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Author Topic: Fiver's 1x1 Thread  (Read 783 times)

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Fiver's 1x1 Thread
« on: January 18, 2017, 01:01:44 PM »
It's been awhile! Being a workaholic has its advantages, but I miss writing and roleplaying erotica online. There's no replacing Elliquiy really, and so I'm back and looking for some 1x1 roleplay plots to ease my way back in. If you'd like to chat and get a true introduction, feel free to PM me before picking out any individual pairings/ideas below. That aside, let me give you some quick blurbs about how I like to go about roleplay:

  • I prefer a minimum of 2-3 paragraphs per post as a general rule
  • Contact me via PM, please.
  • Every block of 2 days, I'd like a post be submitted to keep the plot active. If you can't do that, just let me know and we'll figure out a schedule.
  • Please communicate with me instead of disappearing, it's simply polite. If you aren't having fun, we can figure it out or we can move on without burning bridges.
  • Please do your best to spellcheck your post; I don't expect perfection but I do expect legibility.
  • I like ensemble casts (that is, playing multiple characters).

My O/O's are listed through my profile, but if you have a question don't be afraid to ask!

Now, the pairings and ideas! I'll mark in RED something I'm craving in particular. All of these can and should be iterated upon, which means we can tweak to suit our needs.

Specifically Craving This Idea
The Destroyer / The Spirit / Title Malleable
They had always wanted to be a part of the Hall of Heroes, but in a cruel twist of fate the heroes now hunted them. Their hope began and ended with a spirit -- lost, lonely, but powerful -- who had saved their life when they had been cut down in the spirit's haunt. The saving required a contract that gave them a great gift (either physical or magical). This same contract made them fit an ancient prophecy -- one that threatened to tear down the kingdom and usher in a new dark age for humanity if the contract is fulfilled.

Notes: The two main characters are of course the spirit and the person who is contracted -- I'd like this to be a MxF pairing (Person X Spirit or vice versa) -- but I'd like there to be multiple side characters we play together. The reason I'd prefer the spirit to be female is because I'd also like the spirit to have a "yandere" stance to its relationship with the other character. It's dedicated to them, but also manipulative, and even going so far as to be violent to other people when it manifests itself physically (if it chooses to). I imagine the spirit to be very powerful magically, and lending some of that to the other character.

This is one idea I'm really excited about, but I don't want to flesh it out too much because I want to iterate upon it with someone else.

Roughly Original Ideas
"Betraying the Hero"
One year later, and everything the Tyrant had said is coming true. A young sorcerer finds his best friend -- the Hero -- begin to run the kingdom into the ground. The Hero has seemingly done all he could while meaning well to prevent the young sorcerer from achieving greater power while stealing all recognition for the sorcerer's contributions in removing the old tyrant from power.

After all, it was the Sorcerer who had found the Maidens, it was the sorcerer who had crafted the protection spell, and it was the Sorcerer who had masterminded the plan to kill the old tyrant. He had sacrificed his position in the Academy to follow the Hero, it was he who had introduced the Hero to his now Queen and sorcerer's former crush. He had given everything, and had received very little in return -- a tower in the capitol, and a seat in the Council, (an impotent assembly of advisors to the Hero).

With a year gone, the protection spell expired, and the kingdom on the downturn, the Sorcerer plans his betrayal -- for his revenge, and for what he sees as the betterment of the Kingdom.

Notes: I want to explore corruption and harem options here, with possibly some Non-Consensual though this aspect is truly optional. I would prefer to take the role of the sorcerer, but I wouldn't mind playing the ensemble of characters the Sorcerer has to deal with to become King.

The Golem
After a great war, the wizard who helped stave off the certain extinction of the Free Races locked himself away into his dark tower. Decades passed, and evil things around the tower began to happen -- freak storms, ghosts and ghouls, a seemingly perpetual windstorm that hung over the tower and its surroundings. After a royal family member went to the tower to speak with the sorcerer never returned, a human king could no longer wait. He attacked the tower with the backing of his army and the magic academy the wizard himself had helped to create. Fighting their way into the wizard's lab, they struck him down. His death seemed to break the curse around the tower, but also lead to the awakening of what he called his greatest creation - a golem, but more alive than any other golem anyone had seen before.

The king ordered it to be killed, but the death of the wizard also led to the release of many of his other monsters. The lab fell into chaos, and the golem escaped. The golem needed to be chased down, but with so many monsters also escaping from the tower, he could only send a handful of volunteers.

Notes: The two main characters are going to be one of the volunteers, and the golem. I'm willing to play either. I  want to play with the idea of the golem's humanity, since it looks human, even though it's very tough and  has wondrous (if sometimes uncontrolled) magical abilities. The volunteer needs to be resourceful and a little ruthless. Of course, they'll get sidetracked during the pursuit or right after the volunteer captures the golem -- something happens.  I'd prefer this be a MxF character pairing.
Cursed by Love
Imagine you unlocked the path to anyone of the opposite sex's heart. Now, imagine you couldn't turn it off. For Artemis Smithson, he has entered into his best fantasy and worst nightmare: If he makes eye contact with a woman, they will immediately fall in love with him. There is nothing he can do about it -- except try to get ahead in life and avoid a nasty end.

Notes:Can be any setting really, it's rather adaptable. We may want to toss Non-Con as a tag, or Bondage depending on what we're comfortable with including in the story. I want to play as Artemis, and stress how really inconvenient it really is to be unable to control this power. I want to include some kind of lethal danger for him as well -- a dangerous admirer, jealous lover, or jealous rival?

Khalix and the Gate
The expedition to the pyramid is winding up to be a disaster: Food is running out, people are disappearing, and the Goddess of Chaos herself has fallen in love with you.

Notes: most likely a fantasy story, set in a more traditional fantasy world, or one that has progressed into a Steampunk / Renaissance-like period. I want this to become a journey where the goddess latches onto the protagonist and brings him power and danger. Maybe she's going to make him King -- if he can win the crown with what help she decides to give. A Chaos Goddess is going to be mischievous after all. I'm willing to play the Goddess or the protagonist here.

Fantasy Pairings
  • Typical Fantasy Pairings
  • Hunter x Dragon
  • Conqueror x Sorcerer/Sorceress
  • Goddess/Spirit x Warrior/Sorcerer
  • God/Spirit x Princess/Maiden/Sorceress
  • Dragon x Any
  • Thief x Nobility
  • Duelist x Nobility

Modern-ish Pairings
  • Soldier x Any
  • Rich Guy/Girl x Any
  • Teacher x Student
  • Boss x Employee
  • Doctor x Patient/Patient's Family Member
  • Typical Modern Pairings

Scifi Pairings
  • Typical Scifi Pairings
  • Alien x Human
  • Experiment x Human
  • Comms officer x Pilot
  • Pilot x Pilot
  • Pilot x Any
  • AI x Any
  • Creator x Created

I'm really craving this fandom right now, so if you're familiar with it and have been wanting to give this setting a shot, PM me at your leisure!
Tower of God Fandom
  • OC x OC
  • Lady Yuri x OC
  • 25th Baam x OC
  • 25th Baam x Yeon Yihwa

Marvel Fandom
  • Captain America x OC
  • Captain America x Black Widow
  • Tony Stark x OC
  • Tony Stark x Black Widow
  • Hawkeye x OC
  • Hawkeye x Black Widow
  • Can you tell I like Black widow?
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Re: Fiver's 1x1 Thread
« Reply #1 on: January 18, 2017, 01:12:55 PM »
Made a quick update to show I prefer being contacted via PM.

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Re: Fiver's 1x1 Thread
« Reply #2 on: January 19, 2017, 07:45:11 PM »
Hey, updating the thread to inform people that I'm open for ONE MORE One x One. I've taken on 3 other plots, with a probable 4th depending on an interest check in the group forum. I'm really happy with the plots I have lined up, but I want one more so I can get into what would make for me a decent daily posting schedule.

As a result of my muse being so active the last two days, I've put up a plot that I'm craving to run very much. You don't have to pick it of course, but I would appreciate at least giving it a look.

As always, PM me with your interest. I might miss a post in this thread.

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Re: Fiver's 1x1 Thread
« Reply #3 on: January 24, 2017, 03:33:52 AM »
Still looking for one more One x One.

I've added two new ideas, and moved one idea into the "Roughly Original" category that was under "Specifically Craving". If anyone is interested in any of my craved ideas, please PM me. I am essentially tapped out of the Marvel fandom though.

The other new idea is under the "Roughly Original" category, and is called Betraying the Hero, but this title like all others is up for change.
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