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Started by RedFang, December 20, 2008, 12:00:51 AM

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So I am looking around for things to do and people to have fun with.  I figured I would let everyone know that I am on the prowl.

Things I do mostly.

Vampire - I play either the Vampire Hunter in pursuit of a hot little newly created vampire, or I play as a 300 year old vampire who happens to save a young lass from certain death, and she becomes my partner.

Medieval Fantasy - I play a war veteran who wanders about the land doing odd jobs.  I attract attention due to the massive sword I carry on my back.  I either save the young women from monsters or raiders, or she saves me someway.

Incest - Yes mostly brother/sister or dad/daughter, I have done son/mother too.

Since I am new I am not really ready to do a long standing or heavily detailed RP, and it's the holidays so I will be doing other things here and there.  So I am calling for One-Shots.  I have done most of my RPing on IM or IRC, but I can to play-by-post if that is prefered.

PM me so we can work something out.

Sometimes I read the post, type the posts and then forget what I was doing.