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Author Topic: SmallVille: The Innocents *Mul*  (Read 556 times)

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SmallVille: The Innocents *Mul*
« on: December 20, 2008, 04:57:21 PM »
Okay, I'm a big Smallville fan and I was curious to see if anyone was interested in playing in or running a SmallVille Game.  And which season?

I prefer the complete seasons 1-7.  Which could be spilt up into 2 categoies.  Lex+Clark= Friends  or Lex+Clark= Enemies.

Well, here's my story idea:

The Planet Krypton had many allies throughout the known star systems, one of them being Renora.  A special planet very different from earth.  The planet Renora is twice the distance from it's Mother Star than Earth is from the sun.  Thus full sunlight never reaches the planet's surface.  It is always full night or very dim, thus its inhabitants have adapted.

They are human in appearance as are the Kryptonians, however, their skin color ranges from pure white to light grey.  Their eye colors are pale and are able to see very well in the dark due to the constant darkness on their planet.  The planet is ruled by a global religion broken up into different sects.  Their techonolgy level allows them space travel and to colonize other planets, however they aren't on par with Krypton.

After Krypton was destroyed due to global war, Renora grieved over loosing a powerful ally, but life went on over the years.  However, a virus mutates and breaks out among the populace.  It grows into pandemic proportion causing planet wide panic and quarantine of provinces and even continents.  Though they did seek help with their allied planets, no cure was determine and the other governments provided very little help and outright refused to take refugees fearing that the disease would spread. 

Their only hope?

Jor-El, one of Krypton's top scientists.  But he was dead along with millions of Kryptonians.

But in desperation for a cure and survival, a set of brother and sister twins, talented children of the High Mother are sent out to an unknown planet in hopes of finding Jor-El's research on the virus before its mutation.  The twins are sent out into space, destination Earth, arrival point, SmallVille.

SmallVille has seen its share of dangerous and violent aliens and meta-humans, so it's only reasonable to expect Clark Kent to be suspicious of these visitors and Lex Luthor to be intrigued.

About the twins:

Names:  Girl:  Lee
            Boy: Mika

Age:  16

Race: Alien; Renoas 

Appearance: The twins's race are human in appearance and shape, how ever they have rather pale complexions to very pale cream color skin and hair being a few shades darker.  Eye colors range in very light to pale colors.  So they are very senstive to the sun and bright light.

Powers/Abilities:  The twins will not have ANY of Kryptonian's powers on earth.  They are empaths.  They can sense people's emotions and to a degree control them.  For example; they can actually make someone cry over spilt milk.  They can make someone enraged become calm and reasonable.  However, how strong this power is depends how close in proximity they are to each other.  The further apart they are, the weaker their power. 

They are also able to do what they call Soul Searching.  They are able to mentally probe someone's soul, to understand their fears, desires, dreams, hates, and loves.  However, there is a side effect of this gift.  The person they are Soul Searching will feel sexual desire for the twin performing the power.  It's a powerful attraction, but if the person seriously doesn't want to have sex with the twin can easily take a cold shower and get over it.

Weaknesses:  The twins are linked emotionally and physically.  They have their own minds, however they will know if the other is sad or happy.  If one is hurt, the other will feel their pain with them.  For example:  If Lee stubs her toe while she is very close to Mika, he will say ow with her.  However, this affect also depends on how close they are.  The further apart, the less the affect is on them. 

Also, the bright yellow sun is harmful to them.  They have spend most of their lives in very little sunlight, they can easily be burned even if exposed for more than ten minutes. 

Personalities:  The twins are very religious about their faith, however, they are naive about the culture of Planet Earth.  Their youth is evident in their curiousity and friendly manners toward others.  They are pacifists, not willing to become engaged in conflict of any nature.  The twins dearly love each other, not able to imagine life without the other.
Lee:  Is the most open of the twins.  She is friendly and well mannered towards everyone, though in bouts of good mood and happiness she can be seen hugging a stranger as a greeting or openly complimenting someone about their appearance at first meeting.  She finds herself enjoying the bright colors of Earth's nature, culture, and art.

Mika:  Mika is more reserved than his sister twin.  He is eager to accomplished their mission and return to their home.  He is overwhelmed by the bizarre sexual freedom and low morality he sees in American culture and fears what it might do to his faith if he becomes involved too deep.  He is often embarassed by Lee's openness toward strangers and often tries to curb her from being too forward. 

Okay, I have a few ideas of where this could go depending on players.  Here are a few ideas:

1.  The twins get seperated.  One meets up with Clark at his farm and the other get discovered by Lex.

2.  The twins live with Clark on his farm and adjust to life on earth while searching for Jor-el's research.  However, Clark withholds information about the fortress of solitude not sure if he can trust these twins after being tricked by Milton Fine *Braniac*.

3.  The twins set up their own home in SmallVille and try to protect their secret, however their unfamiliarity with Earth's culture and planet does draw in attention from both Clark and Lex.

4.  Renora still have its enemies despite its peaceful ways.  An alien monster bent on killing or enslaving the twins follows them to Earth and rather doesn't care one bit about keeping secrets.  The twins have to turn to either Clark or Lex for protection.

5.  The twins come to Earth, but also bring with them the desvasting disease.


Okay, firstly, you have to be familiar with Smallville.  Not just watched a few episodes, but actually know locations, events, and understand the characters very well.   

Secondly, decent writers.  Not just someone who'll write a sentence and consider it a post.  I want full details of what the character is thinking, doing, their environment around them, their motivations. . . .I mean not in each post of course, but enough to keep my attention and the other players.  For more information of what I am looking for in a writer, then please take a look at my Ons and Offs page.

Playing a SmallVille Character: 

This is the important part.  For starters, please be familiar about a character's history and personality before applying for the role.  If you accept a role, then I expect to be able to protray that character as they are in the show. 

*Though with SmallVille, this depends on which season we are playing in*

I don't want to see Lana and Chole get into a cat fight over Clark.  They have never fought over Clark.  In fact, there hasn't exactly been a rivalry between them over him in the first place.  They love each other like sisters throughout the series.

Keep your characters in character and please, don't attempt to protray one just because you like the character.

Personally, I LOVE Lex Luthor, however, I don't think I could protray his character the way I it deserves.  He wants to do good in the world, but his means are very low on the morality list.  I never really know 100 percent if he's lying or not throughout the series.  He has a way of bending and twisting the truth to his advantage, and has a deep curiosity about the people who intrigue him to the point of obession. 

If you think you can protray his character this way, then by all means apply!

Sexual Nature:

Now this will be the difficult part.  I want the characters to be in character.  So you won't see Chole seducing Lex wearing Catholic Schoolgirl outfit nor would you ever see Jonathan Kent doing it with Lana Lang doggy style in the barn.

Not gonna happen.

That's why I have the twins able to bring someone to arousal by their gift and see what happens. 


Now this will depend on which season we'll be playing.  I want to focus on season 4 through 7.  Where Clark doesn't trust Lex anymore and Lex is beginning his descent into darkness.  But if enough players join up and say they want season 1 through 3, then I'll concede we'll play it where Clark and Lex are best friends.

Also, if you want to play more than one character, then please, that would be wonderul!


Clark Kent:

Lex Luthor:

Important, but can do without if necessary

Lana Lang:

Chole Sullivan:

Lois Lane:

Martha Kent:

Jonathan Kent:

Lionel Luthor:

Unimportant, but if someone really wants to play them, they can be included

Pete Ross:

Oliver Queen AKA Green Arrow:


Jimmy Oleson:

Any of the meta-humans:

Also any characters that aren't regular characters:

If you are interested in any role or in helping out with the game in any way, please post here or PM me. 

And just as a warning, just because you are the first to ask for a part doesn't necessarily means you are going to get it.  I'm going to be looking at Ons and Offs and previous posts; and I might even ask you for a sample of your writing protraying your character before I give you an okay.  If I get back with you, then chances are you are in.  If not, sorry, I hate writing rejection letters, so I do the the, "Don't call me, I'll call you" approach.

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