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September 22, 2023, 05:38:47 pm

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Author Topic: Intrest check: Abandon  (Read 1099 times)

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Intrest check: Abandon
« on: December 15, 2008, 07:21:33 am »


Town – balance of good and evil

Just as angels are the agents of God who act with divine authority to do good works among men, so demons are the agents of Lucifer who act with infernal authority to do works of evil. Indeed, in Jewish, Islamic and Christian mythology, Lucifer was himself once an angel of heaven who defied God.
Lucifer seeks to harass God by plaguing mankind with a multitude of troubles, and by inciting human beings to defy God. He uses his fallen angels as his agents, sending them abroad across the face of the world to incite and commit evil. Every time he succeeds in inducing a human to defy God, Lucifer gains another soldier in his rebellious army.

           - main character
-   best friend
-   rival that likes guy that like MC
-   guy that likes MC

            – Chief angel: male
-   second angel: female
-   angel:*
-   angel:*
-   angel:*
-   angel:*

-   only have 1 power
-   not allowed to connect emotionally
-   allowed to use loop holes

            - Chief demon: male
             - Second demon: female
             - Demon:*
             - Demon:*
             - Demon:*
             - Demon:*

-   cant read human thoughts
-   only allowed 1 power
-   good at predicting human behavior
-   allowed to use loop holes

* Players choice

Angels: they had moved in town as a family after the town had been for ages in what they call a streak of bad luck

Demons: a group of demon that had been living in town for decades is not happy with the moving of the angels and they are ready to make their life a living hell
even with before knowing that they are angels

1. Both can influence but not control human decision
2. Not allowed to tell human about their existence
3. If the human find out of angels they will be brainwashed and sent to an other place
4. By demons must turn in a demon or lose their soul and die

A quiet and very small town far away in the forest. Very close to the hills
Where it’s always raining and always a fight through every day struggles and every day’s hate
There is this family who seems to have it all car, money, friends
But something is odd about they way they behave around people
Anyway nobody seems to notice?
A family had moved in the town, very nice people but for some reason they always kept to them self.
They having a hard time adjusting to the place
There are some that don’t like them but as always there are some that doesn’t care
These two families been living around each other not knowing about other existent there
Until Gabriella Swift moved to town with her father to his old town to take care of his health
She will attract male form both side and cause instability in the balance of good an evil

OK..this is what i want somebody to Gm this game with me and of course players
the part of Gabriella sorry but i want it  ;)
any more questions just ask...this is an idea i have and a base
its not an only sex based story ,it can happen but is not the main deal
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