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Author Topic: A Couple of Cravings (UN - Negotiable)  (Read 716 times)

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Offline KyeTopic starter

A Couple of Cravings (UN - Negotiable)
« on: December 15, 2008, 08:49:00 PM »
Hello all, after a prolonged absence from the boards due to illness I am ready to get back to writing on a more limited basis dependent upon health and energy levels.  I may be able to do multiple posts in a day, or I may only be able to crank out one per story every day or two, it's really going to be on a day to day basis.  With that out of the way I am looking for anyone interested in the following plots/ scenarios.  I don't care if you are male or female; I'm only interested in the quality of the mind behind the keyboard.  These are very loose ideas, some no more than a vague genre that I would be interested in playing, all of them open to change or random ideas for the correct partner.  I would like a partner who is more interested in the plot than the sexual aspects of the RP (though I am definitely open to as much of that as comes naturally to the story and characters).  I would also like partner(s) who are willing to direct the plot as much as I am.  If one of these ideas sparks an idea of your own, or if you think I would be a good match for something you have running around in your head, please PM me.  Cheers and happy writing!

Desired Post Length:  3+ Paragraphs

*NEW* Pure Strain [UN - negotiable] Post-apocalyptic setting

Ceryn is a young woman, exact age unknown, who lives in the remains of one of the safe cities.  When the plague made it's presence known to the world it spread quickly.  The last places touched were the most easily isolated, Australia, New Zealand and many of the islands scattered around the world, but even they eventually succumbed to the airborne virus.  In a vain attempt to save the few survivors safe cities were created.  Isolated skyscrapers in the middle of nowhere, self contained cities that could house 10,000+ people.  Even that failed.  Forty-five years after the virus was discovered 98% of the worlds population was gone, and even the safe cities had fallen.  This story will take place approximately 200 years after the fall of the last safe city.  The Plague has mutated a number of times over the last century, further decimating the remaining population.  The world has fallen back into the dark ages, what little technology still works is almost useless to the day to day lives of the survivors.  Some of them go their entire lives without meeting more than a handful of people, and some of them are like Ceryn, mutated, showing strange abilities, and therefore shunned and left alone to die.  She has been alone for over a decade, since she first showed signs of a mutation.

I'm looking for a male character, personality, desires, etc left completely up to my potential partner.  He will stumble across her while traveling from one population center to the next, he could be a wanderer or a trader, a thief or a murderer, good or evil.  He could make an emotional connection to her, or just want a play toy, or he could be trying to win her over to use her abilities for his own gain.  All of this is open for negotiation.  The overall plot and direction of the game is also open, I would love to hear some ideas!

*Recycled* The Hands of the Enemy [UN – negotiable] medieval setting

When her kingdom goes to war a princess, raised to be independent and taught everything that her brother the king was taught, from swordplay to statesmanship, disguises herself and goes off to war, wanting to do more than sit and embroider while her people are dying.  During a battle she and a number of other soldiers are taken captive.  The General in charge of the garrison(perhaps a border lord) recognizes her because she looks like her brother, very distinctive family line. 

Looking for someone to play the General.  This one is open as far as his treatment of my character goes.  He could fall in love with her, or could break her and force her into servitude, or find a way to use her against her brother, the options are endless.
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Offline The Dandy

Re: A Couple of Cravings (UN - Negotiable)
« Reply #1 on: December 16, 2008, 02:19:39 AM »
For some reason the post-apocalyptic idea has leaped off the screen, violently assaulted my brain, and tickled my fancy. I would like to discuss the possibilities for this. I have sent a PM regarding it.

Offline KyeTopic starter

Re: A Couple of Cravings (UN - Negotiable)
« Reply #2 on: December 16, 2008, 05:24:53 PM »
Pure Strain is taken.