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Author Topic: *~ I love you as certain dark things are to be loved ~* (M/M)  (Read 721 times)

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*~ I love you as certain dark things are to be loved ~* (M/M)
« on: December 31, 2016, 07:28:39 pm »
I’d like to try something a little differently here. I want to explore some of my characters a bit more and build on their personality. So, i’m going to let you pick an interesting story. I will forewarn you, I enjoy detail and writing of passions so deep and intense they threaten to shatter the soul into thousands of exploding galaxies. Pm me…

Dante L. Violette
(I have had him working as a bar tender in a brothel I could also see him as a handy man or mechanic)
Content: BDSM, corporal punishment, leather daddy, fist fights, handcuffs, blackmail/extortion, romance.

Dante is a simple yet complex man. He is professional and tries to maintain that professional distance with clients yet he is an intensely passionate individual. When he's working he can be an utter tease, taking pleasure in making his guests mess in their sharp business suits with just the power of suggestion and a few well placed touches. He’s witty and entertaining, possessing a sort of animal magnetism, but take care as he has a reputation as a heart breaker. He is not one to fall in love easily or quickly and he tries to keep his work professional. Yet he is a passionate lover who's enthusiasm and intensity can come as a surprise to the casual business man. If you want to see what's under his hood you had better buckle up.
If you ever get the privilege to know the man behind the mask you will find him to be sensitive, tender hearted, and flawed human being. He has his father’s scathing temper (a thing he has battled to control over a lifetime) and his pride gets in his way when he knows he should apologize. Something he gets quite embarrassed about is the way he absolutely howls with pleasure in bed when he gets really hot and bothered. In the small hours of the night he longs for someone to hold, to keep him company after all the clients are gone and everything is quiet. He will never freely admit it but he gets lonely and wants someone to wrap his arms around and feel close to until the morning light chases away the darkness and loneliness.

Other Info: Dante is a switch and it takes a firm top with a skilled hand to wring submission from him as he will test and push. If you had a fantasy/scifi setting in mind I could see him as a werewolf. I would like to keep his profession as a bartender/whore with a criminal record (perhaps he could be blackmailed). Relationships I could see him in would be perhaps rich but kinky business men, or maybe a crooked cop blackmailing him into giving free sexual favors, perhaps his boss has a thing for him or maybe the head chef and Dante are involved in a secret relationship? Maybe he lives on a ship in space and he and the captain have a thing or maybe it’s another crew member and they have to keep it secret? I'd like for him to fall in love with someone he should not be falling for/isn't aloud to love.

Writing samples that better explain deeper aspects of his personality:

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
—* The night was virginal, charged with anticipation and tempting, oh so tempting to those immersed within it. It was a night that drew lovers together in passionate embraces and muffled murmurings of ecstasy. A night of fingernails drawn down a strong back, an eager mouth to meet with another, a firm touch, a cry to heaven and sweet nothings in a night that would eventually grow old. It was a night perhaps not unlike any other at Secret. The new boys were nervous about a thousand different things that would amount to, in the end, having to put a smile on, calm there nerves, and try to do the best they could while surviving another night.

Dante came walking in through the back, arms laden with large paper bags that contained last minuet key ingredients for the kitchen that someone, had forgotten to put on the order list. He made his way through the hustle and bustle with the ease of a fish through water, moving to and fro almost like a dancer, unruffled as he called out to various boys as they passed and inquired if this or that were done and if it wasn't done telling them to get it done. Finally he got to the kitchen and set the food down on the counter.

—*Dante smiled back as he met Levi's eyes with a patient yet somehow sexual edge. He had seen the way seth had nearly unmanned the guy and decided he would let the young man catch his breath. He could certainly be every bit as bold as seth however part of the fun was the tease and the night was young yet. Besides he wanted him to get his money's worth and come back, not feel cheated and swindled. In this he had no problem earning his money.

"Good choice. You'll find this one has a rich flavor with a slightly nutty after taste." He said as he pulled out the glass, flipped it, set it down on a coster before Levi and grabbed the bottle of scotch (an expensive one just to irk Seth for that comment), flipped it once like a juggler, and caught it after a breathless moment that would make one gasp and wonder if he might drop it. but no, it was all part of the show as he handled the thing with practiced ease, unscrewing the lid and serving levi up. "There's a lot more where that came from." he hinted with a wink. The way he handled the expensive (sometimes upwards of $1,000) bottles would give Seth grey hair for the stunts he pulled, yet he rarely dropped them. Had he ever dropped one? Of course but practice makes perfect.

His eyes met Seth's as his boss told him to make Levi comfortable. He could have said a myriad of things that would have perhaps caused him to get into trouble but couldn't restrain himself one smart, if somewhat restrained remark. "Honey, if I can't do it no one else can..." The emphasis on honey was slightly stressed in a mocking sort of way and the sharpness of his comment was not concealed by the smile on his lips or the challenge in his eyes. His tongue was a weapon in more ways than one and got him into trouble more often than not, especially with Seth, even more so when he was angry. Losing his temper was not something he was proud of but he had lost it more than he cared to admit with Seth.

When Seth ordered a drink he paused a moment, the tone of voice he used made him balk inwardly but he forced himself to get the glass, and with much less finesse gave his boss the drink. The man was such an ass, an egotistic, pompous ass! His attention snapped back to Levi when he asked what he recommended. "I recommend you enjoy that drink and we'll see where the night takes us eh cowboy?" oh he was loving that beautiful blush on Levi's cheeks. If he had his way Levi would be doing more than blushing tonight. However it was hard to keep his composure with Seth breathing down his neck. Honestly how was he expected to work like this?!

Seeing the way Seth tossed the fine scotch back like it was a shot of cheep vodka nearly made him cringe. That was most definitely not how you savored the flavor of the stuff but then again Seth didn't much care what he drank as long as he drank a lot of it and that made him more angry than a lot of things.

__ * Dante grabbed roughly Jake by the tie, and forced him to look into his growling face. He was near strangling him with it as he used a tone that let the other know he would be in hot water if he didn't knock it off. "Listen up jug head I'm the boss when Seth's away and I say what go's. If I want your panzy ass to mop the fucking floors then that's what your doing! If you push me I'll make you do it with your tongue! This is my bar, and if I tell you to shove off you better get the fuck out from behind my bar ass hole or we are going to have a problem got it blondie?" He loosened his grip a little. He didn't yell, actually he spoke firmly but in a normal volume. Easy Dante he's just a horny kid. He probably didn't mean it anyway. he thought. He still had a good grip on his temper, a grip that he had worked very hard to get. Five years ago and this would have been a fist fight. Five years ago he was a fucking mess. He was better now.

__ * When Sean spoke to him and called him a fag it was enough to raise his hackles. He hated being called that even in play. It was a good thing he had worked past a lot of his anger issues because a comment like that some years ago would have had him kicking the shit out of the taller guy in a heartbeat. Just because he was dressed finely now and had picked up a set of manors that could fool high class clients didn't mean he forgot where he came from. The streets had always been his home and his temper that could rage just as hot as Sean's had gotten him into trouble. By the time he turned himself around he had a paper trail with the law a mile long and knew some of the police officers by name. He wasn't proud of that and he couldn't find a descent job with the record he had. No, he knew where anger and fighting lead and he didn't want to go there again. He was tired of being angry.

__ * When he held up his finger to wait a moment, without a word. He couldn't help the excited leap and subsequent patterings of his heart as he was forced to be patient and silent until given permission. The only betrayal of this was a small smirk and an ever so slight lick of his full lips in anticipation. Good lord the man, he could tell, was one that could make him beg if he got him to bed. It was a secret pleasure of his to be made to beg, to wait for it. The build up to eventual satisfaction was divine and under the right hands made for a spectacular night as it was rare for him to be properly edged. He tended to be very intense with his lovers.

__ * It did not escape his notice just how much the gentleman enjoyed watching him work the cigar in his mouth. The tell tale sign of his shifting let him know just how much he enjoyed it. He watched patiently as the man enjoyed his expensive indulgences. A thrill running through him at the soft spoken praise, pleased to know that there were still gentlemen in this world who appreciated such subtle pleasure. "Thank you sir." he had replied to the praise.

When the silence fell between them he would have given much to know what was going through the other's mind just then. he waited, in nervous anticipation, knowing the man was deciding something just then. Had he said the wrong thing? No, he couldn't have misjudged him that badly. He tried to contain himself and he had absolutely no idea what was wrong with him except that it seemed to be the effect the man was having on him as he toyed with him.

Finally when he thought he could take it no longer, the man beckoned him closer, relieved that the silence would be broken but nervous at the same time. However he was much, much too curious an individual to not find out. Dear god the tone the other used when he said he knew what a masochist was, was enough to root him to the spot and cause a stirring in his loins. He found he couldn't break his gaze from the other's until he quite suddenly seemed to let him go from whatever hold he impressed upon him simply by leaning back in his chair. His heart was pounding as he listened intently to the description of the case. He wondered, unable to restrain the thought, what was in that case?

__ * Dante reluctantly pulled his attention away from the case when Darius looked at him, sizing him apparently. He had pulled out the leather cuffs and he licked his lips ever so slightly, wanting to feel the leather on his bear skin. "You would be correct in that thought..." he said and upon seeing the man wield the rattan cane like a pro swallowed hard and added, "Sir..." That sound had his heart pounding and he felt that sharp edge of fear creep over him causing him to feel that first rush before the pain would send him higher. what was in that wooden box!? Curiosity, he was sure would be his undoing.

Some boys by now would have perhaps backed down or thought better of any disobedience within there minds. Threats were never enough for Dante. He needed something physical. Though the way Darius tapped the cane against his palm put him in the frame of mind that he was going to get himself in trouble shortly. He didn't move as Darius stepped closer to him but his reaction to being touched was all too evident as his cock stiffened to the touch. he had to bite his tongue to keep himself from moaning as darius caught the piercing in his cock and started to pull and twist. God it felt amazing! The pressure mounted and pleasure met pain and he flinched slightly a tension creeping into his shoulders. He gasped at the light swat of the cane and then a shiver he could not even hope to hide ran through him as the cane ran up his body, the hard, wooden surface against his skin was much too exciting. The threat of it hitting his pierced nipple only adding to his arousal.

The cane was soon at his throat. He was forced to look up at the taller man who had his cock in one hand and a rather fierce weapon in the other at his throat. He loved the exposed, venerability of such a compromising position. But damn it if he didn't let slip one more smart remark. "By the looks of things I'd say it's a bit late to run. Besides I'm more of a fighter than a runner." If darius could see his record he would know the truth of those words. Those eyes, that look, god he wanted to be under this man's control. he extended his wrists. "Lock me up... Sir."

___*That small twitch of a smile on Darius's lips was just begging him to do his worst. What proper masochist would he be if he didn't let his sadist fully express themselves? "No, but I'm a glutton for punishment." he had dropped his sir's and any sort of protocol as if to test and irk Darius. His eyes still held that challenging stare as if to say make me call you sir, make me kneel, make me obey. He was letting Darius know he didn't have to be as gentle as he would with a more sensitive boy and that he was going to push back when he was pushed.

__* Oh he was going to be in over his head with this. He knew it, but he liked it that way. dante jerked in the restraints when he felt the ice on such a sensitive part, back arching and cursing softly through clenched teeth. "Shit..." he shook his head no at the question, hell he was already in for it why not? "Nope remind me again would you?" he taunted, yet clearly he was feeling the strain of unpleasant sensations as it came through in his voice. "Hhhhaaa..." he gasped as he felt Darius rubbing in the ice over his balls.

When he said he would have to remind him with something more lasting than ice and he pressed the next piece of ice into him he clenched his teeth hard and panted like a bull through his nose, hands clenching. One more, one more, one more. He encouraged himself determined to fight on this and show darius he was not dealing with one of the slight and sensitive boys. Dante nearly bucked to the ceiling, the chains clanging loudly as Darius grabbed his cock with the ice and his cold hand. "Aaaahhhh! Fuck!" he groaned breathlessly and squirmed under the pleasure and pain of the sharp chill, the shock sending his pulse through the roof as he gasped helplessly. He couldn't get away from it, though he certainly tried.

__ * He had known what to expect but still his breath was taken from his lungs, mind went blank and all he could see was a gorgeous shade of lavender burgundy as pain and pleasure washed over him and flooded his senses. He finally gasped for air and then his entire body shook with a deep moan as he buried his face into the bed. "Fucking-christ... please, please..." he shuttered and finnaly Darius wrung from him the title that never came easy to his lips. "Master, please for the love of god let me cum! I can't stand it please!" He gasped breathlessly.

__ * He certainly had a hard time submitting. He had never been like the other boys who seemed to lay themselves down and open like flowers in the night. No, he was a different sort of animal and like an animal he preferred to be tamed.

__ * He adjusted his leg slightly for comfort as Darius immobilized it. Then he watched Darius press the handle into his flesh firmly, rooting it. Those strong hands on him made him want the man so fiercely it hurt. Want those strong hands all over him, pawing him, groping him, possessing him. Eyes widened as he saw the way the rod could bend nearly in half. He had never seen that before. The way Darius griped the thing made it seem like an effort to bend it back so far. He bit his lip. Shit... this was really going to hurt.

Petra Kelige
(Petra doesn’t really have a profession other than being a privileged, pretty little bird in a golden cage. I could see him as a prince or the son of a rich family.)
Content: BDSM, rough sex, non-con or rape, kidnapping, slavery, spanking, possible unhealthy relationship, romance.

He is, in essence, a stuck up, spoiled, willful, wants everything his way, Brat with a capital B. He wants everything his way and he is not above throwing a tantrum about it. He can be quite dramatic and theatric and if he gets angry or offended enough he may just slap your face or throw the nearest thing he can get his hands on at you. Despite being a spoiled little diva he does have a good heart under all that sass and prissiness. He is sensitive, inquisitive and once he is your friend he will do damn near anything for you. He cares deeply for the ones close to his heart so think twice if you're going to insult or hurt one of his friends or you may be on the receiving end of his vicious tongue and volatile temper. He also has a tendency to get himself into trouble with situations that are over his head. With his friends he’s cute, playful, funny and loves to have fun. He can be a bit naive sometimes due to his sheltered upbringing. Though he is generally strong willed, and sassy it’s not hard to make him burst into tears especially after a hard day. He likes to be pampered and spoiled with luxury. It’s not uncommon to find him painting his nails or enjoying himself at the spa on a ‘girl’s day'. Perhaps it comes from years and years of being looked after and provided for, and never doing a day of actual work in his life. He really has no work ethic and will complain like a child when someone tells him to get up and get to work. Especially if he thinks he can get away with it. He could get away with murder if you let him…

Other Info: Petra is a strict bottom but that doesn’t mean he won’t take matters into his own hands to get what he wants. I could see him as a rather intense power bottom. I would also like to see him in perhaps an abusive relationship or master/slave or kidnapper/captive or Mob Boss/property. I want to play with situations that Petra would be put into that he would be unprepared for, and inexperienced with, such as someone not obeying his every order and bowing to his every whim. I’d like to play out his fall from grace, his golden bubble being popped and his perfect sheltered life suddenly being gone, essentially being left to just deal. I’d like for him to have to obey someone’s orders for a change. I want him to learn that the world dose not revolve around him and that there are bigger and grander things that exist than just his petty desires. This will require shows of force and gentleness at the appropriate times from the authority figure that now controls his life as I would like him to fall in love with this person.

Writing samples that better explain deeper aspects of his personality:

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
__ * Barely contained excitement fizzled though him. He had never been outside the city and he had certainly never embarked on a trip alone. Well, mostly alone as his father had hired two body guards, clearly of Relic decent, but they came with papers and guarantee’s through a trusted company they had used before. They were an incredible bore, hurrying him along onto the ship and then escorting him to his cabin, telling him he was not to wander about the ship. Tish! As if they could tell him what to do. Whatever, he was not going to let them ruin his good mood. He had even worn a sleeveless elegant black dress with a low dip in front and a deep dip in the back, low enough to be very racy. Jewelry hung from his neck and dripped from his fingers and wrists in the form of bracelets and rings of priceless value. The jewelry he wore now would have been enough to feed a Relic family for a year or more. Even the fabric of the dress he now wore was expensive. He was sure Evan would meet him when they landed and he wanted to look his absolute best.

He flopped onto the plush couch of his expensive cabin. “Bring me a sparkling watermelon Sangria.” he called to the guards as he fiddled with the mini holo deck. “Oh, and be a dear and fetch me some of those bonbons too. You know, the ones with the red tops.” He added with a flamboyant wave of his hand as he flipped through the 3D channels.

__ * The smell of burning animal hide made him wrinkle his nose. Oh he got him! He had time to glance up at the relic, who’s face had darkened before the larger man moved to grab him. it didn’t seem like he had hurt him much or at all. Petra slashed at him again, emboldened by his earlier stroke of luck, determined to do some damage this time. However the brute seized his wrist as if it were child’s play. He was somehow not prepared for the strength in the man’s grip.

“Ah!” he yelped, hand dropping the blade as pain spasmed up his arm and down into his fingers, muscles involuntarily twitching. “Take your hands off me this instant!” he yelled, sharp, steel blue eyes blazing with a nearly feral ferocity as he tried to twist out of his grip. “Ah!” he yelped again stilling himself when his grip tightened more. The pressure if applied hard enough would be enough to snap the delicate bones in his arm. He felt like an animal caught in a trap, heart racing, desperation, panic and anger mingled inside him. Panting from the struggle and the pain he locked eyes with Baz. “My name is not DandelionFluff, and I’m not going anywhere with a beast like you!” he snarled as his other hand quickly grabbed a frying pan and tried to hit Baz directly accost the face with it. He had turned kind of vicious rather quickly.

__* “How dare you!” he practically screamed at him. “I am Petra Reinee Kelige, zien of Marcos Wesley Fronteau and you will take your filthy, savage hands off me this instant or my father will see you flayed alive like the low born beast that you are!” he snapped at him with such heated intensity it drew looks. It was a bit comical that Baz could control a wild, 300 plus pound beast, but not a 120 pound aristocratic brat.

__ * He went into the truck at Baz’s insistence and glanced briefly at the other prisoners in the truck. The brute shoved him down onto the bench and then with surprising efficiency cuffed him. He couldn’t help a gasp as Baz shoved his knees apart and positioned himself between them. The action prompted his body to respond with coiled, tingling, heat, low in his belly. His body went a little stiff, giving Baz some resistance as he cuffed him and secured his hands behind his back. The fabric covering himself shifted dangerously high on his thighs and he could feel the leather clad legs spreading his own and the open air on his neither regions, emphasizing the fact that he had no underwear, no protection from the wild relic leader. He could hardly breath and a barely perceptible shiver ran through his small frame. He couldn’t look up at him.

__ * “I am not! This is the farthest place from safety imaginable!” he hissed, voice barely above a whisper. He felt the course fabric of the bedding against his bare feet and legs as he was lowered into the crudest little bed he had ever beheld. That’s when he heard the small sound of metal tinkling against metal and saw the glint shackles in the low light attached to the bed. “No! No,no,no,no please! You can’t just leave me in here!” He was still whispering but with the cell like appearance of the room combined with it’s darkness and the last straw being the terrifying restraints on the bed the whispering had turned a touch frantic. He had no idea what he expected but the thought of being shackled to a bed in the dark, utterly helpless absolutely terrified him.

__ * There was fear there, yes, palatable fear but his heart wasn’t chilled by it. No, in fact he seemed a little flushed. A rosy pink touched his otherwise pale skin and his heart beat was not pounding to the rhythms of fear as much as it thrummed to the heat of desire heating his blood. The only conclusion? Petra liked it rough from a beast he was a little scared of and that was a fact.

__ * His hands went back to feel the smooth surface of the desk. ‘Do you think you really have a choice?’ Those words chilled him and excited him at the same time. However before he could reply Icarus roughly forced him against the desk. Petra’s hands hit the desk to catch himself and he made a small sound of pain when Icarus tightened his grip. He fought him a little but it didn't get him anywhere and he found himself pressed flat against the desk, heart pounding, panting hotly.

“Stop it Icarus…” he whispered harshly but his voice had way too much heat in it, despite the clear tone of wavering fear, said what he really meant. Petra squirmed under Icarus's touch. Every touch sending the heat tingling right down between his thighs.

Also, picture prompts:
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