○○○
Leadership:   ○○○○○   Performance: Singing ●●●○○   Politics:○○○○○
Streetwise:   ●○○○○   Stealth: ●●○○○   Science:○○○○○
Subterfuge:   ●○○○○   Survival: ●●○○○   Technology:○○○○○

Backgrounds       Arts       Realms
Resources:   ●●○○○Dragon's Coyote's Ire: ●○○○○   Actor:●○○○○
Retinue:   ●○○○○Wayfare: ●●○○○   Fae:●○○○○
Chimera:   ●●●○○   ? ? ?: ○○○○○   Prop:●●○○○
Holding:   ●○○○○   ? ? ?: ○○○○○   Scene:○○○○○
? ? ?:   ○○○○○   ? ? ?: ○○○○○   Time:●○○○○

Glamour:   ●●●●● ○○○○○Willpower: ●●●●○ ○○○○○   Nightmare:○○○○○ ○○○○○Banality:●●●○○ ○○○○○

Shapechanging — All pooka have an affinity with a particular animal. This is always a natural animal, never a mythological one. This animal affects her appearance and personality, and she is able to shapeshift into the animal at will. If completely alone, a pooka can shapechange for free, but if another changeling or enchanted mortal is present the change costs one Glamour. A pooka can never shift into an animal when being observed by a mundane mortal. Shifting back from animal form is always free and can be done at any time (again, as long as the pooka is unobserved by mortal eyes).

Confidante — Even complete strangers often spill their guts to a pooka. This ability of getting people to open up and talk, even about their darkest secrets, is an innate talent common to all pooka. Each has his own way of going about it, but the end result is the same. Some put people off balance with mixed insults and compliments, others rapid fire questions so fast that the target loses track of what is being said, and some are just so darned cute that no one can resist them.
Once, during a conversation, a pooka’s player may make an opposed Perception + Empathy (or Subterfuge, player’s choice) roll resisted by the target’s Willpower, to get the answer to a question. The number of successes determines how many questions the pooka can have answered. The target can also spend Willpower to resist this effect; each point of Willpower cancels one of the pooka’s successes.

Untruths: Perhaps the greatest con the pooka have pulled is making everyone believe that they never tell the truth. Under most circumstances a pooka can speak the truth as long as its mixed with lies, half-truths, and exaggerations. The trouble comes when a pooka is asked a direct question. A pooka who is asked a direct question must answer with a falsehood. If he wishes to answer truthfully the player must make a Willpower roll (difficulty 8) and spend a point of Willpower.


RealLevel Chimerical
[ ]Bruised[ ]
[ ]Hurt (-1)[ ]
[ ]Injured (-1)[ ]
[ ]Wounded (-2)[ ]
[ ]Mauled (-2)[ ]
[ ]Crippled (-5)[ ]
[ ]Incapacitated[ ]

Merits & Flaws

Voice of a Songbird (2pt. Merit) The satyrs say your voice could charm apples from the trees. You have perfect pitch and can sing a cappella without missing a single note or going off key. Even when only speaking, your voice has a seductive quality that attracts people to you. Whenever you make a roll that involves inspirational speaking or singing, you are at a –2 difficulty.
Master Craftsman (3pt. Merit) When designing, building, or repairing something, the difficulty of your rolls is reduced by two. Additionally, you require three fewer successes on any extended rolls required when working on large or complex projects.

Curiosity (2pt. Flaw) You’re a naturally curious person, your curiosity easily overriding your common sense. To resist temptation, make a Willpower roll. The difficult varies based on the temptation; difficulty 5 for simple things like, “I wonder what’s in the armoire,” but difficulty 9 for things like, “I wonder why young men keep going missing around the baron’s freehold. I’ll just slip in and check it out.”
Short Fuse (2pt. Flaw) The slightest provocation against you or one of your close companions compels you to lash out with fists, feet, or whatever comes to hand. When incited, you must make a Willpower roll to compose yourself, with the difficulty decided upon by the Storyteller based on the severity of the insult.
Changeling’s Eyes (1pt. Flaw) Your eyes are a startling color, maybe emerald green, violet, or yellow. This is a sign you are a changeling, recognizable to those who know the ancient lore. (Molten Gold colored)

Freebie Points:
Apperance: 5pts
Charisma: 5pts
Streetwise: 2pts
Freehold: 1pt
Resources: 1pt

Personality: Happy, bubbly, and at times a little incoherent. Lilisa embraces her Coyote heritage, or at least claims she does, and then makes up exactly what that "heritage" means. Quick of wit, fleet of foot, and amazingly strong for such a wiry girl. She tends to have trouble ignoring curious little things going on around her, and Fiercely protective of her friends and family. Her second greatest joys is working her little forge crafting jewelry and trinkets in the real world, weapons and armor in the Fae world. Her Absolute favorite is exploring to find materials to craft these items, even if its just going to local market and bartering.
History: Lilisa Langly is a Pooka of some minor renown, mainly in how she tends to tell stories that some find unbelievable even for a pooka, but a good note towards her work in jewelry making in the real world, and construction of Chimerical objects in the Fae world. Claiming she is the daughter of a Troll, and the daughter of the Nez Perce god Coyote, she is a well noted crafts person for her work. She moved to Oklahoma recently after inheriting a small house holding a tiny freehold in lieu of payment from a noble that commissioned her for a special suit of armor and arms. Having packed up her tiny shop and few items she arrives in town with eye set for adventure..

Accompanying her is her dog, a giant melanistic Tibetan Mastiff (Tsang-Khyi) she calls Woofs (due to the fact his actual name, Shuck, causes some Fae discomfort and nervousness). A giant stoic beast that endures her shenanigans, provided she is generous with table scraps, ear scratches, and playing with the hose.

Physical       Mental       
Strength:   ●●●●○Perception: ●●●○○   
Dexterity:   ●●●○○Intelligence: ●●○○○   
Stamina:   ●●●○○   Wits: ●●●○○   

Alertness:   ●●●○○
Athletics:   ●●●○○
Brawl :   ●●●○○
Survival (Tracking):   ●●●○○
Empathy:   ●●○○○
Intimidation:   ●●●○○
Stealth:   ●●○○○

Willpower: ●●●●○ ○○○○○

RealLevel Chimerical
[ ]Bruised[ ]
[ ]Hurt (-1)[ ]
[ ]Injured (-1)[ ]
[ ]Wounded (-2)[ ]
[ ]Mauled (-2)[ ]
[ ]Crippled (-5)[ ]
[ ]Incapacitated[ ]

Attack: Bite for five dice; claw for four dice

Sad Pupper Eyes: 2
Sniff: (Butts): 4
Bork: 5
Nap: 7
Fetch: 4
Give: -10
Drool: 5
Telling if you actually threw the ball or just acted like it: -2
Dog Farts: (Silent): 5
Sigh: 10
Judging if your lap is big enough to hold him: -30