Stranger in a Strange Land (F for M/F)

Started by swiggy3000, December 28, 2016, 04:41:33 PM

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When she woke up everything was different. This was not the room she had fallen asleep in. This room was...strange. There were posters of people on the walls and the bed felt strange. Not quite more comfortable than before. She couldn't really explain it. She sat up and immediately realized she was out of her elements. There was a strange box right in front of her. It was quite large and flat in front. Very strange.

Her clothes were different too, the stretchy pants she wore were quite comfortable and the shirt though plain was very free. Where was she? What was this place? There were clothes strewn about the floor. As that wood the floor was made of? What was this strange place? Suddenly a little box on her bed made a noise and she let out a shriek. Looking down at it she saw today's day. December 28th, 2016. How as that possible?

What I'm looking for is either someone traveling forward or backward in time to 2016. I'd play the time traveler and you could play boyfriend, girlfriend, roommate, anything of that sort. Obviously this doesn't have to be the first post, we can discuss that over PM but it's just an idea to start. Note I can also adjust this one to make it an alien ends up on earth. I'm flexible. PM if interested