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Started by Nadir, December 20, 2008, 09:41:57 PM

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Closed until further notice

This thread is locked to be used a reference - PM me if you are interested in any of the games.

I'm interested in making popular young-adult anime into something more adult. I am looking for some m/m right now, but I'll really go for any gender pairings.

The first difference is to make would be to make is to age the minors, so they are old enough to adhere to the forum rules. Any other differences can be altered.

New Spirited Away - Star-riddled Skies (longish)
Set after the movie. Chihiro would be older, obviously. We could even have her be a boy. She has forgotten about her time in the spirit world as a child, but gets drawn back into it. PM me to discuss it further. 

InuYasha-style (longish)
This won't be very close to the series as I've not watched it in forever, but I do love the concept. A modern day girl/guy gets dragged down a well/through a tiny door, into a fantasy world. The people he/she meets are humans in need of some kind of help, the payment being her return to her/his world (or we can add a hint of Labyrinth and have their younger sibling spirited away.) She/he gets given a demon to aid her (we can discuss what kind) and goes a-questing. I don't mind if this one is m/m, f/f or m/f, or which character I play.

Kamisama Hajimemashita-style (...medium)
I don't know much about this one, having only read the first three chapters, but I was very intrigued. A homeless or runaway girl/guy is asked by a stranger to go to an old shrine and leave an offering. The girl/guy is suspicious but decides to go anyway, for a place to rest if nothing else. She/he spends the night there, but their sleep is disturbed by a trio of spirits. Two are quite friendly and welcoming though non-coperial, while the third is an ill-tempered kitsune who is the familiar of the shrine's god. The girl/guy was given a godhead by the stranger and left to keep the evil spirits from over-running her home town. She/he manages to offend the kitsune (who is already upset from the god's long absence) and must find a way to tie the familiar to him/her, or else fall prey to the dangerous spirits. (Doesn't have to be kitsune. Could be one of these!->) 

Loveless (short)

1)Starting when Ritsuka loses his memory, or a little before hand. Ritsuka would be 16/almost 17 when it happened instead of the 9/10 he was in the series. Seimei (either 17/18 or 21/22) hated his little brother Ritsuka, but his new brother has such a wonderfully untarnished mind now, he is enthralled. Manipulative incest ensues. I don’t mind playing either brother. I see this one being more the [VAN] and [BON] side of things, though I’m open for darker stuff.

2)We start it with Ritsuka’s change of school. Soubi pops up and starts training Ritsuka to become his master between battles and homework. Manipulative D/s or opposite doming ensues. I would prefer to play Ritsuka, though might play Soubi. This would be [BON] mostly.

Kuroshitsuji - A Beauty Worthy Of Disgrace (short)

I just like the idea of the tension between Sebastian and Ciel breaking. Like Loveless, Ciel’s minimum age would be 16. Sebastian could have been a servant for the four-year skip, or they could have come freshly into the contract. I’d prefer to play Ciel, though I could just as easily play Sebas-chan. They could be fighting crime again and Sebastian could be late saving Ciel’s life again, or Ciel could be trying to break the contract, or he could have been kidnapped (I'm liking this kidnapped idea more and more). I see this as anything from [VAN] to [NC-H], and can include cross-dressing, hurt/comfort and more.

Or there could be a Lau/Ciel scene where Lau has something Ciel wants but will only exchange it. Manipulation yes, but probably not blackmail as Lau would want to keep their good rapport. [Van] to [bon]

D.N.Angel (short)

](Again, all characters will be 16+) Something with Dark/Daisuke or Krad/Daisuke would be lovely. It’s been a while since I watched this one, so I might get a few bits wrong.  If it’s D/D, [VAN] to [BON], if it’s K/D, [NC-H] to [EX].




 ;) hey i'll rp with ya...i kinda like the InuYasha-style one...lol ^^
;D Yuugi-chan ;D (discord is Princess_Vegeta #1438)

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Although it's not explicitly listed, I'd be more than happy to play some sort of Yu Yu Hakusho scene...I'd volunteer myself for Inuyasha, but I'm relatively in the dark there.  And as a last option, I also really enjoyed Record of Lodoss War *chuckles*


Sorry, noblexknight, I don't know either of those anime.

x3Yugimuyoux3, I'm PMing you


I'm just in the process of trying to start an InuYasha group game, oddly enough.


I would LOVE to do the first plot for loveless. If you don't mind I would like to be Ritsuka. ^_^


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You tempt me sweety, you really do. I'm just got too many going on right now to take any more, even for lovely Loveless. I'll pounce you when I have less games. ^_^