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Author Topic: A Hotel of Peril: Hunt or be Hunted  (Read 1382 times)

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A Hotel of Peril: Hunt or be Hunted
« on: November 02, 2016, 10:56:10 am »
The Nation’s Best Hotel opened its doors in 1900 and closed in 1976. As far as the public knows, it has been vacant since then. It was purchased by the billionaire Charles Donnivan in 2010, who has become exceptionally wealthy via a number of illegal activities, including loaning money under the table. For the past six years, he has been holding a secret annual contest at the hotel. Participants are brought in from all over the country and offered the chance to win a small fortune during a three day event. Each participant starts out in a hotel room with two changes of clothing, an earpiece that allows them to hear Mr. Donnivan, and a dart gun. The gun holds eight darts, each of which will knock a human being out almost instantly, but will only keep them out for about ten minutes. Each time a contestant darts an opponent, they get $10,000 cash and can take half the victim’s ammunition. Simple, right?

Where the rules get a little more vague when it comes to what happens to someone who is darted. During the first game, most contestants just let their fallen foe lay where they had fallen. When the ten minutes were up, they would recover and use what was left of their ammunition to try to make up for lost time. It wasn’t until the second year’s contest that someone had the idea to tie up one of their fallen foes and leave them in an empty room. Mr. Donnivan was so taken with the idea that he has put it in the minds of others ever since. You still have to leave the fallen their weapon and half their ammo, but nothing says you have to let them go right away. Some contestants enjoy just leaving their opponent to squirm, and some can’t help but resist taking advantage of their foe’s vulnerable state.

Effectively, it is a three day fight for supremacy. Players take prisoners, search for weapons and additional ammo, and some go after the spur of the moment objectives that Mr. Donnivan feeds them through their earpiece. They also make alliances, some in good faith, and some in the hopes of betraying one another. All the while, Mr. Donnivan watches everything through the cameras in every room.


The most frequent source of income is the KO bonus. That being said, no game is complete without some bonuses.

*Most KOs: At the end of three days, whoever achieved the most knockouts will receive a $1,000,000 bonus.

*Most Rescues: Mr. Donnivan loves a good rescue story. They just make things so much more dramatic. The player who finds the most others who have been taken captive and frees them will receive a $2,000,000 bonus at the end.

*Most escapes: The simple truth of the matter is that some players are more cunning and better shots than others. Those who are not fighters still have a chance of coming out of this rich. The player who escapes the most times gets a $1,000,000 bonus.

*Bounties: From time to time, Mr. Donnivan will make things interesting by putting a bounty on a particular player. He will use the security feed to announce where the player with the bounty is. If a player manages to capture the bounty and bring them to the sublevel where Mr. Donivan keeps a playroom will be awarded $50,000. You should mention whether or not you are interested in having a bounty placed on you in your “what to do if captured” section of your character sheet. 

The gritty details are below!

Character Stats

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Given that this will involve some player vs player combat, there are a number of skills that will be used whenever a player tries to do something complex. A player will have 40 points to distribute between eight skills, so each sill will average about five points. No skill can go above eight.

Defense: Your defense is 10+ the number of points you put into it. So if you put eight points into it (which would be the max), an opponent would need to roll an 18 to hit you (their D20 roll plus their attack modifier).

Escape: If you put that you are okay with your character being tied up when they are knocked out, there is a halfway decent chance that they will end up bound in some way. This skill will determine how long it takes you to slip free.

Binding: How good you are at tying someone up. This sets the difficulty of how the escape rolls of the captive.

Computers: Someone who is skilled with computers could have a huge leg up. All the locks in the hotel are digital, so someone skilled in computers could hack their way into locked rooms. If they had a computer, they could even hack into Mr. Donnivan’s security feeds and see the entire battlefield.

Hide: How good you are at not being seen. This includes moving silently, concealing your body, and things like that.

Notice: How good you are at spotting an enemy, hearing a cry for help, or searching a room for hidden supplies that Mr Donnivan has hidden.

Ranged Attack: How good you are at firing the dart gun. Your skill+your D20 roll will be compared to the target’s defense to determine whether or not the dart hit.

Melee Attack: Same as ranged attack, but without the dart gun. Most combat is handled with the guns, but ammo is limited. Sometimes, you may need to defend yourself without a dart.

Standing with Mr. Donnivan

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
One thing to consider when you are making your character sheet is your standing with Mr. Donnivan. “Normal” is the standard. A normal player was entered into the game with no bias or special privileges.

However, some people come into the game with a deal with Mr. Donnivan. Someone in “high standing” might have promised Mr. Donnivan something in exchange for extra resources. This might involve extra ammo, a laptop, or a map of the facility. It is an early advantage, but one that comes with a price. People who ask for favors might be given side jobs by their host that put the players at risk. They might be given 24 hours to capture a particular player and bring them to Donnivan’s play room, and failure to do so might earn them a bounty. They also might be instructed to partner with a particular player and betray them when the time is right. It is a way for Donnivan to have a little more control over the game.

Someone in “poor standing” might have done something to irritate their host. Mr. Donnivan often invites people who have defaulted on large loans from him to the games, and those who are here under those pretenses are often given a disadvantage. For a minor transgression, they might have their clothing modified by Donnivan. More attractive clothing would make them more likely to be taken advantage of if they are captured. Bright clothing might give them a negative to stealth rolls, and a woman might be forced to wear heels that reduce her movement speed. This category makes your more likely to be the subject of a bouty. It is really for players who have some desire to be captured.

Someone who is “targeted” has really ticked off their host. They might have defaulted on a huge loan, or perhaps they were investigating one of Mr. Donnivan’s holdings for some reason. Someone on this list might suffer some of the drawbacks mentioned above, but it would likely be something worse. Perhaps their ankles are shackled, giving them little room to walk about, and reducing their movement speed and stealth rolls greatly. They also might have a gag locked over their lips, making it difficult to make alliances. Someone who Mr. Donnivan really wants to mess with might start out bound and gagged, and be forced to escape their bindings before they can be found by another player. Again, this is really for people who want to be captured.

Character Sheets

Your character sheet should contain the following information:

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Name: What people call you

Faceclaim: What you look like

Occupation: What your character does for a living. Given the highly illegal nature of what is happening here, Mr. Donnivan isn’t going to pick police officers or people like that. He mostly picks people who need a quick buck. He might also select someone with a successful position who needs a quick influx of cash, because of a sick family member or or what have you.

Standing with Mr. Donnivan: Your options for this are “normal,” “good standing,” “low standing,” and “targeted.”
Stats: Split 40 points over the following areas, with no stat going beyond 8.

Defense (10+stat, for a max 18)
Melee Attack
Ranged attack

What to do if defeated: This is a big one. Odds are good that over the span of 72 hours of game time, you’ll get hit with a dart at least once. If you have no interest in being bound or used in any way, you’ll mark that here. The player who defeats you will still get half your ammo, but will refrain from doing anything more. You’ll be left where you fell for ten minutes. Note that if you go this route, you start with 35 points instead of 40 for stats, as your escape score will be zero)

If you are willing to be held captive, list out the sorts of things you are okay with. Be specific. Consider this the kinks section on most other profiles.

Inventory: For most players, this is just going to be two extra days of clothing, the dart gun, and eight darts. If you have any personal items, or anything that was given to you as a bonus, list it here.

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Re: A Hotel of Peril: Hunt or be Hunted
« Reply #1 on: November 05, 2016, 03:22:55 am »

Name: Britt Willows

Occupation: Moderately Successful Drug Dealer.  Britt's dead-beat ex-Boyfriend earned his money dealing and Britt picked up the habit from him - the dealing habit, not the drug habit.  She is strongly opposed to the idea of snorting her earning.  Several years ago, in her early twenties, she got caught and has served the last several years in prison for her history of illegal behavior.  Freshly out, Britt really doesn't think the prison life is for her, but also doesn't exactly relish the idea of a "normal" job, which naturally led her to accepting Mr. Donnivan's invitation when it was offered.

Standing with Mr. Donnivan: Low-standing.  After leaving aforementioned Dead-beat, Britt had an extended fling with Mr. Donnivan's daughter, extending to the point that both of them were arrested.  While Donnivan was easily able to get his daughter released and her recorded expunged, he has never quite forgiven Britt and considers her a corrupting influence.

Defense          15
Escape             4
Binding            6
Computers       8
Hide                6
Notice              2
Melee Attack    1
Ranged attack  8

What to do if defeated: Willing to endure being bountied, bondage, rape, humiliation, pain, and temporary torture (no permanent damage like branding or cutting please!)

Inventory: Two days of clothing, dart gun, eight darts, dildo with strap-on.
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