The Stirrings of a Hopeful Muse (M/F pairings, flexible as to roles/co-writer)

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I've been meaning to overhaul and simplify my Ideas thread for awhile now.  The last one was several years old, and, well, I'm a bit of a pack rat.  It became a lot of information to wade through some of which was no longer relevant, but I couldn't bring myself to write over it so here we are!

Current Posting Outlook - I'm actually, you know, writing now O.o it feels good!  To get an idea of my current posting speek/outlook you can look at my EliWriMo profile  Wait times for replies are under a week right now which for me is FANTASTIC.

Summed up in a picture

I've overhauled my O/O's and messaged all my old partners with apologies and my intention to start with a fairly empty writing slate. All potential partners must be okay with a wildly varying posting rate, anywhere from a few days to a few months really.  Once upon a time I could trade several posts in a day, more recently writing is, well a bit of a labor and posts can take awhile. My brain goes on writing strikes, you may very well see me posting here on E every day and not writing. If you're someone who loses interest without frequent regular posts I'm just not your girl. 

Should it be awhile and you're not sure if I'm still interested in the story please do PM me and we can chat about things, however frequent 'poking' of where is my post kills my desire to write even faster.  If it has been like a week and I haven't responded to your PM absolutely nudge me or send it againMy inbox is a bit of a mess and I am terrible about like mentally responding to things and then being surprised when I go check and nope, nothing sent from my end.  This isn't intentional and I'm trying to be better about it  :-[ I've just finished organizing and cleared out my inbox with handy labels.  In theory this should no longer happen and I'll be better about responding to PMs.  Yay!

If you wouldn't mind checking out my Ons and Offs Page as well to make sure that our general kinks line up that would be great. 

It is worth noting that I write third person past tense and prefer that my partner does as well.  I tend to play female characters, but there are some that I'm more interested in writing the male and in most cases I could be easily persuaded to play either role.  Your RL gender does not matter to me, I'm happy to write with anyone who wants to make a well rounded fun character.  Please note that these are idea outlines, if you have suggestions/twists don't hesitate to mention them.  I can't promise they'll be included, but I love discussing stories.

Should you still be interested in writing with me after all of this please don't post here, my PM inbox is always open!

They say best men are moulded out of faults, and, for the most part, become much more the better for being a little bad...
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Realistic/Slice of Life  ~ 
The World as we know it...

The RoomMate Agreement

Casual sex that may or may not be so casual, repressed emotions and jealousy
Light - Consensual with maybe a little light bondage and or public play
Roomates with 'a mutually benifitial arrangement'
     Set Up
What do you do when you're attracted to someone you live with but are terrified of fucking up a good thing?  You make a careful roommate agreement that includes all the wild sex you could ever want without strings or emotional attachment.  That'll totally work... right?

Adena Phillips is ... busy.  Technically her resume lists her as a script editor (well getting a BA in film studies SEEMED like a good idea at the time; her student loan payment disagrees strongly), but it doesn't mention dog walker, personal motivation coach, amateur cake decorator, or substitute teacher or part-time bartender, all of which she's done in the last year to make ends meet.  Her family drives her insane with weekly dinners, frequent calls to babysit, and well-intentioned life and romance advice. 

She maintains that she's much too busy to date and is quite happy with the way things are now thank you very much.

Her life might not be perfect, but it is going fairly well.  In part thanks to her new roommate (YC).  It is refreshing to have someone reliable on the lease after her recent history of flakes and anal retentive freak shows.  He's for the most part clean, doesn't care about her weird hours, isn't loud or passive aggressive.  He's also fucking gorgeous and makes her stomach do that weird clench/flip thing when he smiles.  But there is no reason to over react or read anything into that, it is all covered in The RoomMate Agreement!

Adena and her new roommate will quickly enter into a 'friends with benifits' arrangement. No emotions.  No obligations.  Nothing outside the walls of the apartment actually, but the longer they live together one or both or them finds that they want more out of this.  Why shouldn't they be able to go on a date together?  Aren't they prefectly functional adults.  It isn't weird that they're skipping some other social engagement to hang out at home and that they know how to order take out for the other person from every restaurant that delivers in a two-mile radius.  Oh, the other person is seeing someone?  Isn't THAT lovely?  Have a great time.  Jealous?  No, why would I be?  All kinds of delicious emotional drama and who knows, maybe they'll actually end up together at the end :P

~ Paranormal ~
Add a twist of the supernatural, shake vigorously...

I want to be cliche and title this Shifting Loyalties, but we'll see :P
Werewolves, pack bonds, tested loyalty, mating urges, outdoor scenes, rough sex/marking
Probably Extreme - There's going to be conflict and blood, just how much is up for debate
Werewolf pushed from his comfortable position in the pack into drama and violence ... and the woman who doesn't seem to know when to quit.
     Set Up
Wolves are pack creatures, elegant and simple.  Humans are divisive complicated messes.  Werewolves are somehow both all at the same time.

"Watch after your brother Vi..." It had been the last thing her mother told her, and seven-year-old Vivian Brooks took those words to heart. Vincent was only four when she died and had no real memories of the woman who bore them, just his older sister reminding him to brush his teeth before bed.  Holding his hand when crossing the street.  Curled up in bed with him at night reading.  At school chatting with his teacher about his math struggles.
Picking up babysitting and other odd jobs so that they could buy their own food... shielding him with her own body and shouting at their father while he crouched against her leg his split lip bleeding.  Calmly explaining to the police at the age of fourteen that they were asleep in their shared bedroom when the gun went off and didn't know anything about the drugs found in the house.

She was the one who lectured him about good behavior through their time in foster care, determined that the families they were placed with would have no reason to try and separate them, the one who graduated highschool and went out and got two full-time jobs to afford an apartment proving that she could provide for him while he finished school himself.

Vincent's sister always told him what to do and he listened, mostly, about the big stuff at least, but he wasn't a kid anymore he could pick his own friends.  She worried too much, they were just having fun, they weren't bad people.  Well, Sophie might have been a little bad, but that's why Vince liked her. She was all aggression and danger and excitement, she made him feel alive and a little wild... she didn't mean to hurt him.  She just got carried away sometimes.  That was sexy too, how strong she was, how much she wanted him.  He never expected that she'd lose control so completely...

Vivian didn't understand when her brother seemed to drop off the face of the earth two months ago.  Oh not completely, she couldn't file a police report, he'd answered his phone, told her he was fine and promptly hung up again, but he stopped coming over.  No more Saturday laundrymat extravaganzas or nights in with some bad pizza and even worse movies, no calling her up because he couldn't remember which milk to buy or to ask if pancake batter got baking soda or baking powder.  Nothing.

At least until he showed up at her apartment at 2 AM one night a sobbing incoherent mess.

His explanation didn't make a lot of sense... didn't make ANY sense, but she held him as he rambled.  Sophie had attacked him.. bitten him, blood, fingers ripping.  He thought he would die ... he wished he had died.  This was so much worse, he couldn't control it, everyone kept yelling, he could smell their disappointment, their disgust, didn't know what to do.  He was sorry.  God he was sorry, he didn't want to be a wolf, didn't want this...

Wait.  He didn't want to be a what?

There was no room for her to freak out, not with her brother such a mess.  He needed calm and in control, and she patiently gave him that, pulling the story from him piece by jagged piece until a picture formed.

A werewolf.

Vincent was a werewolf now having survived an attack by his (in her opinion at least) psychotic ex-girlfriend.  Her pack had taken him in and treated him after the ordeal, most people didn't survive wounds like that, he was lucky, he was one of them .. except he didn't feel like one of them.  He felt hungry, and tired, and angry and the guy who they'd assigned to help him with his 'transition' wasn't exactly the most helpful man in existence.  Vincent was supposed to relinquish his old life, make a clean break, his friends and family (not that he had any beyond his sister) would never understand so better to leave them behind.

Yeah, fuck that.

And so it was at 5 AM the same morning that his reluctant and ill-prepared sponsor found an angry Vivian knocking at his door..

Am kind of basing werewolves in this story on those in the Mercy Thompson series, but I can totally be flexible we should probably discuss some basics of how they function before starting the story though.

Long term story plans. Vivian's going to learn what she can about shifters to help her brother through all of this, but at the end of the day she's just human and has no standing in the pack.  She'll demand to be changed herself.  While her brother might be struggling with his new life she takes to it rapidly, well save those parts where she's supposed to follow orders and not make eye contact unless she's actively challenging someone.  She's far too outspoken and seems intent on shaking his pack up from the bottom to the very top .. that should make him angry.  The pack is stability, comfort, family ... at least it should be.  But she's not wrong.  Things in their group aren't functioning the way they should be and they haven't been for a long time, he just didn't really want to acknowledge it.  If he doesn't help her she's going to get herself killed...

Old Modern Ideas

Misery loves company, that's why it's you and me
Buying each other drinks, back at the bar, thick as thieves
Stealing these little sips
Doing our best to make the best of the worst of it

~ Blake Shelton - Came Here to Forget

Rebound Sex, Lowered Inhibitions, Stolen Time, Morning After Crash
Light - Consentual with maybe a little light bondage
Strangers at a bar
     Set Up
Break ups are hard, some more than others.  Two people find themselves at the same bar ready to drown their woes.

Camille Boyd had her life all figured out.  Finish law school by 26.  Married at 27.  One kid around 32.  Step one required a lot of caffeine and a humbling amount of student loans, but she made it.  She even had the guy.  Adam was perfect.  Good family, finishing up his residency, physically gorgeous.  Everything was falling into place.

Except where it was falling apart.

They were like one of those photo frame couples.  All carefully staged smiles and perfectly timed laughs.  Superficial polish with nothing to hold it up underneath.  She might have been the only one who wasn't completely shocked when it all came crashing down.  Tired of listening to her friends and family's 'oh but you were so cute together' reproach tinted sympathies Cami took off, ending up at some hole in the wall bar that was all too happy to give her a running tab.  Alcohol might not solve everything, but damn it was a good band-aid!  The guy sitting next to her seemed to agree.  Slowly, over the course of several shots, their stories started to come out.  One thing led to another ...

... til we can't remember what we came here to forget.


Copious amounts of flirting and maybe some humorous one-upman ship while they're telling their sob stories to one another :P I almost put this story in the one-shots requests, but ideally I'd like it to develop beyond their first night together.  Secret friends with benefits trying to keep each other separated from their normal lives? Maybe her one-night stand turns out to be not so random after all.  New co-workers? Almost neighbors?  Set up on a blind date by their friends later?  Lots of options really.

Hidden Kink, Semi-Public Scenes, Holiday Visit, 'Good Girl' corrputed
Bondage - Improvised restraints, toys, so much dirty talking
Girl and her boyfriend
     Set Up
Traveling to meet the SO's parents over the holidays

During the day it's all egg nog, board games, and family bonding.  At night it is frantically straining bodies, hands over mouths to muffle screams, and carefully placed bruises that can be covered by sweaters.  Why is debauching that very nice man's daughter when he's just down the hallway so much hotter than anything they've done prior to this?

Nights give way to naughty texts during meals, hurried encounters in hallways, and generally pushing the envelope of what they can get away with while still maintaining that public Christmas card picture ;)

Variant ~ Adds cheating element

Her boyfriend's family is supposed to be traditional, staid even, and she's been lectured for days on 'proper' behavior among their conservative crowd.  Still she can't resist the temptation to plan a little surprise present which involves <insert kink/sex toy> one night in the darkened privacy of their room.

Except the next morning it isn't her boyfriend who grins at her conspiratorially across the breakfast table, but instead his brother/father/cousin/uncle ect.  Torn between confessing, abandoning the trip early, and wanting it to happen again, this holiday season is anything but boring!

Variant ~ Office Secret Santa (Alright so this one is only loosely related, in that it is another holiday story and I'm too lazy to make another entry)

Office Secret Santa exchanges are boring.  Who needs another tie or scent you dislike body spray?   

Katherine's had a crush on her boss/co-worker for what feels like forever now.  And so when she's put in change of organizing the company's holiday gift exchange she manipulates the 'random' draw and takes advantage of the anonymity it provides.  The presents that magically seem to appear on his desk are anything but conventional, or even safe for work for that matter!

Some letter writing/fantasy exchange, a few carefully cropped pictures  ... online meeting somehow which turns to quasi phone sex? (I'm not sure how this is all going to go down, we'll play it by ear!)  That this is someone who he works with in the office is kind of maddening.  Suddenly he's checking out legs looking for a distinctive freckle. How long can he let her little holiday play go on?

~Some Gritty Realism ~
Not generally sword and sorcery type stuff, generally humans in semi historical settings...

They say best men are moulded out of faults, and, for the most part, become much more the better for being a little bad...
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