Church Whores (Vicar seeking Congregation)

Started by Jester, January 20, 2017, 02:35:07 AM

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Father Jason Priestley was new. He stood at the pulpit and looked out at the congregation of St Peter's Church in Henfield and he smiled. He was young to be in charge of such a church but there were so few young clergy coming through the ranks thay they had to give him the position or leave it vacant. The people of this small town were desperate for some sort of religious leadership.

He was young and good looking and he looked out at the crowd and he smiled. The town was in the sticks and quite traditional but he would soon change that. He smiled at the beautiful women and the giddy girls and he knew he was going to have a very nice time.   

Father Jason is looking to help his Parish with their troubles and hopes to meet the following sort of people....

1. The middle aged couple struggling with their sex life. Maybe the married woman needs a younger man to show her husband how it is done?
2. Maybe there is a Verger who stays late to tidy up and finds Father Jason helping her in the Vestry?
3. Choir Girls or Servers become his harem? Maybe you and your friends want Father Jason to help you reach the high notes?
4. Lets not forget the choir boys!
5. A New Wedding - The Vicar helps out a young engaged couple.
6. The Rich Widow - Father Jason visits the rich Widow regularly in return for some extra money for the Church.
7. The Nun - A new Nun has arrived and Father Jason hopes to have her kneeling before him every evening.

What stories can you come up with or feel free to choose one of these?