Play? Playplayplayplayplay! (Some game ideas, mostly transformation and preg)

Started by Tad, December 16, 2008, 07:12:13 PM

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I've had some really great ideas fall through before we even got to begin, so I thought I'd post a few of them as well as some new concepts on here.    I'd like to play the female role in each story.  Other than that, all I ask is that people check out my O&O to make sure we're compatible in taste. If anyone is interested, please reply or PM me, either one works.

~Vengeful Summons (taken)
A young and inexperienced sorceress decides to try a summoning spell that is above her range.  The creature that comes through decides that it prefers the material plane to its place in hell.  It also has the idea that a few of its friends and it could have some real fun here.  The only downside is that they can be readily banished by the girl's teacher.  That is, unless they gain material forms through their unwitting gateway.  This could be played as either one species of outsider or many, oviposition or no.... all sorts of choices.

A typical sci-fi adventure gone wrong.  A female astronaut falls into the hands/claws/tentacles of an inquisitive alien species.  They decide to test this new creature, and find that she provides the perfect host for their progeny.  This knowledge sends them zipping towards Earth in the hopes of creating a nursery of sorts.  The woman must not only keep herself alive through continuously more difficult pregnancies, but at least try to find some way to protect Earth as well.

~Draconic Dilemma 
A young warrior goes to slay a dragon, but is unfortunately bested.  Fully expecting death, she is instead violated by the cruel beast and made to birth his eggs.  With each laying she becomes more and more draconic in nature.  Eventually, the beast is satisfied with her performance and gives her a choice... stay with him as his mate or face a world that will see her only as a monster.

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LOL! I know that quote in your title! It's from.. umm, this cartoon strip about a puppy and a cat! Tell me you know what I'm talking about!
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I'd like to play the otherworldly creature that gets summoned. Really I love the Oh-Shit-Expression on the summoner's face when the demon just crosses the lines of the ban-circle.

Everything else can be discussed in PMs if you're interested ;)


In the process of moving, so posts may be slow
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