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Author Topic: Dragons! Shapeshifters, Elves, and Adventure-F seeking M  (Read 738 times)

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Dragons! Shapeshifters, Elves, and Adventure-F seeking M
« on: December 31, 2016, 02:16:15 PM »

Dragontooth Pass

What adventure awaits the intrepid adventurer in the mountains of the Dragontooth Pass? It is a land of ice and snow for nine months of the year. The Spring/Summer is short and full of flowers and a chance to see the dragons. For it is then that the Duke calls for a Festival of Summer. Those who venture into the Pass and up the winding trails are sure to meet slow moving caravans heading to the rowdy town of Bentknee. Here the fields near the castle and the huge Lake of Dreams are filled with tents and carnival attractions. A lively Faire to entice the merchants of many nations.

The Duke himself, Edorinthal Stormbringer, rests in the castle. His appointment to the Duchy was very controversial. He is an Elf, sworn to protect the Pass and keep the barbarian Norori from invading the Kingdom of  Adaract below. He is aloof and cold in his manner. Above his Keep the shadows of Dragons are often seen. They have never landed in the town or near the Keep. But they seem to keep a vigil in the frigid air above.

There are tales told in the taverns of the town of Bentknee. Who is the mysterious Duke? It is rumored he speaks to the Dragons, and some say he is one.Those who wish to venture into the Pass must first demonstrate their prowess. Be they Hunter or Warrior, Knight or Mage, they must prove their skill before being admitted. In the Dragon's Tale, the largest Inn the town has, there is a painting. It is said to be a depiction of the fabled Dragon King, Althorak. Though where the Innkeeper, Talieson got it, he will not say.

There is treasure in the caves of the mountains. Guarded by snow bears and Yeti, and not easy to find in all the ice and snow. The most persistent rumor is of a dragon's lair, filled with gold and gems, and even magical artifacts.

This is a world with Magic and strange creatures. Humans and Elves and even Dwarves may make their way to the Festival of Summer. The Duke offers a reward to anyone who can find his long lost daughter. She wandered into the mountains in search of the Dragon's Lair many years ago. He is certain she is still alive. She carries a magical amulet that allows her to become invisible. She is a Mage of renown, and will not return until she has found the Lair.


This is a rp set in my world of Tierra, seen here:

Those who seek to venture into the Pass must first demonstrate their capabilities. Their talents and skills will be closely scrutinized. They must send a Private Message to the Gatekeeper, Verasaille. Indicate the desire to adventure in this world with an extensive description of your character. A likeness is appreciated. If you cannot demonstrate a willingness to devote your time to pursuing this adventure at least several times per week, your application will be regretfully declined.

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Re: Dragons! Shapeshifters, Elves, and Adventure-F seeking M
« Reply #1 on: March 28, 2017, 01:03:55 AM »
There is a rumor in the town of Bentknee. It is said that the Duke's daughter is the off spring of his closest advisor, Melinsera, who fell victim to a tragic accident when lovely Elysande was only five years old. Those who have met Ely have noticed her bright red curls and the tips of her half Elvish ears pierced with gold loops. She was quite a precocious child, giving the Duke no end of trouble as she grew up.

Even now, she is determined not to marry the man the Duke had lined up for her. She has never met the man! Her father assures her that he would allow them plenty of time to get to know each other before the wedding. Ely has decided to go off into the Pass and search for the treasure fabled to be hidden there somewhere. She assures her father that if her prospective husband is man enough to find her and woo her, she may consider marrying him. But she makes no promises.

She is an accomplished sorceress in her own right and she is not afraid of the snow and cold. It was springtime and the trees were budding out and flowers decorated the fields. Would her fiance dare to go after her and convince her to return with him to finalize the marriage?