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July 07, 2022, 12:52:09 pm

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Author Topic: A Star Wars Craving {M For F Character}  (Read 496 times)

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A Star Wars Craving {M For F Character}
« on: January 22, 2017, 11:16:45 pm »
Lately I've had a pretty strong urge to immerse myself in a Star Wars story and found that while the usual methods didn't quench the thirst, they did give me an idea for a story. For this story, all names can and most likely will be changed and I have no qualms about any gender playing the role of either character. Though I do want the story to remain M/F at its core, not to say we can't establish other characters within the story. As well, while I have a backstory for both characters, if you enjoy the story idea and want to play Rathe then please edit everything and anything about her to your liking. If you wish to play the Sith Lord, well, you'll have to convince me.

The story itself will be placed in The Old Republic era at a similar time to the MMO, or a while after the Sith Lords game. The idea itself is fairly simple, tried and true, but I'd love to play it out none the less.  If the story itself does not catch your interest but you would like to write a Star Wars themed story, whether it's a simple corruption of a young Jedi to the dark side or a adventurous tale of a bounty hunter seemingly fated to always cross paths with a smuggler in inopportune moments, then please let me know.

Rathe is a young woman in her early twenties who was given to the Siths as a child. I envisioned her family were slaves on Hutta and when a roaming Sith found she had the gift of the Force and they paid a meager amount of credits for her and took her to a planet of worship and guidance  for those of the dark side. She took to the trainings as any child would. Fearful at times, hopeful at others, pushing herself ever forward as she learned to embrace hatred. When she was hand selected by a Sith Lord she felt a great pride that such a powerful woman would take it on her shoulders to train her.

For all the years her Mistress trained her she learned the one most important aspect of surviving her Mistress: Hold her tongue when the name "Lord Xaxius" presented itself in rave and rant. The surprise then that as when she was a young woman of twenty one being told that there was one last test to her before she could hold a title of her own. "Find Xaxius and kill him. Do not return without his head or face death yourself."

When she found herself then on a remote planet at the edge of both the Republic and the Empire's control, a thriving planet with its own currency, society and military, yet so unaware of the Force, she found it surprising a rogue Lord would hide away in such a cesspool that knew nothing of his power. Rathe knew she was an assassin with a simple mission however, a mission she could not fail. Her calling that landed her bruised on the ground with a lightsaber to her neck as she voiced two simple words: "Finish me" to which her opponent voiced a simple counter arguement. "There's no point, I follow your Code no longer."

I see this story as ranging from fairly dark to being placed on the Extreme board. Age gap is a definite kink as I see the Sith Lord being in his late 30s and from there, it can play out however we wish. The Sith Lord could decide to keep the young girl for pleasure to spite his old friend. He could take her as his newest apprentice simply to corrupt her and fuck with her mind. Potentially because he strongly saw the Sith Code within her and he knew the Code to be flawed, but a piece of the greater puzzle.  Whatever we decide on happens after the initial battle, I want the two of them to be together and both of them very much alive.  If you like transformation, we can add in an aspect that Xaxius is able to change others and that is a piece of the puzzle of why he's now in isolation. NC, Transformation, Exhibitionism, revealing outfits or means of degradation, anything's on the table, really. It could even fall into a twisted romance where Rathe learns that Xaxius is not wrong nor right, but she chooses to believe what he says because her own values are more similar to his rather than the Empire and the Sith themselves.

For the Sith Lord I imagined was a man who was forced out of the politics and visions of his peers only to earn an eternal hatred from his old lover, Rathe's Mistress. Years on the forgotten planet had changed his perspective on the galaxy as a whole and his faith in what was the correct means of his actions. I saw the planet as jungle ecosystem heavy in rainfall that was once a prison planet used by humans to keep their unwanted, now forgotten by both the Empire and the Republic from the years of war to the point that they had built their own industry and society. It would see trade from many places, but because the planet held little in military power, resources or economical wealth it stayed forgotten and without claim by one of the great Galatic political forces.