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June 13, 2021, 12:14:57 pm

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Author Topic: Mob-themed | Contemporary | Gritty & Dark | M/M  (Read 261 times)

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Mob-themed | Contemporary | Gritty & Dark | M/M
« on: January 14, 2017, 12:44:09 pm »

What am I looking for?

Someone to write a (male) cop, maybe someone from the FBI (I will leave that decision to a potential co-writer). I do not want to toss out too much plot for all this, because I rather prefer to collaborate with a potential writing partner, toss ideas back and forth and all this. Too much set plot makes it all static, in my opinion, and it just would limit a writing partners options on this. So - I will leave it pretty basic with what I am looking for. The background story should provide the first plot hook, and everything else I'd rather discuss with a potential co-writer than writing it all in stone. I'm not much a fan of predefined things. ;)

Mind you, I adore plotting like little else. It is half the fun, seriously.

What I like:

  • Violence. Authenticity. Danger. Realism.
  • It should be dark and gritty when the moment calls for it. Again, authenticity.
  • Articulate and mature writing partners.
  • Elaborate posts with a lot of detail.
  • A relaxed posting rate. I am not a daily poster!

What I do not like:

  • Smut overkill. There -is- a too much and let me tell you, I lose interest if it's all about that.
  • Too much fluff/sappy romance. OMG please no!
  • One-liners or too short posts.
  • Being rushed/bothered to write.

Background story
Fabio was born to the Italian couple Rosario and Maria de Marino, somewhere in The Bronx/New York City. His parents were hard working, upright people, owning a little restaurant, working hard for their money. They never pampered Fabio and his two younger siblings too much, instead, they taught their children to work hard as well, and earn everything in life. The kids were sent to school, and life was good... until Fabio was around sixteen. Then, the problems started. Fabio met the wrong people, made the wrong friends. The entirely wrong friends.

Back then, he started to hang out with a bunch of guys he thought they were cool. They were always hanging out on the streets near the apartment complex he and his family were living in. It wasn't the best area of town, and not the worst, either. Many hard working, 'simple people' lived there. Most of his new friends were Italians, and most of them were some years older than he was, but they all had money in their pockets, they all had cool clothes and they all drive those fancy cars. Was amazing, for young Fabio. He wanted to be like that, too. He started to wonder what those guys did, to have all that money, and whenever he asked them, he always received the same answer. 'Oh, we're just doing some jobs, you know. Small stuff. Deliveries and all this.' Sounded easy, huh? Fabio was naive, back then, so naive. And, one day, one of the guys didn't show up anymore. Fabio heard that he'd died in a car accident somewhere. It was on the same day when he was asked for the first time, if he wanted to make some money. It all would be easy. All he would have to do, was to deliver a package somewhere. Yes, so easy.

And Fabio agreed, without putting much thought into it all. He was a young man, he wanted those cool clothes as well! And it was easily earned money. Just a delivery, and everything would be fine, right? When he was given the package, he also was given an address, and the order to not open the package, come what may. Just to deliver it and be done, without asking questions. Fabio could do that, and, after the job was done, he got some money! he was so proud of himself. His first, self earned money! He didn't even think about what had been in that package he had delivered to what had looked like a warehouse in a pretty rundown part of town. Okay, the guy taking it form him had looked a bit scary but, eh, screw it. He had the money! And it should not remain his only 'job'.

He did it again, and again, delivering mostly packages or sealed folders to various locations around town. For almost one and a half years he did it, never telling his parents about it all, because he also was told to 'Keep his damn trap shut about it all, unless he wanted trouble.'

Too late young Fabio realized who those people were, his 'friends'. And who they worked for. When he found out, he already was too involved in it all. He had not only done those deliveries in the past, mind you. It just was the start of his criminal career in the 'famiglia', as everyone called it. Working for 'The Boss' was a privilege, and he always looked out for his 'boys'. Fabio had done drug pushing by now, he had been involved in 'collecting' protection money, intimidating and threatening people, even one or the other shootout. Oh yes, he had learned to shoot fast, and he was good at it. Very good, in fact. He just seemed to have the talent for it, to handle a gun just right. Once he shot a man, because that idiot had the nerve to get between him and some business. However - not even a month after his eighteenth birthday, Fabio was summoned by one of the higher ups in the organization. He didn't know what all this was about, and he was pretty nervous. Turns out that they had a job for him, one that, if done successfully, will grant him acceptance in the famiglia. All he had to do, was to off this one jerk from one of the rival families. That man had caused a lot of trouble, and his family as well, and it was about time to teach them a lesson they won't forget.

And Fabio agreed.

He killed that man, via a bullet in his skull. Yes, it was an execution, plain and simple, just like he had been ordered to do. And he didn't even mind it. Having taken a life. Not the first time. But it was the first time he was ordered to do it. Following orders was something Fabio did not mind. It always got him money, and acceptance. Everyone had to follow orders now and then, and it wasn't any different in his new family. You followed the orders, and everything was fine. One had protection, someone to cover ones back. All this.

Fabio turned out to be a ruthless young man, and soon he was respected. A honourable, made man, as they called it. The job was good, no doubt. For a while, he was running as bodyguard for one of the higher ups. They were always paranoid, after all. Now and then, he got this order to 'remove' someone, subtly or not, and it always filled his pockets with not little cash. The only thing he did not have was a family of his own. Of course, he loved his parents and his siblings, and while they assumed what Fabio was doing, they never asked him. But he had no wife, no children. He had found out that women didn't really hold his interest, after some shallow, pretty meaningless relationships that never lasted. So what, he was homosexual. He was smart enough to not tell anyone, knowing well that most people in the 'business' wouldn't react too kind to that, least of all the traditional higher ups. Wasn't their business, or anyone elses business but his own, anyways.

And then, shortly after his twenty-sixth birthday, shit was hitting the fan. There was an operation gone wrong. Fabio was not directly involved in it, but he was the one they blamed for it. Bullshit. He had done nothing wrong, and they wanted to blame him? Yeah, right. Won't happen. He wouldn't let that happen - they would kill him, just like that, and if he would go to the damn cops, they would kill him too, probably, ot put him behind bars for the rest of his life. No good outlook, that. But Fabio felt betrayed, by his family. By the people he had trusted for all those years. People he had killed for, for gods sake.

His decision was made, though. They would not get him and kill him. Not so easily. Wasn't in him, to just give up like that. It was no impulsive decision he had made, mind you. He knew exactly what he was doing, when he got in contact with this person from the FBI, or the damn cops. Whoever. Fabio did not care. But he had something for them. Something very, very valuable: Information. First hand information, no less.

Question was just - what would they offer him in turn? Nobody just leaves the mafia. Only in a coffin, Fabio knew that better than some. He knew the punishment. There only was one punishment, for ratting. Fabio just signed his damn death sentence, if they wouldn't offer him something good. Something very good.

Protection in exchange for valuable inside information. The only deal he would make.

What the future would bring - Fabio did not know. He knew that they wanted him dead, because he knew too much. All he could do now was hope.. and pray.

The character I have in mind for this story
Name: Fabio Battista Rosano (born as: Fabio de Marino)
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Nationality:U.S. citizen (born in NYC) with Italian heritage (mother and father)
Religion: Christian/Catholic
Age: 26
Spoken languages: English, Italian, some Spanish (enough to lead a casual conversation, not enough to hold a speech about rocket science)
Profession: Ex-Hitman for the mob
Current position: Mafia Dropout
Height: 6'1
Hair colour: Dark brown
Eye colour: Blue

Piercings: None
Tattoos: On the left side of his chest. On his back. On his right upper arm.
Scars: 5 inches long scar on his right, lower arm (from a cut with a knife), a 3.5 inches long scar on his right shoulderblade (from a fight), a scar on his left, upper leg (from a gunshot wound);
Preferred clothes: Everything, from suit&tie to casual
Special training: Guns, precision shooting, handling knives and blades, coercion, intimidation;
Addictions: Cigarettes (smokes like crazy), prone to heavy drinking at times, Cocaine sometimes or Weed. Whatever calms his nerves.

All images are clickable

Please do not reply to this thread, send me a PM instead, thank you! And - please mae sure to take your time and read my O/O thread before approaching me! Grazie! :-)