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Author Topic: New Cravings Seeking Creative female  (Read 1321 times)

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New Cravings Seeking Creative female
« on: November 27, 2016, 12:33:20 pm »
Seeking Creative female / co creator.  I like my RP’s to have sexual tension and interesting interactions / plot-lines.  I am not looking for smut alone, although I believe some smut shall ensue.

New Cravings

Undercover agent
Basic premise is an undercover agent falls in love with the target of investigation.  I am looking to collaborate a lot with this and i am open to what roles and who plays what.  PM me to start the conversation

Bribing the high official
Female high official is caught doing illegal things, but the investigator is willing to keep it a secret if she is willing to do what he says. Like all things very open to ideas.

Business man is on a trip to check out a possible foreign investment.  He is offered an escort as possible enticement.  He reluctantly says okay and she meets him for dinner.  He notices she seems shy and unsure of herself and then she reveals she is being forced to do this (open to ideas about how).  He decides to abandon the deal and help the girl and helps her escape by taking her back to he where he lives, but what will he do with her.  He is married so he can’t just bring her home and she says she has no where to go.  So he sets her up in apartment and gives her job, but he also realizes he has developed feelings for her.  I am open to how this goes

The RangerTAKEN

A noble family is attacked on a journey by bandits and they kill everyone accept a young maiden who they plan either ransoming or selling her to whore house.  A Ranger who is on a scouting mission happens upon then and saves the young girl.  They escape together, and he vows to return her home, but she is reluctant (I am open to reasons why).    She ultimately convinces him.

The Prince and the Servant girl Taken
A young Prince falls in love with a servant girl is the overall arching idea.  It starts out NC (either out right rape or just groping) with the Prince feeling entitled and that he can do whatever he wants, but then he develops real feelings for her and tries to be nice and woe her.  She eventually falls for him and they develop a real secret romance.  The idea is that the Prince transforms as he falls in love, but then he has to deal with the fact that their love is forbidden, especially when it is announced he will be betrothed to another.  I am very much looking for a co-creator on this one.

Faking Android

An male engineer who works at a company that makes Androids as companions for lonely people gets into trouble and decides to disappear by pretending to be an Android companion for a recent widower.  He picks her because she is young and attractive and he thinks he can pull it off but it turns she is a little kinky as well. He begins to fall in love with her but how does he reveal the truth.  I am open to ideas about aspects to explore with this RP including sexual and romantic.

Secret Abduction

A woman wakes up to find herself blindfolded and strapped to a bed.  Her fears are high, but her capturer actually is more adoring of her and seems to worshiping her body in a very pleasurable way.  Afterward she is given a drug that knocks her out and she wakes up back safely in her car.  She strangely tells no one of the encounter not half believing it herself, but then the stranger contacts anonymously and asks if she likes what happened and asks does she want to do it again.  This begins a strange sexual encounters of willing abduction, but her captor never reveals himself,   He  leaves her instruction on places to meet him and even gives her a few naughty tasks, but never reveals himself, but she becomes ever more curious.  Shall she  try to find out who he is or is she having too much fun?

(Incest) Uncle and the Niece

Family summer vacation.  The Niece is just starting college and was supposed to come to this tropical vacation with her boyfriend, but he canceled at the last minute.  The Uncle, (who I am thinking is about 20 years older) is trying to rekindled his troubling marriage, but the wife, who he suspects may be having an affair doesn’t seem that into him and keeps finding excuses to not be around him, leaving him sexually frustrated.  Both are sexually frustrated and have a growing attraction to each other, which both are trying to suppress.  I am hoping for a slow build of sexual tension that has a release on their last night together.  Then when they both go home they secretly keep in touch and arrange to see each other, which starts and affair.  I am open to how this goes

Female Doctor / Male Patient -

During a routine examination the two of them flirt with each other and then during part of it she notices he is aroused.  I am open to how she reacts to this, but afterward each can’t stop thinking about the other.  Both are married.  She finds an excuse to call him back in for a follow-up appointments and eventually an affair begins.  Again open to how this goes

Co-worker dare game - TAKEN

Two co-workers who are friends at work and often flirt with each other, but both are in committed relationships.  An exhibition dare game begins between the two of them that starts out fun and flirty, like flashing each other during a meeting or accidentally groping in front of others. Each dare ramps up in intensity until it involves actual sexual contact between the two.  This may or may not lead to an affair, but definitely creates tension between them at work.  I am open to ideas

Fantasy: The Amulet

An aspiring sorcerer steals a magic amulet from a secret cult and escapes into the wilderness.  As he is being pursued he finds himself in lost in wilderness during a big winter storm, which he almost doesn’t survive.  A female character (could be a warrior or a huntress, but I am definitely open to ideas) saves him form the cold and helps him survive.  He tells her about the magic amulet, but he is not sure how to unlock its secrets.  He finds himself attracted to her, but she eventually leaves him.  Then he realizes that through his attraction his power over the amulet grows so he seeks her out to see if she can help him.  He has to win her over to gain power of the amulet, but doesn’t let her know this is his real intention.  I am open to how this goes

More to come…

PM me if interested.

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Re: New Cravings Seeking Creative female
« Reply #1 on: November 28, 2016, 11:13:14 am »
Added Secret Abduction

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Re: New Cravings Seeking Creative female
« Reply #2 on: December 04, 2016, 04:40:20 pm »
Added Faking Android

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Re: New Cravings Seeking Creative female
« Reply #3 on: December 15, 2016, 02:23:03 pm »
Added Prince and the Servant Girl

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Re: New Cravings Seeking Creative female
« Reply #4 on: December 20, 2016, 10:30:57 am »
Added Business man and Ranger

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Re: New Cravings Seeking Creative female
« Reply #5 on: December 20, 2016, 04:11:26 pm »
Added undercover agent and bribing high official