(Male looking for Female) Star Wars roleplay

Started by GrimmWriter, January 01, 2017, 09:59:05 AM

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What I am looking for:

A female with a decent knowledge of the Star Wars universe. Including but not limited to, Books, Comics, Movies, TV shows etc. Someone who has a good descriptive style of role playing and likes to partner up for stories rather than just have it told to them. Please no God Moders.


The story takes place two years before the events of Rogue one/A New Hope.

The galactic civil war is begining to speed up. The Rebellion has had its fair amounts of wins and losses. After suffering the loss of his parents to a Rebel ambush on a convoy of supplies to an Imperial outpost, Ravion Argent joins the Imperial academy. Vowing to bring order to the Galaxy once again; Ravion begins his training to become a Imperial Storm Trooper.

Female applicants:
If interested, please pm me with a character idea and I will let you know if you fit my style.


Pm's or possibly email or Instant messaging of some sort.