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Author Topic: Derek's Roleplay Idea Heap (M for Any), Craving Fandoms  (Read 3715 times)

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Derek's Roleplay Idea Heap (M for Any), Craving Fandoms
« on: November 19, 2016, 11:31:13 PM »
    Hey everyone! So, I'm really interested in Rule 34/fandom RPs. I'm gonna add to this post as time goes on, go into more detail with what I like and dislike. Check out my O/O thread (
here ya go) to read more about me as a writer.

The basic summary of my kinks and writing style

  • M/M, M/F, any multi-character combination imaginable. Willing to play opposite trans and genderqueer characters.
  • I prefer PMs, but am okay with off-site RPs. It will take a lot to get me to do threads.
  • I'm not a fast writer. The quick back and forths some people prefer generally don't work for me. I'll make the occasional exception, but it is rare. Generally I post a few times a week, entirely dependent on RL circumstances and the writing rhythm we establish.
  • I don't have minimum or maximum post lengths, but routinely write a few paragraphs and would appreciate the same. There are always exceptions.
  • I usually like RPs with a lot of smut in them, but smut mixed with lots of nice character moments and plot points. More plot-heavy RPs are also an option.
  • I really enjoy using the unique features of a universe (such as, say, the polyjuice potion in Harry Potter or green dreams and face changing in ASoIaF). I enjoy dreamplay, fantasyplay, breaking the fourth wall between actors and characters (have a couple of ideas on this front for GoT, Community, Parks and Rec, and Harry Potter too), lots of little structural things like that.
  • Bestiality, gore, snuff, underage characters, heavy violence, and scat are no-gos. Other 'taboo' kinks are ones I'd do only on a case-by-case basis. Ask, but yeah, the line between what I'm comfortable writing and what I'm not can be hard to place. The general rule is, respectful treatment, fantastical settings, and good humour and writing mean I'm willing to do more.
  • We can have one long continuous story, or a series of quicker, varied one-stop scenes, or anything in between.
  • All characters a minimum of 18. If this requires breaking from canon, I normally have ideas on how to do that.
[li]Have added an asterisk next to some fandoms. Simply put those are fandoms where I currently have RPs, or are otherwise craving less than normal. Still open for ideas here, but may be pickier.[/li][/list]


Always interested in smut in the world of, and with the characters of, the DC Comics universe. Whether you prefer plot or smut heavy, romantic or depraved, gay or straight, with elaborate AUs or simple excuse plots, I'd love to brainstorm some ideas with you, maybe play something out?

Two current ideas spring to mind (but this is the tip of the iceberg). One is something based around the powers and abilities of the characters. Two superheroes flying through the air as they make love, or destroying an abandoned city block in their frenzied hatesex? Poison Ivy entangling her lovers with her vines, Flash using his superspeed for some mind-boggling antics, Miss Martian changing form to enable a fantasy?

The other current track is something about the power dynamics within the DC universe. A mentor and their protege, maybe - Batman and Robin is a cliche for a reason, after all. Or a captured villain, hoping to seduce their way to freedom. Or a captured hero, rendered into a plaything.

Another idea is is that the Injustice 2 storyline has given me a strange craving for Harley Quinn, Green Arrow, and Black Canary in a cute threesome.

As to the characters I'm into, to provide a copied and pasted list, male DC characters I've used/wanted to use before include Batman, Nightwing, Flash, Kid Flash, Beast Boy, Superboy, Bane, Cyborg, Green Arrow, Green Lantern, Deathstroke, Roy Harper, Captain Cold, Weather Wizard, Blue Beetle, Firestorm, Tim Drake, Damian Wayne, Jason Todd, Aqualad, Aquaman, Booster Gold, the Question, and Green Lantern. Also possibly open to some more unconventional ideas, such as smutty reimaginings of Scarecrow and Riddler.

Female characters include Harley Quinn, Catwoman, Wonder Woman, Wonder Girl, Hawkgirl, Batgirl, Oracle, Huntress, Batwoman, Black Canary, Raven, Starfire, the Arrowverse girls, Vixen, Katana, Zatanna, Poison Ivy, Supergirl, Miss Martian, Artemis, Magpie, Jinx, Mercy Graves, Renee Montoya, and Power Girl.

Quick word on Marvel - I love it too, don't get me wrong, but thanks to getting into comics through the Arkham and Injustice series, I just know DC a hell of a lot better. Open to some Marvel RPs, of course (Spider-Man and the X-Men being obvious starting points), and DC/Marvel crossovers!

I'm not 100% perfect on canon or lore, so won't expect you to be either!

Game of Thrones/ASoIaF*
I'm in a mood to focus on Game of Thrones or A Song of Ice and Fire (to clarify, I love the character portrayals of the show, but tend to prefer the plot and details of the book series for flavour). In this post, I'll be focusing on the men of Westeros. Now, I do love the women of Westeros, so if you have any ideas for them, or RPs focused around them, I'm very unlikely to say no.

My standard list for characters I'm interested in (aged up where appropriate) is Robb, Jon, Bran, Podrick, Gendry, Loras, Lancel, Jaime, Viserys, Joffrey, Tommen, Jojen, Theon, and Trystane for the men, and Dany, Sansa, Arya, Meera, Asha/Yara, Cersei, Margaery, Missandei, Myrcella, and Melisandre for the women. That's like, a very incomplete list. Leaves out a lot of book-only characters, for one. I'm also really keen on doubling, multi-character/multi-pairing RPs, and the sort. Playing around with canon or chronological order is also something I'd be very interested in discussing! With these characters, I'm up for playing as or opposite them, in gay and straight pairings alike. The details can all be ironed out in PMs!

So, where to begin? I've always had a massive soft spot for Gendry. His hotheaded sense of justice, his common background and unpretentious ways...his blacksmith's body. Loras Tyrell too is a favourite of mine, and I'd love to explore either an illicit relationship or orientation play, where he has to, in spite of his sexuality, make a political marriage work. Trystane Martell and Podrick are also favourites of mine. Something about their fundamental decency and innocence is very endearing, plus the Tri-Pod rumours definitely deserve further investigation.

The more famous hunks of the show, Robb Stark, Jon Snow, and Jaime Lannister, will always be favourites of mine too, but even then there's many more. Viserys and his entitled dickishness? Let's bring him down a peg. An older Bran? Let's have fun with the green dreams. Of course, that's a super incomplete list.

Mortal Kombat

Another fandom I'm really interested in RPing with! Johnny Cage, Stryker, Takeda, Kung Jin, Smoke, Kenshi, Erron Black, Rain, Ermac, Scorpion, Sub-Zero, Sonya, Kitana, Jade, Tanya, Cassie, Sareena, Li Mei, Jacqui, Nitara, and Kira all interest me, but I'm definitely forgetting some characters. A harem RP is one possibility!

Now, MK leads itself well to a rough and brutal RP, but violence is not my thing. There won't be gore or snuff, and I'm not really interested in the less humanoid characters. The potential ideas are limitless. Ladder-style fuckfests, Rain and Tanya seducing their way out of captivity or into an SF base, Cassie Cage in a gangbang, Kung Jin getting seduced by a woman, a revenant getting "nursed" back to health...I dunno, I've got more ideas for this than there were characters in Armageddon.

The Mortal Kombat 'XXX' tournament (original pun, I know)
Shao Kahn was presiding over the formalities of the tournament, as expected, and had allowed himself the best seat in the house, to use the colloquial Earthrealm expression. He was far from the only spectator, but the seats were far less occupied than they had been during the actual Kombat tournaments, and the atmosphere was less one of dread and premonition, and more a mixture of impatient desire, lurid perversion, and eager curiosity. The crowd was more diverse than the usual array of monks. The draw of the night was not aimed at them, after all.

All eyes were on the new kombatant entering the ring.

The almost inconceivably high stakes of the more violent variety of Mortal Kombat tournaments were absent, replaced with an opportunity to witness a sexual spectacle the likes of which would probably never be repeated. There were also a ton more cameras, an advanced Earthrealm technology the sly Outworlders had normally been shy to import and utilise. Even they, however, could seemingly not skip the chance to enjoy permanent recollections of the lurid sex marathon that had been promised to them.

“This new tournament, before the Elder Gods, begins now,” Shao Kahn announced, his normally authoritative tone wobbling slightly, as if he himself was excited, and perhaps ever so slightly anxious, to see the course of this fuckfest. “This will be a test of endurance. Mortal Kombat tested skill at kombat, but much as love is the other side of the same coin as hate, it is now important for us to test skill at koitus.”

Shao Kahn had definitely had help with that speech, as much as he had bungled it. It was truly an awful speech, but the Outworld sycophants lapped it up anyway.

The Walking Dead

There's a lot of fun themes this setting can lend itself to. 'Happy to be alive sex', the trials of sexual discovery in the apocalypse, the relief of finding a spot of rest and security after months on the road, and many other fun scenarios. As to characters I'd be interested in playing with, a (super incomplete) list is Maggie Greene, Beth Greene, Daryl Dixon, Sasha, Rick, Lori, Eric, Aaron, Gareth, Amy, Rosita, Jessie, Tara, Glenn, Heath, the Monroe brothers, and (aged up) Carl, Ron, and Enid.


With Community, what I would love is having some fun with the show's unique setting. Sure, there's a lot of fun that can be had with throwing the show's hot characters at each other in various scenarios, but I'd be tempted to explore a kind of more conceptual roleplay based on one of their trademark concept RPs. Part of what I love about Community are its hilarious sendups of TV and film staples such as clip shows, bottle episodes, and documentaries. There's definitely room for some fun smut roleplays there. And that's not even to mention the potential for an RP based on the highstake drama that ensues in one of Greendale's paintball battles, or an R-rated on Remedial Chaos Theory - perhaps with gloryholes instead of pizza deliveries?

Papers Please*

I’m willing to play either an aspiring entrant or the beleaguered inspector. Scenarios could be someone offering to use unorthodox methods to gain entry, an inspector abusing certain privileges and powers, someone offering to reward a generous inspector for bending the rules...I’m drawing a blank right now, but this wonderfully immersive paperwork simulator offers a lot of opportunities.

A very old (and unlike my normal writing style) sample of what I have in mind with this fandom

As always, I look over the aspiring entrant as they walk into the booth, that oh-so-transparent disdain for bureaucracy visible in their eyes, tempered only by their burning desire to get past me and go about their business. As usual, their look is nondescript, unmemorable, not setting off any alarms or reminding me of anyone on the wanted list. As always, I restrain a sigh, to force myself to focus.

“Papers please.”

They hand over the papers, as they always do.

And as always, they have that almost cocky self-assuredness. Their papers must be correct. They would not stand in that queue for so long, risk all the hurdles of travel, just to be rejected because of a minor anomaly in paperwork.

And as is often the case, their confidence was sadly ill-placed.

You could flip a coin to determine how they would react.

Some would respond with incredulity. Some with disbelief. Some with anger. Some with threats. Some - the most hurtful of them all - would respond with tears. Some were called Jorji, and responded in a way no-one else could predict.

Others would make offers.

Sometimes a citation was worth it.

Assassin's Creed

My main interest here is with the Renaissance era, especially Ezio. He's tied with Link for my big video game crush. There are other characters in that setting I'm interested in RPing with, including Leonardo, Vieri, Federico, Yusuf, Cristina, Caterina, Claudia, Rosa, Sofia, Paola, and Teodora, though I'm doubtless forgetting many. Also open to using the multiplayer characters, OCs based on recruits and the like, and characters in other generations and settings, though you'll have to forgive increased rustiness and some lore ignorance if we go down those routes. Also open with tying things into the use of the Animus - so maybe a mistake in the coding means Desmond experiences things from Sofia's perspective? That sort of thing.

Another very old prompt that more just displays my rough ideas than anything
The life of an assassin was difficult. There was no denying that. Keeping the might of the Templars in check, halting their political machinations, fighting for those basic endowments of free will and freedom, that was a full time job. And despite what his more idealistic admirers and the more enthusiastic recruits thought, Ezio Auditore da Firenze always found himself reminding them that was more to the job than running up buildings and stabbing guards in the neck.

Intel-gathering. Helping fugitives, refugees, and witnesses. Training new recruits. Basic administrative work. It was more like a standard day-job than he cared to admit.

There was more to the job than running up buildings and stabbing guards in the neck, yes, but not all of those extra responsibilities of the job were bad.

Most of which involved his new recruits. Mostly twentysomethings with a zest for life, a desire for freedom, and a rather endearingly simplistic worldview, Ezio saw a younger version of himself in most of them. They all were great students, great laughs, great friends.

Great lovers.

Maybe it was during a training session, or during an important meeting. Or maybe, as happened one frightening but brilliant time, on one of those perfunctory trips to the confessional where Ezio was always at the end of the line, where they crawled into the booth with him, the priest unaware of what was happening a few inches away from him.

Moments like that reminded Ezio of why free will was just so important.


I've just finished a Second Sons playthrough, and quite interested in pairings there. Delsin/Fetch, Delsin/Eugene, Eugene/Fetch, Delsin/Eugene/Fetch, Delsin and the woman at the DUP hotline... Extra points for creative conduit copulation.


With the new season out, I'm craving some smut with the beautiful people of the Voltron crew (not gonna lie, especially gay smut, but straight smut too would be great). Current cravings here are threesomes (Shiro/Lance/Keith and Matt/Lance/Allura are top ones). Stuff with some of the hotter alien races would be welcome too.


Been replaying this game lately, and always been a massive fan of how well-built the supporting cast was. So interested in some pairings there (with aged up characters) - Bryce/Parker, Trent/Kirby, and Peanut/Johnny all come to mind, but open to brainstorming a bit!

Other Fandoms

I generally prefer canons. I'm not a massive stickler for adherence to the lore, especially with the comics universes, where I'm both far from perfect and very out-of-date. Will likely add to this as time goes on. Particular cravings are bolded, and the ones described above are also cravings.

  • Until Dawn
  • Dead by Daylight
  • Oglaf
  • Order of the Stick
  • The CW Arrowverse
  • Futurama
  • Fire Emblem
  • Archer
  • Overwatch
  • Arrested Development
  • Super Smash Bros*
  • DC Universe
  • Team Fortress 2*
  • Left 4 Dead*
  • Crusader Kings II (largely an excuse for medieval OCs with political storylines)
  • Red Dead Redemption
  • GTA
  • Red vs Blue
  • Parks and Recreation
  • Skins
  • Free!
  • Harry Potter
  • Orange Is The New Black
  • Hitman
  • Fallout
  • Life is Strange
  • Marvel (More craving smut-heavy ideas here at the moment. Have a plot-heavy MCEU RP already. Open to hearing out any ideas though)
  • Breaking Bad
  • Metroid*
  • Dead Rising

There are some fandoms where I am interested in OCs - Arrested Development, Peep Show, The Thick of It - generally want to use the themes and narrative tools of those fandoms and apply them to a smutty context.

Open to celebrity and YouTuber roleplays too, plus any fandoms you can suggest!

And originals

So, I'm also open to original RPs, although as you can probably guess, fandom RPs with canon characters are my big craving. As to what I enjoy with originals, there's a few themes. I like RPs that incorporate themes of dreaming, fantasy, imagination - so a character reuniting with their childhood imaginary friend, stumbling into a fictional world they've created, finding themselves in a rather lurid taboo dream or having a vision that leaves them feeling hot and guilty and everything in between.

I'm also interested in historical RPs. Cold War-era power politics? Archaeologists finding ancient porn? Arranged marriages in feudal realms? All of these ideas and more I'd be all over.
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Re: Rule 34/Fandoms (M for Any)
« Reply #1 on: December 10, 2016, 11:27:05 PM »
Made a few minor edits above - a new character list, that sort of thing.

Using this post to add some writing samples from other RPs I've done - the starting posts of my part of the RP. Around half of these RPs are still in progress or are plot ideas I'm no longer interested in, but definitely feel free to ask about any of them! Even if they're no longer available, we could probably derive an idea from them.

Jon Snow welcoming Loras Tyrell to the Wall
Appealing to Southron Lords had truly been a double-edged sword for the new Lord Commander. Were they truly concerned for the security of the realm, then they would have taken every measure possible to answer his call for arms and aid with all due haste and due diligence. The security of the realm was an issue that should unite the Lords of Westeros, and while he doubted its powers to bridge old rivalries, it would nevertheless give a unifying goal too important to undermine with petty politics.

Sadly, however, Jon had long suspected Southron lords of having a certain perception of the Wall. A dumping ground for unwanted sons, incendiary and vexing maesters, rabble rousing vassals, and mere common criminals. A drain on the resources of rival Northern lords, an obligation they had to attend to lest their lands be pillaged and mauled by wildling marauders. An old story, a threat to quell disobedient children, a curiosity to be marvelled at. Jon doubted many of the Southron Lords recognised the stakes at play.

The Southerners, however, from the Vale to Dorne, had been spared the true horrors of the War of the Five Kings, and had resources and men more naturally hospitable Lords in the Riverlands and the North could not muster. They had to be called upon, and so ravens had been sent. He had known those loyal to Stannis at the Wall had had mixed views on such an arrangement: some viewed it as weakening those disloyal to the King, others as a potential path for reconciliation, others angry at even the prospect of talking to such traitors.

His fellow Brothers had had more mixed reactions, yet rooted in the pragmatism of such a move and whether it was even worth the time. Dolorous Edd had recommended merely sending a one-sentence letter, bar all the insignia of the Watch, to profanely summarise their current situation. While such a move would have been incredibly satisfying, Jon wrote it off as a joke, and ignored Edd’s pleas to let him pen the letter that would be sent to every landed House in the realm.

Responses had been patchy. The various Sistermen Lords had been the first to reply, but with conditions attached to any offers of help, with thinly-veiled demands for assistance in their smuggling operations and help in their plotting against their fellow Lords of the Sisters. Other responses had trickled through. Some Houses had the decency to apologise, or even justify why they lacked the resources, yet others called on the Watch to be less presumptuous and instead send such ravens to their rival Houses, who clearly owed the Wall a greater obligation. Some had made unsubstantiated promises of sending more common criminals north.

And then the Tyrells, rooted deep in King’s Landing politics, had sent Loras north as an envoy. Jon had no doubt that there was a political incentive behind it, but made no attempt to speculate as to what that motive was. Regardless, it had been an act of surprising courtesy to send a son of a Great House to the Wall, and Jon had no intent of throwing away an opportunity or rebuking such an offer. He would, at least to the Ser’s face, assume altruism.

He had been meeting with Ser Denys Mallister and Cotter Pyke, trying to better discuss how to fortify the whole length of the Wall. That was, at the very least, his formal assignment. He had chiefly been sitting in the middle of the two men as they argued and feuded. Pyp and Satin had been by his side, conveying messages too sensitive for the Lord Commander to delicately transmit. Pyke’s Maester, Harmune, was also clearly aggravated by how the discussion had turned into a verbal sparring match, a naked wrestle for sparse resources, but was too drunk to actually be of much assistance.

When Grenn knocked and brought news of Loras’s arrival, Jon stood up, only too eager to terminate this unproductive meeting. If separated, perhaps reasonableness could prevail. “Cotter, there are some letters from the Three Sisters that may be of interest to you, and we would appreciate your counsel in how we respond to their conflicting requests. Satin will show you and Maester Harmune to them.” Satin, a pretty Oldtown whore, sat up. Jon realised slightly too late Cotter would dislike his rather lithe build and gentle bearing, but decided not to change his mind. “And Ser Denys, I understand your disappointment with the last batch of Mole’s Town recruits, but there are more in the yard waiting for your assessment. Pyp will show you to them. I have a meeting with Loras Tyrell.”

Denys, trained to be as stoic as a noble should be, and Cotter, rough and coarse in manners, both responded identically. Their eyebrows raised, their eyes lit up with interest, and they both stood up in time. It occurred to Jon he could quickly sever friendships with both men by noting how alike they were in temperament once the vestiges of upbringing had been removed. It was Denys who spoke first. “Lord Commander, the Tyrells and the Mallisters have a strong history, and-”

“That history recently involves your nephew marching in the army trying to get rid of the Tyrell Queen!” Cotter had hoped merely to denigrate Denys’s prospect as an envoy to meet with Loras, but perhaps realised slightly too late his comments could be seen as an insult of the Stark banners the Mallisters had marched under. He decided to shift track. “Not to get embroiled in the realm’s conflicts, but if Mallister here wants to present his family history as a reason for meeting with the Tyrell boy, then maybe he should remember his family present.”

“And perhaps you should too, Cotter, for your family has doubtless reaped and reaved Tyrell territory countless times, whichever family it is you hail from-”

“Enough!” Jon valued both of these men, but together they were far worse than the sum of their parts. “We’re here as men of the Watch, not men from the families we left behind.” He turned to Pyp, Grenn, and Satin in turn. There was value in their lack of highborn loyalties. “You two should both do well to remember that, and if I hear any Southron politics being discussed with the Tyrell envoys, I will be sorely disappointed. We must convince Loras that this is an issue that transcends House loyalties. If I need your help in doing so, I shall call on you both later. Separately.”

He left the room, and followed Grenn to outside the quarters where Loras had been seated. “Camern is settling him into his quarters,” Grenn explained with no prompting. “As you insisted. Still not sure why. He makes me look witty.”

“Camern used to be a Highgarden resident before he got sent here. He’d recognise a Tyrell when he saw one.” Jon soon spotted Camern, clearly returning from his tasks, standing still to hear his report.

“Yeah, like every smallfolk criminal has seen their lords and ladies in the flesh before.” Despite the sarcasm, Grenn gave Jon a friendly pat on the back as he kept walking, duties demanding his attention.

Camern soon stopped in front of Jon, and nodded. “Definitely Loras.” Jon had, to the most trusted and esteemed members of the Watch, asked around to see if anyone could be sure the man who arrived was actually Loras Tyrell. Sadly, most highborn Brothers capable of recognising Loras were absent, and so it fell to Camern, as the only semi-trustworthy man capable of confirming they were not giving bed and board to an imposter. Camern was a lowborn criminal who had been caught attempting to spy on Lady Margaery’s handmaidens in order to impress his friends. For his perversion, he had been given a choice: his eyes or his freedom, and he had chosen to keep his eyes.

Camern turned his head, and Loras was striding confidently to join them. Jon nodded wordlessly to Camern, giving him leave to return to his duties. Camern turned his head back at Loras’s rather crude greeting of the Lord Commander, but knew better than to intervene.

“Of course, Ser Loras.” Internally, Jon bristled slightly at the brusque and informal greeting. He was no stickler for manners, certainly, but had come to expect something more respectful and ceremonial. He would not render Loras’s trip meaningless and Tyrell aid an impossibility, however, by rebuking the Knight of Flowers for his curtness. The Watch needed men and supplies. He had a strange way of beginning talks, but Jon knew that the Tyrells held all the cards here, and so he would play along.

“I hope the quarters are to your liking. It’s not much, but on the Wall we can spare little time for comfort. I have requested some fine wine and food from our warehouses to be brought to you, in honour of your arrival.” Jon began walking, hoping to follow Loras, knowing some measure of deference would perhaps go along way. “Anything you request, we shall try to accommodate.”

Gabriel Reyes and his Overwatch colleagues visiting the Shimada compound
Gabriel Reyes always had to concede that, in the contest of first impressions, Jack Morrison won, hands down.

He had just enough of that rustic charm from his rural Indiana upbringing left in him to be relatable to the average man, but not too much that he came across as an unrefined country bumpkin to the elites who set their salaries. He was handsome, blond and with a finely chiseled jawline. Whenever he spoke, he spoke in a deep and gruff voice that just oozed charisma, that was inexplicably dulcet in its sonorous character, that lent itself to agreeable and silvery prose even when he was speaking bullshit.

And when he wasn’t speaking bullshit? Dammit, then it only got better. He managed to strike that evasive balance perfectly, between idealistic empathy and dispassionate unflappability, between rigorous attention to detail and appreciation for the bigger picture.

If nothing else, Jack’s professionalism was beyond reproach.

For he knew that he would be better at talking to the Shimada clan than any of his companions. They all knew that. And they all knew that, were the negotiations to be left to either the callow McCree or the brusque and frank-talking Gabriel, things would likely go to shit pretty quickly. But Jack, perfect and kind Jack, would never state that. He’d never say what they all already knew. He would be euphemistic, circumlocute with a slipperiness most would never think to associate with Jack.

But no. It wasn’t being euphemistic. It was being professional.

So how had he told Jesse and Gabriel that the important stuff - the stuff that mattered - would be left to the able command of Jack Morrison? Not by just telling them straight. No. That was never Jack’s way. He liked to fancy himself some kind of egalitarian team strategist, and so what he instead told them was that he wanted them to snoop around. Talk to the unimportant people. Not in those exact words, but that was the gist.

Don’t get Gabriel wrong. He loved Jack. Dude was his best friend. They’d been through thick and thin, developed a rapport that no amount of smarmy politicking and undeserved applause on Jack’s part could truly dent. And he had no problem with the division of labour, the delegation of rules. What he didn’t appreciate was the lack of forthrightness.

Setting a bad example for the newbie.

Jesse McCree was technically no newbie. Reformed outlaws brought onto the side of justice had experience that people like Morrison and Reyes - especially Morrison - could never hope of attaining. A mindset. A mindset that was bad for negotiations, sure, but Gabriel thought Jack was doing Jesse no favours by being economical with the truth.

Still, it was his mission. And Gabriel would make the most of his assignment.

“See what intel you can glean from those lower down the ranks of the organisation.” Implicit in that was ‘just make smalltalk’. If anything noticeable comes up, report it. But don’t push, or goad, or snoop, or violate their privacy.

Gabriel would just chat some shit with the servants and the out-of-favour members of the entourage, try and get a feel for the dynamics of the place. A grasp of the atmosphere. McCree’s instructions were a bit more structured: accompany Jack with his negotiations, but don’t get in the way. Do the small talk stuff Jack couldn’t be bothered to do, basically. McCree looked more comfortable in this social role than Gabriel was, the more experienced operative had to reluctantly admit.

Eventually the limo pulled to a stop, and the engine ground to a halt. Gabriel placed his hand on the door handle, looking to Jack for permission to depart the vehicle. Jack knew where their stop was, after all. Gabriel had also been told that information, and had chosen to ignore it. Jack would be able to remember it, and if he was rendered incapable of remembering it, then getting to the Shimada clan base on time would then be the least of their priorities.

Jack looked through the tinted windows, and nodded. He made sure to get out first, springing into action before Gabriel could process his request. The gregarious and charismatic Jack Morrison jumping out of the limo, hand out and smiling brightly, that was a great first impression.

Not the sulking, scowling Gabriel getting out of the back seat.

He looked over the limo as he stood up, trying to stretch his legs without making too much of a scene. Jack was already the centre of attention. Bar a couple of perfunctory glances, nobody Jack was meeting with looked at him. He was seen as a guard, probably. They knew who he was, but it was Jack they wanted to talk to.

Gabriel turned away. Scowled. Walked off. Time to settle in.

The loyal bodyguard of another Targaryen claimant
Objectively, the Port of Qarth was a truly beautiful sight. Its beauty derived much from its contradictions. The colours of the extravagant ships dancing in the waters and the dazzling architecture glimmering beneath the beating sun, a sight that would appear shambolic were a single window to shut or sail to turn astray, yet never did so. The noises of a million different tongues and dialects clamouring to be heard, creating a sound that was at once cacophonic and harmonious. Throughout the air wafted the scents of many an exotic spice and opulent dish, mixed with the cuisine of the common traders and the unseemly byproducts of industry and commerce, blending into a strangely appealing concoction, one that defied all the rules of good taste yet still made one’s mouth water.

Most men would describe the sight as majestic. Awe-inspiring. Beguiling.

It was at once palatial in stature and chaotic in beauty. It reflected both the organisational prowess of the Qartheen and the organic peace in which merchants and traders flying every flag of the Known World, from the Tyrell sigil of the Reach to flags that, ostensibly, represented the Cities of the Bloodless Men and Carcosa, mingled and bartered.

But Karron Ashbridge knew only one sight to be majestic, and awe-inspiring, and beguiling. He could only appreciate the other fruits the world offered with an impartial eye, recognising and appreciating how others would kill and die for one glimpse at them. But there was only one sight that could inspire such passions in himself. And he was truly blessed to be able to cast his eyes upon that sight every day.

The Silent Dancer was a small ship. Sleek and streamlined in design, Essosi in origin, it was far smaller than the ships in which they had left - no, fled - Westeros all those years ago. It was more suitable for their current party, smaller and more eclectic in character than which a rightful King truly deserved. It was a perfect fit for the port of Qarth, however. It had been able to navigate through the larger trading galleys, with an almost cat-like nimbleness and agility, and had been able to anchor in a rather central location, lodged between two far bigger vessels, with rowing oars that Karron mournfully noted were likely worked by slaves.

He sighed. This was an assault on the senses, and he had a far more beautiful sight to gaze upon. Turning his heels, he walked inside, not knowing until the embrace of shade returned to him just how intense the sun had been. Wiping his brow with his hand, he looked at his king.

“My liege.”

Donut from Red vs Blue on patrol
The song that Donut was humming defied all attempts at transcribing. It seemingly changed tempo and rhythm, indeed its very genre, every few seconds. The cacophonic nature of his humming was of no consequence, of course. He was standing by a rock, guarding what his new Sarge had told him was a mineral of vital but inexplicable importance, and the assignment called for solitude. He felt somewhat honoured, being given such a lofty assignment straight out of the gate, and with such trusting and open comrades-in-arms. He did not spend much time questioning the orders.

Yes, he did not see how his lightish-red armour made suitable camouflage, but the others had thought of that. They also, using rather convincing arguments free from logical fallacy, convinced him that he was not bait, and that they were not getting him out of the base to bitch about him and his exploits.

That would be rather unfair.

So ultimately, Donut’s humming was for his own amusement, and the lack of consistency or artistic panache was of no consequence to anyone else.

“Live and let live” was perhaps too simplistic a notion to answer all questions of morality, but it definitely governed private humming in the privacy of one’s home. And in the privacy of the middle of nowhere.

Nope, Donut gained a certain philosophical pleasure, a certain relief from boundaries and societal prejudices, when he indulged himself in tone-deaf humming.

Also because last time he tried humming an actual song, he got shouted at by some copyright lawyers. He grew up in a strange community.

He decided to stop humming at that point, in case he accidentally violated someone else’s intellectual property. And guarding this rock was very important. It was the centre of an important strategic focalpoint, contained various materials vital for every pursuit in humanity’s existence, served as an important rallying point for the morale of friend and foe alike. At first Donut had suspected that they were forgetting their justification for the rock’s importance and making up new ones as they went along, but then Donut realised:

The rock had all these important roles, and so much more.

Makoto Tachibana reflecting on his friendship with Haru
It couldn’t be love.

No. That was ridiculous. It wasn’t even worth the mental energy, the firing of synapses, pondering that possibility. He didn’t need to ruminate on it, speculate about it, dissect the abstract concepts and the tangible emotions. He could rule that possibility out. He’d ruled it out many times before.

He couldn’t be in love with Haru. He just couldn’t. He’d known him pretty much all his life. The Westermarck effect had to kick in. And hell, the guy was his best friend. It was presumptuous, selfish even, to fall in love with him, and put the importance that relationship had for both of them on the line. Love was a dangerous thing, anecdotes and fiction had imprinted upon him, and if it went wrong or wasn’t reciprocated, then hell, that friendship could crumble. And neither of them could survive that.

So Makoto only considered the possibility he was in love with Haru to immediately discount it. Spending even a second more thought on it was dangerous.

Rei and Nagisa alike had both spotted him staring at Haru throughout the day. Rei’s tone was quizzical, Nagisa’s teasing, the implications unspoken but obvious. His eyes had rested on the sight of his torso, sculpted and defined to be the perfect aerodynamic swimming force, glistening with water. His eyes followed every dip and dive in Haru’s at once sporadic and highly-regulated swimming. His mouth, he realised after the fact, had been hanging slightly open, so absorbed was he in the undeniable beauty of his friend swimming, possessing the grace of a dolphin.

He had made sure to tell Rei and Nagisa the same justification. He had to make sure Haru didn’t go too crazy. Didn’t swim too far out, or abandon the need to eat and sleep, or get too absorbed in his passion. And that was true. The truth of the reason satisfied them both.

He wasn’t in love with Haru. It was protectiveness. That was it.

But that too, couldn’t be all of it. He remained watching Haru, as he sat on the log, in a rare moment of voluntary stillness. He was in no danger. But he couldn’t tear his eyes away. He appreciated Haru’s body in a physical sense, yes. It was beautiful. Elegant. Perfect. And the mind within? Cryptic, yet all the more beautiful for that. He was blessed to have Haru as a friend.

It was appreciation.

But no. That didn’t explain the...thoughts of recent nights.

It was lust. He could not deny that. Lust for someone he cared about. A wave of lust that would pass, and soon normalcy would return.

But he would never admit it was love.

He sat down next to Haru on the log, and followed the trajectory of his eyes out over the horizon of the lake. “You having a good time so far, Haru?” Makoto spoke to Haru as normal - deliberate, direct, considerate. Haru did not waste time with flowery metaphors or flourishing rhetorical embellishments, and Makoto knew he was best spoken to with a refreshingly direct character. He made sure not to betray a single sign of his internal turmoil.

A young knight to be cursing his luck
Gavin Westall was not meant to be a knight. Certainly, the traditions of Trevaria, his place in the Westall family, and the obligations of his high birth meant that he had a duty to serve as a valiant knight, as a defender of his family’s privileges and smallfolk, as a protector of the realm and an enforcer of justice. He had been groomed to do just that. The finest tutors in the small peninsula from which the Westalls hailed, time as a squire to their liege lord, a meticulously crafted training regimen.

Even his family history had set him on the course of a vocation in combat. His father, uncles, and older brother, whether groomed for rulership or warfare, whether raised to plan an attack or lead it, all had the muscular builds the Westalls were somewhat renowned for. The Westalls were characterised by broad shoulders and a durable constitution that made even great lords tremble and their daughters open their legs. Such a boast was as close to a family motto as they had. The Westalls were a small House, with mixed fortunes, but a reputation for heroics that preceded them.

However, while the world had conspired to force Gavin into the martial lifestyle, his temperament and mettle had done all within their powers to frustrate such efforts. Gavin preferred books. Politics. Ruling. Justice. Sitting in an antechamber instead of rough-housing and feasting, pondering the details of a fairer world.

When Gavin had arrived at the camp, Master Ethan did not hide his disappointment. Gavin’s body was lithe, lean, supple, willowy and elegant in movement. That was how it had been charitably described. Weak. Gangly. “A scarecrow made out of wheat.” “A man who can read everything but wield nothing.” Those were perhaps the more common epithets, the more imaginative ones the only indication Master Ethan gave of being a well-read and creative man.

Master Ethan took great pleasure in insinuating Gavin was a bastard, even going so far as to nickname him “Eastnone”. Were build alone proof of parentage, Gavin would be inclined to agree. His face was recognisably Westall. Thankfully, the lottery of birth had given him some traits that made him fit in with the rest of his family.

He was hoping his obvious cowardice and unimpressive build had meant the knight who was here to assess their skills would have already removed him from consideration. And when he curled his finger, inviting him - no, ordering him - into the ring, Gavin looked around, hoping he was indicating to someone else. Alas, the gesture proved to be unambiguous in meaning, the wordless instruction unequivocal and self-evident.

So he stepped forward, thankful for how the burdensome armour concealed some of his obvious anxiety, sword ready.

And danced.

Well, he wished that it was how it came across. Instead, it was more of him just jumping back, dodging the knight’s sword blows, too slow and too pensive to have any hope of parrying. The knight had been cautious and defensive with the fighters before him, but had apparently detected Gavin’s trepidation, for he was on the offensive constantly. His pressure was relentless, his sword swings too erratic to be blocked, and so panicky and equally erratic evasion was Gavin’s instinctive survival tactic.

Each swipe of the blade came closer and closer to connecting with the meat of his body, all manner of grazes already having connected, ignorable only thanks to the adrenaline of the moment. He was predictable, hopping around the field like a bunny, the knight seemingly prolonging this sorry charade for no reason other than to humiliate him. Once or twice there was the clang of metal, as Gavin’s sword interrupted a swing, but that was an accident every time, and only served to knock Gavin’s balance off, and allow the next few swings to brush against the fine hairs on his skin.

“You’re lucky I don’t know what noises rabbits make!” Master Ethan yelled, provoking chortles from the others.

Philip Angwin laughed the hardest. He had been able to do what Gavin had not - blend into the background, avoid detection, but not make such an intention obvious. He had insulted all of the fighters before him, whispering into the ear of his friend, timing his insults so the clang of metal blocked them out from the ears of most. Gavin had heard a few. The blond youth who had been the first to volunteer had received a host of masturbation jokes as reward for the injury to his wrist. Gavin had shut out his comments since then.

But when the laughter dissipated, and Gavin was still hopping around, the knight’s back to Philip as he pursued his prey, Philip withdrew his sword. Stepped forward. And with a yell, brought his sword down low, aiming for the back of the knight’s knees.

“Nice teamwork, boys!” Ethan yelled. As was often the case, determining whether his tone was sarcastic or sincere was a fool’s errand.

Active Threads:
I prefer PMs (in which case I will probably make a Google Doc to have a continuous story that's easily accessible), but I'm open to threads. I'll just be less depraved in threads than I am in private contexts.
The Allure of the Other Side - An accidental interdimensional traveller named Peter Parker catches The Flash's eye.
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(Also check out the request threads of the other writers in those threads, they're all amazing.)
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