Pro's Plots and Possibilities (M seeking F for Sexy Story Driven Threads)

Started by Procyonix, January 09, 2017, 01:47:31 PM

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Thanks for clicking in and taking a peek at my request thread. :) You've warmed my black little heart already!  Now, I don't have elaborate plots worked out at this point in time, so I am going with the "Lite" version, giving you some idea of the sorts of things that I like, or that interest me. You are welcome to pick one or pitch one of your own.

So what am I looking for in a partner?

*Somebody who will communicate with me, I love the idea of building a story, and my ideas are usually only starting points.  The best stuff I've ever written and or read have been where the writers work together to take a story in an organic direction.

*Posts with depth, color, emotion, life.  While I can do short posts, I feel they are difficult sometimes to keep interesting. I am not looking for 1000 word essays or anything of the sort. But something that draws me in is going to get a far better reply than something flat or bland.

*Regularity. No, I don't want you to have taken some Metamucil before posting...No, I mean posting regularity. It can be daily,a few times a week, whatever, just something that I can sort of expect. I have no problem waiting for posts, especially from those with good writing skills.  Write beautiful prose with deep characters, and i'll wait till Godot for you :)

*And This is important to me, I am not after straight smut.  Don't get me wrong, I love having sex in and a large part of the story, but if the story isn't there, I can get my kicks much faster on pornhub. 

I am flexible in my O/O's, since my tastes are relatively "docile" compared to some, I am willing to work on most. However I do draw the line at violence, and some of the more extreme/exotic concepts.  But I am open to some negotiating if what you like isn't on my list.

Story Concepts:
Good Girl Gone Bad- The concept of a nice girl, woman, girlfriend, wife going bad is a staple of eroticism.  I find it enjoyable to RP.  My character could be a number of things, but usually is a "Bad boy" type or mysterious stranger type that runs into a girl and wants to twist her to his lifestyle. When GMing in game systems, I've run a number of possible story arcs with this one. I've included some of the better ones:

- The manipulative stranger using proxies to take an normal every day girl and turn her into his perfect girl.   Having multiple men over time approach her, wearing her resistance down, or teaching her concepts she isn't normally used to.
- A dependent of hers is in dire danger. It could be a family member, child, lover, whatever. She has to infiltrate the criminal underworld to find them. How far will she go to save them? This can be done in any genre.
- Wanting to learn magic, she comes to a powerful wizard seeking to be taught in magic.  His price is her. Will she pay it?
- On the run. Somehow, she has found herself in a situation where her life has gone sideways.  Whether is a job gone sour or dire domestic situation.  She has to flee her life, and the only one who is willing to help her is a shadowy operative with a unseemly reputation
- Her husband/boyfriend is a great guy, good man. She expected when they moved into a new town that there would be plenty of time to be together. Then his job takes more and more of his time, and she finds herself alone more often than not. A neighborhood party offers a chance to make friends.  Unknown to her, the party has been set up for her benefit, as the neighbors are interested in getting her turned into a perfect asset for their community.

The Civilized Savage- one of my favorite characters I've ever run is based off an orc or half-orc character raised as a gladiator and freed because of his skill who in turn becomes powerful because people only see the brute.  Underneath, he is educated and civilized.  And has a heart waiting for the right woman. I would see this one starting off as a lust type story, or a dismissive idea at first..  Then as the story progressed, likely more romantic. He doesn't need to be an orc, any setting where the archetype works is fine.

Age Differential settings.  Since I am a bit on the older side, the idea of a guy with a touch of grey in his hair/beard and a younger woman is appealing to me.  details are negotiable :)

Coerced/Seduction story lines are always interesting. Traditionally I would prefer to be the coercer, but for the right story, hmmm.


Will try nearly any, I tend to be strongest in Fantasy, Sci/fi and modern including modern fantasy/powered etc.  Mixing genres is always fun as well.  Taking people from one era and mixing them into another, or the normal person who suddenly learns that there really are things that go bump in the night.  I don't tend to do Canon characters well, but if you want to play one, feel free to talk to me about it.  While I don't rule them out, I am pretty tentative when it comes to playing somebody else's character, ie Canon.

Characters I tend to write are either dashing and flamboyant; cold and domineering; manipulative and methodical; or chivalrous gentlemen


Wow seems like a lifetime ago since I posted this. I was so inexperienced then lol

Anyways, Hello again.

An addendum to the original:

I have found that I seem to resonate better with NC/Dubcon etc sorts of stories. Not that I don't like Light. I can do light just fine. Two of my longest running threads are Light.

I have also noticed that I am not into transformation stories. Sorry. Bimbofication and such was a thing when I was 13-15, sorta lost its appeal since.

In case the My link doesn't work here is the link to my O/os

Back from a crazy hiatus, and am looking for one, maybe two more threads to round out my stable.

On to some plots:

Take It On the Run:

I wrote a great story earlier in my career on E. It revolved about a guy who kidnapped his bitchy boss the second day of the job to avoid her getting destroyed or hurt by the other employees who along with her higher ups that wanted to degrade her and crush her spirit. MC was somebody who had met her at a party before and joined the company just to be close to her. It was a lot of fun..  So the plot idea I have is the YC is in deep water, MC at first seems like one her kidnappers and people who are hurting her. But at some point an opportunity comes that he grabs her and they run. I see it as one of those love/hate things for to protect his cover, he did some some N/C stuff with her to "put her in her place".  At first she needs him, so she goes with him, but she resents even though it was perhaps the best sex of her life.  That part is open to interpretation.
Eventually I would like to see it turn into a romance in the D/s lifestyle.

The Princess and the Bad Man

The idea is that YC is a Princess, about to be wed in a loveless arraigned marriage.  A week before the wedding, she goes for a ride on her estate grounds. MC is a leader of a bandit group (or could be an orc warband) that captures her for ransom.  However, once he gets her back to his camp he decides he wants her as his.  This could go a number of ways from there. It could be anything from her playing him on to try to escape to her being taken with him as well. I could even see myself writing multiple characters if you would like her to be passed around as the gang's entertainment.  Like the one before this one will take a bit of plotting before we write.

The Wild West

In this one I see YC as somebody from the East coast and civilized society who for whatever reason finds herself alone in a rough frontier town where a gold/silver rush is under way or perhaps a cattle town. The town if rough and tumble and there are gun fights from time to time with a growing and alarming increase since she gets there.  MC is a former Indian Scout, ie, a man who lived among Native Americans to study their ways and learn tracking from them.  He's considered a desperado in town, and people fear him.  Since the tribe he studied with has move on to avoid further contact with the advancing White Man, he has turned to a life of a freelancer. Which has turned him from scout to gunslinger.  The two meet, and sparks fly either right away, or down the road.

For the Sci Fi Ladies

Ive always wanted to recreate a game I played long long ago when I was in high school. Back when they didn't have history it was still being written ;)
While solar system wide space travel is a way of life, but still newish technology. Mankind is about to find themselves in a first contact situation the sort that never goes well. War.  The characters would either be in the Earth Interstellar Navy together as fighter pilots, or YC could be somebody who works on the base at the edge of the solar system in either a commercial or medical role or something.  MC is a fighter pilot either way. One who bucks the system on approved tactics. A throw back to an earlier time where tactics used by the pilots in WW2 are something he idolizes.  He's a squadron commander always at odds with his boss the group leader/base commander (this could even be YC if you wish).  How the two meet is totally open, but I love the idea of inter system war as the aliens are attacking Earth and its colonies, and a lone base on the edge of the system is the last bastion before the enemy can breach the inner solar system.

A Telekinetic and the Girl

I see this as a story set in modern earth where psionic abilities are slowly starting to appear in humans, marking the start of a new strand of the species. Of course the majority of people are terrified of them, and they are persecuted.  MC is one of those damned muties, one who lives in secret wanting nothing to do with the fear and oppression of his kind. He keeps his nose clean and hides his abilities. Until the day he runs into YC who finds herself in some form of danger, could be a car accident impending, could be a killer trying to take her life, etc.. Something serious and life threatening.  MC can't let an innocent woman get killed so he uses his ability to save her, outing himself as what he truly is.  In a split minute decision, he grabs YC and takes off trying to figure out how to do damage control.  From there he has to figure out how to remain hidden. Except she knows the truth about him, as do other witnesses. Keeping her safe, while also keeping her away from the authorities is critical. Somewhere along the way he discovers he needs her.

Those are just some of my ideas. If you aren't interested in any of those, that's fine. If you feel our o/os are compatible, drop me a pm with your idea. Either way, I will respond to each and every PM even if things dont end up in us writing. After all, making new friends is as exciting as writing :)