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Author Topic: [M/M/F] & [M/M/M] [Poly] [Multi Ideas] There's No Limit On Love  (Read 1062 times)

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There's No Limit On Love

The ideas here all include polyamory as an integral part of the story. I like my love stories with many loves! They’re currently unclaimed and I'm actively seeking a writing partner for them. I absolutely adore writing multiple characters within a story and featuring polyamorous relationships is an extension of that. Note that the relationship part is important here. While polyamory is an important hook to the storyline it isn't all there is to it. The characters should have feelings, thoughts, opinions, and desires beyond sex. While I'm definitely interested in writing the character's romantic interest and sexual exploration of each other I want to do that alongside character driven plot.

All the ideas here are loosely outlined as I've purposefully left them on the vague side so the details can be filled in with a writing partner. I'm also open to hearing pitches for others plots. Just be aware I'm only interested M/M/M or M/M/F pairings.

To make something clear upfront: I'm primarily interested in writing two of the characters involved in the relationship and I'm only searching for someone interested in writing one of the M roles. I’m mostly seeking a writing partner to write the third character to complete a triad - a polyamorous relationship where all three of the characters are equally involved with each other. However, some of these ideas involve more traditional love triangles, quads, love dodecahedrons, or even a "harem" like set-up. Though if a writing partner wants to include additional characters of their own and expand things into an even more complicated web of poly shenanigans I'd certainly welcome it!

If anything in this thread catches your interest please PM me to discuss it further. Don't post it here.

Here is a link to my O&O's. For samples of my writing check out this story or my scenes in this group game.
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[M/M/F] & [M/M/M] [Poly] [Multi Ideas] There's No Limit On Love
« Reply #1 on: March 04, 2017, 10:00:14 pm »

Vade Retro Satana
"Will you be able to live with yourself,
knowing what I made you do? "

Your Character: A Possessed Man
My Characters: An Exorcist & A Conjurer (& More)
Setting: the United States

Genres: Gothic Americana, Modern Fantasy, Horror, Psychological, Mystery
Content: Demonic Possession & Demon Hunting. Exorcisms and Evocations. Crisises of Faith & Survivor's Guilt. Roadtrips & Motel Living. Chosen Families.

Plot Summation: The forests of the Pacific Northwest are beautiful and their towns may seem idyllic, but there are dangerous things lurking past the tree lines and even more dangerous people hiding themselves within those small communities. A malignant spirit takes possession of a man and tries to pass himself off as one of the normal townsfolk. It tries, but it doesn't succeed. Twins, one a rookie exorcist and the other an inexperienced conjurer, arrive at the town and notice the supernatural activity. They suss out the demon and expel it from its vessel, but not without a very dear and deeply traumatic cost. In the aftermath of the exorcism the twins take the formerly possessed man into their care. The circumstances of his possession wrecked his ability to return to his previous life and the malignant spirit left him with a remnant of its dark powers...or has just been temporarily evicted. The three of them become a fire-forged team and begin a new life together as demon hunters.

Other: M/M/F preferred for this though I could tweak it to be M/M/M. No incest between the twins, but they would both share the possessed man (and/or demon) as their love interest. Additional characters would join this chosen family as the trio takes a road trip around the States, hunting down demons and trying to exorcise them.

Wayward Son
"All armed prophets have been victorious,
and all unarmed prophets have been destroyed."

Your Character: A Prophet
My Characters: A Guardian Angel & An Archangel
Setting: the United States

Genres: Modern Fantasy, Horror, Psychological, Mystery
Content: Tests of Faith. Fighting Fate. Freewill Dilemma. Religion & Spirituality. Angelic Possession & Demon Hunting.

Plot Summation: God has spoken their prophet for the modern age, but the choice perplexes the various choirs of angels. The prophet has lapsed in his faith. Or he never even had any to begin with. Why would God chose a human that doesn't even believe in them? An earth-bound Guardian Angel and a heaven sent Archangel team up to deliver the news to the Prophet. Though they find their arrival far from welcoming.

Other: M/M/M or M/M/F. No preference either way for this one. Basically, a pair of mismatched angels bust into the life of a prophet that has no interest in being God's prophet. I'd like to explore the prophet's disbelief and hostility towards religion and the angel's struggle to accept a man so deeply flawed as one of God's chosen messengers. I'd love it if the Prophet was middle aged and already a seasoned hunter of supernatural creatures, but he's yet to encounter anything of an angelic nature.

"After so long in the darkness
anything with even a bit of light
looks holy enough to save you."

Your Character: A Fallen Angel
My Characters: A Guardian Angel & A Living Martyr
Setting: the United States - the Pacific Northwest or the Northeast

Genres: Modern Fantasy, Horror, Romance
Content: Grey Morality. Fight Fate & Screw Destiny. Angelic Politics & Celestial Bureaucracy. Taste-testing Temptation.

Plot Summation:

Other: M/M/F only for this one.

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[M/M/F] & [M/M/M] [Poly] [Multi Ideas] There's No Limit On Love
« Reply #2 on: March 10, 2017, 11:46:35 am »

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[M/M/F] & [M/M/M] [Poly] [Multi Ideas] There's No Limit On Love
« Reply #3 on: January 30, 2018, 10:02:17 pm »


Your Character: Variable
My Characters: A Soldier & An Artist

Genres: Slice of Life, Romance
Content: City Life. Group Therapy. PTSD.

Plot Summation:

Other: MMF only for this one.
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