Two ideas: Dark, Cruel, and Extreme OR Light-hearted Bondage (M for F)

Started by Painless, November 25, 2016, 03:00:43 PM

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Two ideas, looking for a female character for both. PM me if you're interested.

First, the lighter fare:

My Character is a middle manager, an okay job at an okay company. He gets offered a much better job, but can't take it because he'd locked in to an unfavorable contract that prevents him from quitting. On the other hand, if he got fired, the penalties wouldn't apply. So he comes up with a plan. He calls his subordinate, Your Character, into his office and lays down an offer: Do whatever sexual favors he asks for, or be fired. He figures she'll report him to HR and he'll be packing up his desk by the end of the workday. Except, surprisingly, not only does she agree, she has a whole host of ideas for what he should make her do, all far more intense than he could ever have imagined.

Details are flexible for either character, but I'd like this to be lighter in tone if not in content, with an enthusiastically consenting sub.

And now, something darker:

Unlike the defined plot up there, this is more a general set of ideas. YC is an outspoken feminist in a fairly misogynistic environment. After discovering some interesting information about her that can be used for blackmail, MC decides to put her in her place. He forces her to go back on everything she believes in, exposing herself and begging for the approval of men, systematically forcing her to compromise all her values and destroy all her relationships, until he is the only one she can turn to. Then he makes her his property, permanently. For an added dark element, she could be bi or even a lesbian, and this is MC's attempt to 'correct' her.

Details are very flexible, though I may hammer out something concrete if I don't get many bites. This will be Extreme. I could be convinced to play multiple characters, but they would mostly take turns rather than all going at her together. Just about the only thing I'm absolutely not interested in is father/daughter or uncle/niece. I'd be open to other incest pairings but it would take some convincing.