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June 20, 2021, 04:34:27 pm

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Author Topic: The Divine Predator (Extreme)  (Read 836 times)

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Offline ElohimTopic starter

The Divine Predator (Extreme)
« on: December 16, 2008, 07:20:27 pm »
The early days, those that she remembers are a flurry of bodies being crushed together, the smell of acrid smoke, terror, sweat, and the smell of bodily wastes.  She remember’s tears at night, screams in the distance, and men in uniform leering down upon her.  She remember’s the pain of the needles marking her hand with her new name, nothing more then a paltry number.  She remember’s communal showers, with skinny women, much to skinny women... .  These showers terrified her, they could be the end...  The air itself could kill her, and then,  it would be off to another building just like mommy.  She never tasted the poison gas, she was to pretty...  Or at least she was in beginning, soon her eyes looked much to old, her body thin and willowy, her defined curves and softness were eaten away.  Worry lines were apparent by her eyes and the corner’s of her mouth.  She met monsters, but only one was true to the name...  This beast, came to her at night...  She had been watching her for some time, she endured torments, she seen the horror that crept within the dark hearts of humanity, There was meddle in this girl with no name but a number...  And a fire that burnt deeply within her chest.  She was given a choice that night, become just another nameless dead face, or except damnation, and show the human’s playing at monstrosity who the beasts that walked the night were.

The girl with a number, filled with anguish and burning rage accepted the curse.  That night a bad man went missing, but, so did a number of the girl with a number’s companions to slack the unholy lust that built within our young woman’s breast.  The beast and the fledgling then, left the camp, her true training was about to begin.  While the world was at each other’s throats, the girl with a number was taught what it meant to be one of the damned, given dark blessings, and became a full fledge member of the Covenant.  She was everything her sire could hope for, a holy woman and a monster, wrapped in the form of a war ravaged young woman, a creature of beauty if one could look passed what the camp had done to her.  She was given a name, her former slipped from her mind, she became Rebecca Nehashim, or Rebecca of the Burning Vipers, a reference to creatures sent from God when the Israelite began to look fondly upon there days in bondage..

The girl seeing the dark heart of humanity was easily able to take up her role as divine predator of God, her and her sire, showed the people of Berlin the terror of what roams the night, all while the Americans approached, ready to bring the Fuhrer to his knees.  When the Americans came, the divine beasts went with them subjecting a a group of soldiers to the viniculum.    They were soon brought to the prosperous nation, they fed, growing strong on the vitae of sinners, they would have left the saints in tact, but nowadays...  No saints wander the streets, everyone is a sinner in their own right, the human’s were a smorgasbord for the divine dead.  Of course, no such companion ship lasts long amongst the dead, Rebecca and her sire parted ways...  She was growing older, soon only the blood of the damned would slack her thirst, and she had no such urge to deprive the world of an exquisite divine beast.

Rebecca has recently begun looking for her own Childe...


I am looking for a female character willing to put up with rather extensive torture,  religious indoctrination through pain, sexual sadism and masochism.  I will be picky about prospective players,  and I will require a character background before I make my choice.