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September 28, 2023, 03:38:53 am

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Author Topic: A Unique Request (All Welcome)  (Read 1336 times)

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A Unique Request (All Welcome)
« on: December 29, 2016, 07:50:51 pm »
Note: I am willing to try writing with a MALE partner (playing as the female) in any of these. I may be picky in such a case - you must be a descriptive writer!

I only write Male roles, my partner(s) are expected to write the female role(s)

Other ideas, plots, and pairings can be found in my On/Offs page.

Please PM if you have any interest in any of these plots or pairings.

Currently Craving: Adultery, Cheating, Cuckolding

~Under the Covers~

Andrew and Sarah, despite being siblings, were polar opposites. She was the popular, good looking girl, very outgoing and not shy around strangers. He was the quiet guy in the back of the room who kept mostly to himself but was good with computers and even read BOOKS! Most people didn't even think they were siblings. They never hung out with the same crowd or even talked to each other. They may as well have been strangers. Even at home, they barely spoke a word.

Ever since he was little, Andrew had always found his way into his older sisters bed - usually when he was too cold or scared from a thunderstorm. They rarely said anything during such encounters and they had diminished as they had both grown older. But that was changing again, changing with the season now that winter had set in. Andrew was sneaking into her bed again, getting under the covers with his sister, and cuddling against her.

Of course, Andrew was bigger now, much bigger. He always walked hunched over and head down, but spooning against her, Sarah could feel his size - he was bigger than her, stronger than her, and not such a dweeb after-all. And she could feel...other things...that had grown as well, but he seemed to be asleep when she felt that thing. But then his hands started to wander...and when they became more forceful, she realized there was nothing she could do to stop him.

But did she really want him to stop?

~Housewife to Masters Pet~

Suki had married into a wealthy white family. She had married for love and wanted to be a good housewife, subservient and obedient to her husband and his every wishes. Even so, she could not deny that she had desires he could not fulfill as he was always away, traveling for business or at meetings and the like. He wasn't quite treating her the way she wanted to be treated.

Her father-in-law, Richard, was the sort of man that made her blush and she wished her husband was more like him. Richard was handsome and strong, powerful and confident - almost the opposite of his son, her husband. She immediately responds to his presence when he enters the room, showing him her submissive side, her eager-to-please side. Her father-in-law soon takes full advantage, sensing her need to submit to a true man and master, taking advantage of all the alone time he has with Suki, making her into his personal little pet right under the nose of his son.

~Cookie Cutter Gone Goth~

This one is not so much a plot, but a pairing. I am looking for an attractive 'alternative/goth/emo' type of girl (think Suicide Girls) opposite my 'cookie cutter' guy.
There could be an age game, cheating, adultery, etc involved. I am really quite open.

~Ultimate Submission~

Andrew had had no idea how long it had been since his mother had last had sex until being forced onto a camping trip with her and his dad - a way for him to get outside, away from the computer screen he was always in front of, to open his mind, yadda yadda yadda. Things had gotten sour when their canoe flipped over and Andrews tent was lost. Most of their gear was soaked so they awkwardly had to share a tent, sleeping naked together. Luckily, it was warm out...but being naked next to his own mother had proved too much for him.

His midnight erection had no where to go except against his mothers firm rear. He wasn't sure how asleep she was, but some grinding and groping had led to some penetration and then some discreet sex. Since then, he had discovered that his mother just could not say 'No' - to anything he wanted to do or anything he asked of her. His father and mother rarely had sex but she had never lost her libido and it had been so long that it didn't matter where she got it from anymore - all she knew was that she needed it. She brought out the dominant side in him and now he loved being alone with his very naughty mother.

And she wasn't opposed to being shared with his friends either. Oh, Andrew had so many ideas and ways to have fun with his Mother now that she had submitted fully to him, he didn't know where to start!

Some Pairings:

Married Man/Babysitter (+ other teen girls)
Married Woman/Neighbors Son (+ other teen boys)
HS/College Romance
'10 minutes in heaven'
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Re: New Ideas (M for F)
« Reply #1 on: January 01, 2017, 05:05:27 pm »
Added a Virgin Plot!

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Re: A Unique Request (All Welcome)
« Reply #2 on: January 02, 2017, 11:41:39 am »
Changed thread title and made a special note.