Gotta Fuck 'Em All! (Male Pokemon Trainer Seeking Female Pokemon)

Started by CaptainOrange, January 23, 2017, 10:31:24 PM

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*Note: All characters involved in this idea are at least 18 years of age.*

In the world of Pokemon, trainers and Pokemon interact in many different ways. Some will go the traditional route, breeding them, battling them, keeping them as pets. However there are others who seek out Pokemon for more deviant desires. Sex collectors are what they're called, and they often hunt down and capture female Pokemon and train them to fulfill their sexual needs, or rent them out to fulfill the needs of other sex collectors in order to bring in a very good amount of cash. I will be playing one of those sex collectors, and while I have a few Pokemon that I rent out to clients in order to maintain a healthy cash flow, I keep the best of the best for my own personal collection. I would like you to play those Pokemon, not all at once, but I would like to see each in their own contained mini story, a bit of background to establish how they were captured, perhaps some varied kinks, dom/sub status, etc. that change between each one. We can go the more traditional route and include staples like Lopunny and Gardevoir, but I'm open to others too. If you're interested and would like to discuss the details please pm me to let me know.