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Author Topic: Barbarian: Historical/Fantasy - Conan, Skyrim, LOTR (M for M/F)  (Read 1292 times)

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Offline KamakaziTopic starter

Barbarian: Historical/Fantasy - Conan, Skyrim, LOTR (M for M/F)
« on: October 30, 2016, 11:20:07 AM »


From the North were you born. Born to the cries of Gods and men. To the crack of thunder and the flash of lightning. You will carve your name upon the very stones of history by your own hand and bring death and ruin upon those who would seek to deny your right. From the North you were born, but to the South you must go. A land of magic, might and ancient, dark power. In this world of old kings and older Gods, no man can you trust. But  this steel? This you can trust....

Hey, thanks for taking a moment to read through my advertisement. Let me briefly explain the core concept of my idea, before going into some more specific details. As always, feel free to PM me regardless of whether you like the specifics or just the general idea!

Do you love the idea of playing against muscle-bound barbarians? Fierce warriors, seductive priestesses, wild huntresses and proud kings? I invite you to join me in crafting a unique historical/fantasy rp, inspired in part by both the history of the ancient world, and fantasy works such as the Conan the Barbarian mythos!

The ancient world was a place of blood, sweat, honor, glory and passion. It was a time of myths and legends, with great Empires, unique civilizations and completely varying cultures all across the Western world. In the spirit of historical fantasy fiction such as 300, ROME, Spartacus and even the more fantasy based Conan the Barbarian, my desire is to craft a rp set in a version of this world, incorporating both historical elements and fantasy to spice things up.

My intention is to play a barbarian warrior, raised from a young age to rely purely upon the strength of his own arm and his skill with a blade. A renowned warrior, this pale-skinned titan has already made a name for himself as a peerless soldier, playing the part of a mercenary in foreign lands. Along the way, he has naturally learned much of the ways of the classical world; literacy, culture, honor and of course decadence. My plan is for this warrior to harbor some deep grudge or unfinished business which is the primary driving force behind his adventures. What terrible event has filled him with this raw, burning desire for vengeance and answers? Well we can decide on that together, and tailor it to the story we choose to craft together!

Alternatively, in a more fantasy based setting, we could keep the concept of a barbarian warrior, but explore his travels south into the rich cultures of the great civilizations of the world and how they would change and shape him, in which case the focus would be more on the adventure side of the story, and world building. Either way, I envisage a wide, rich world with opportunities for multiple, varied characters to appear on both sides!

For a reference, I picture Michael Fassbender in Centurion or 300 as a basis for my character:!!-:strip_icc-!!-:fill-!white!-/2014/04/02/765/n/1922398/ad9414066888cb2d_michael-fassbender-300-stelios-czikds9w/i/Michael-Fassbender-300.jpg

Within this, I would love to add an element of fantasy, bringing to life the world as the ancients saw it. Monsters, Gods and Goddesses, vast cities of gold and marble, powerful sorcerers and voluptuous Amazons. The possibilities are endless.

Places we could visit in this world:

Again I'm thinking in terms of Conan the Barbarian here, so we could visit places such as:

Vast Ancient civilizations in the vein of Ancient Persia, Greece and legendary civilisations like Atlantis! :

Wild forests and verdant lands:

Harsh wintry lands and tundra:


And other lands we could create for ourselves. My intention here is for the story to develop as we see fit, we can incorporate as much or as little fantasy as we wish to spice things up!

What do I want from you?

As for your character? Well I love the idea of this being a broad world, exploration and travel would be a key part of the plot, hence why I cited Conan the Barbarian as another useful source of inspiration. I love the idea of my character travelling, meeting new men and women as he goes along, from all over the world. Exotic priestesses, powerful barbarian warrior-women and pristine classical noble-women. It all interests me, and hopefully you too! It is important to note that I'm flexible with how historical or fantasy this story can be. If you'd like to play a somewhat exotic or non-human character, we can certainly discuss that and I imagine there will be a whole cast of characters which could develop over time.

So to put it briefly, you can play whoever you want and feel free to develop new characters over time! The story can easily be tailored to suit my barbarian playing against a Princess, a paladin, a barbarian, sorceress or wild woman of the forest. Similarly, as I mentioned earlier, I'm very much interested in playing against more exotic female characters so elves, orcs, and anything else with the ability to seduce my warrior suits me just fine!

I should mention that I have a real passion for voluptuous, fit and curvaceous female characters. Nothing excites me more than a female figure which screams primal sexuality and simply forces the eyes of the men around to focus upon the woman in question. So I will likely have a preference for your character if she fits that description! I'll provide an example in the form of Stefania Ferrario, who perfectly sums up the body type I find most arousing:


With that being said, I invite you to glance over my O/O's for a better idea of the sorts of kinks I'm into, but honestly, we can discuss our own personal preferences as we craft the story!

Here are some picture suggestions for the sorts of female characters I'd love to play against. If you really want to impress me, be ready to find some picture references for your character(s), entice me!

Warning, some of these pictures may be NSFW.

Orc Shaman :

Half-Orc :

Dark Elf :

Noble Huntress :

Wild Huntress :

Timid Priestess :

Paladin :

Anyway, that was a basic idea of what I'm trying to flesh out, so feel free to PM me if you'd like to discuss it further. Check my O/O's for a sample of what I'm into, though I'm completely open to suggestions at any point, including potential kinks which could be included. Hope you enjoyed the concept, and I hope to hear from you soon!

I've added some picture references for my potential character and some landscapes which fit the theme I'm going for!

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Offline KamakaziTopic starter

Updated with additional descriptions, concepts and now inspirational pictures to help reflect my thoughts! Feel free to send me a message if you're interested.

Offline KamakaziTopic starter

Re: Barbarian: Historical/Fantasy - Conan, Skyrim, LOTR (M for M/F)
« Reply #2 on: November 24, 2016, 07:31:05 AM »
Significant update with more picture references and a more detailed explanation of the setting and theme I'm interested in. If this interests you even in part, feel free to drop me a message, I'm completely up for discussing the idea!