Heavy Metal Inspired Story (Monsterguy f Futa and/or Monstergirl)

Started by TheSithChicken, October 24, 2016, 04:30:57 AM

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Specifically I am talking inspiration based off of the excellent animated movie (and the magazine) Heavy Metal. If you are not familiar with the movie that's fine. All that's required is that you like the idea. If you want to acquaint yourself with the movie - something I highly recommend - it is free on Crackle right now. You can skip the sequel though. It is just awful.

And by all means ask questions if you're curious. Feel free to come to me with variations on these ideas or even just come to me with ideas in a similar vein. If you have an idea that's metal or sword and sorcery fantasy I want to hear it. If something in my picture thread sparks an idea I want to hear it.

What I Am Looking For In A Partner:

Literacy - I need a partner who has at least a moderate grasp of the English language. I'm not expecting perfection. I'm not perfect and I'm going out on a limb to say that you probably aren't either. Spelling and grammar just have to be in the ballpark. You don't have to write a novel but let's not do a one liner.

- Talking to me about our story lets me know you're interested. That you're excited. That gets me excited. Excitement gets my muse up and running.

Understanding - My health is not great right now and my posting rates will fluctuate. Sometimes I can respond multiple times a day. Sometimes I will only be able to respond once a week. Just depends on how badly my body screws me over at any particular moment.

What I Am Looking For From These Story Ideas:

Fun, Sexy Adventure - This is actually pretty self explanatory, I think. If you have a question feel free to ask.

Heavy Metal Vibe - Now here I am talking about the music. I want to write stories that would require a metal soundtrack. Sex and violence that only metal can properly play during. Scenes that would look at home on the cover of an 80's metal album.

A Fast Burn - What I mean by this is that these stories are not mean to be slow burn type stories. They are meant to hit the ground running. There is no time for coy courtships and the like. Words hit the screen, shit's happening, and it's time to act.

Sword and Sorcery Fantasy - Less elves and dwarves and more sorcerers sacrificing virgins to bloodyhanded gods. Bestial, abhuman people in place of orcs. Magic is rare and strange and powerful but more of an art than a science called magic.

Futas and Monstergirls and Monsterguys!

I admit that this is one of my more focused ideas and it is a strange one. One meant to address certain kinks and peculiarities of world design. I very much want to play a Monsterguy across from a futa (my biggest craving) or a monstergirl (pretty open on types here honestly) in a Heavy Metal inspired fantasy setting. That is a pretty fucking specific niche to find oneself in. So if you have questions feel free to ask. I will link some inspirational material that will hopefully clear up some questions.

My previous attempt at this story and a very solid example of what I am thinking.

Futa inspiration but just inspiration. I have a lot more futa pics I like that I really should put up. Oh and I almost forgot here are some monstergirls.

Monsterguys and more inspirations for my character but these are just examples. I am open to a lot of different monsterguys. These are just some of my favorites - especially #5 from the first link and #'s 5 & 8 from the second link. And while I don't have any minotaur pics I do love me some minotaurs.

The Idea

Neverwhere - This is a Portal Fantasy based off of the story Den of Earth. It involves people from modern day Earth spiraling across space and time on tides of black magic to take up new bodies on a distant world. A world where sorcerers battle for the favor of demonic gods to rule over vast hordes of beastmen. Strange beasts and wondrous monsters roam the land. A world eternally at war but caught in a delicate balance - almost a stalemate - till the arrival of powerful outsiders i.e. our characters.

Now who our characters were originally is entirely up to us. It doesn't matter in the context of the base idea. We could be anyone. Have any prior relationship. As long as they are people who would act rather than run or cower. Now it is part of the idea that when they arrive they have new bodies or are transformed (How would they tell really?). Think of it as wish fulfillment. They get to become what they always wanted to in shape and form with the instincts to match. Always wanted to be a musclebound warrior? Now you are! Dreamed of being a lithe but deadly assassin? There you go! Did you secretly wish to be a beautiful and matchless seductress? Awesome.

Exactly how we get there is up for grabs too and is more or less a flavor thing because the real story is what happens once they get there. We could use the source inspiration and have them be transported by coming into contact with a powerful artifact. Maybe they dabbled into magics more powerful than they could have ever imagined. Maybe they invented something that sent them on this trip. Last one could be interesting. bring in some weird arcane science. Whatever works for us.



Bump. Sudden resurgence in interest after coming across my original attempt at this idea.