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September 16, 2021, 10:51:26 am

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Author Topic: Interest Check: Girl's Only BDSM Steampunk "Pickpocket" school  (Read 737 times)

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Interest Check: Girl's Only BDSM Steampunk "Pickpocket" school
« on: December 13, 2016, 06:06:37 pm »
This is just a quick thread to gauge whether there would be any interest at all for an idea I have just had... If I get sufficient people say "Yes this looks fun", I will lock this thread and create a brand new recruitment thread, with lots of pretty pictures and detail and stuff...

But for now, this is basically going to be just a set of bullet points.

Please post here if you think the idea might float your boat. I'm also open to suggestions on how it might be improved.

What is the idea?

It started with seeing a load of "Harem" RP requests and me thinking "I wouldn't mind if there were an all-female harem group game. But of course the only way one of them will appear is if I run it. Well honestly, I wouldn't mind that much, so okay, let's give it a shot. But we need a plot of sorts and at least some sort of setting.

So I had a think, and decided to set it in SteamPunk Victorian England.

The idea is very very loosely based on Fagin's Gang from Oliver Twist. My character will be the "teacher" of a group of female street urchins aged sixteen up.  (Sorry if under-eighteen doesn't appeal to you). She provides them with somewhere to live, two meals a day and teaches them how to read, write, add up and pick pockets, and fences their loot for them, in exchange for keeping all the proceeds and getting sexual favours. The girls are, of course, encouraged to solicit sexual favours from each other and the newest members would probably be gang-raped by the others at least once a night...

Why SteamPunk?

Why not? Well, okay, there is a reason. Steampunk allows a greater scope for characters that historical Victorian England, it allows a greater scope for plots, and there are more and better pictures available. Plus I know from experience that very few people are interested in straight historical RPs but SteamPunk is quite likely to generate a bit more interest.

What Characters and Players will be allowed?

As previously mentioned, player characters must be female and must be between 16 and 21. They must all have been homeless at some point, and they will all be quite grateful for being fed and given a place to sleep that is relatively warm and dry.

Players.... I would like to restrict players to ladies and lieges who identify as female, please. This is a personal preference of mine. I just can't see the game working any other way with myself running it. Sorry.

What level of BDSM will be involved?

I'm thinking that this will definitely go in Non-Con, and may even go in extreme. Steampunk includes all sorts of weird and wacky devices that can be used for sexual torture and pleasure, and I think a bit of imagination could make this a very hot BDSM game

What about the story?

Well obviously this is going to be a relatively smutty game, but yes there will be a story of sorts, again based very loosely on Oliver Twist. There will be ONE (1) (eins, ett, en, un, uno, um, unus, odin, jeden, eîs, yksi, bat, ekab, moja, wahed) character who may or may not be named Olivia who will be the "Oliver Twist" character. This character will be sold to the highest bidder on a first come first served basis, provided the character submitted is approved. There will be no spontaneous singing of songs like "Consider yerself one of us" or "You gotta pick a pocket or two", and certainly not "Fare thee well but be back soon"!

However, the girls will be expected to head out into the wide world to steal from the rich and give to the poor (namely themselves).

Freeform or system?

I don't get on well with system games, but that said, I do think that a simple system might work well for the pick-pocketing. (Or should that be pocket-picking? *shrug*). Suggestions are welcome, but I'm thinking basically a couple of stats: dexterity and agility. Each mark will have an alertness stat that I make up for them, and basically you roll against your dexterity, modified by the mark's alertness and if you roll less than the number, you succeed, more than, you fail. If you fail you roll against agility to see if you get away...

Simple and straight forward. I will probably refine it a bit with critical failures and superb successes if I get the interest.

So what do I need?

For now, just post here if you think this is a good idea, If I gate more than ten people say yes, I will give it a go.

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Re: Interest Check: Girl's Only BDSM Steampunk "Pickpocket" school
« Reply #1 on: December 13, 2016, 07:42:22 pm »
Definitely showing interest for this, never played steampunk but love the genre. And I'm ok with everything except maybe with the "extreme" level, but non-con is fine :)