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Started by Old Lady Willow, December 29, 2016, 08:18:04 PM

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Old Lady Willow

My character is a woman in her thirties, who lives with her husband and works a full time job. Her marriage isn't as fulfilling as one would hope. Over time, the two have become complacent with each other. There's still affection, but no spark. Their love lives are dry and boring, they haven't slept with each other in months.

One night, he's working late, and she's taking some 'alone time' for herself. It starts out like a normal session, laying on the bed and imagining herself with someone more exciting than her husband. Maybe it's a co-worker, or a friend. Thing is, she isn't alone. The couple own a large, energetic bloodhound, an unfixed stud in his prime.

He's drawn to the smell between her legs, the salty sweet liquid he finds there. Then he's drawn to that hole, and moves on to fill her like her husband never did. She protests, but she's already close to climax, and her struggles are half hearted. It's all too easy to tell herself that he's a big, strong dog and she's too weak to fight him.

When it's all over, she pretends it didn't happen, tries to forget it happened. But she can't. And neither can the bloodhound, who now sees her as his own personal bitch to mount and seed.

Looking for someone to play both the dog and the husband. I tend to be open about post length, different situations require different sized posts, but I can't do one liners. Please strive for between two to five posts.