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Author Topic: Ace's Hoard:: LF fantasy, fandoms, stories, and a sprinkle of smut [M/M, M/F]  (Read 818 times)

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Offline MidnightSpadeTopic starter

Welcome to Ace's Hoard!

Hey! Name's Ace! First things first, if we've had an RP in the past that I've dropped or disappeared from, I apologise greatly but wouldn't mind if you wanted to message me and start things up again.

I live in the UK so I'm in the GMT timezone. I do work shifts so I'm not the kinda person who can reply every day, but I will try at least one or two replies a week.

I'm looking for literate writers who will really give me something to chew on in terms of replies. I don't mean really lengthy replies, but I really want quality well thought out responses that make me itch to reply back and get things going. I always try to match the length of my partner's posts, and can write anything between 2-5 paragraphs depending on if I get carried away.

In terms of characters I play, I only have a few notes to make:
  • I prefer to play characters in equal roles, unless specifically in a Dom/sub relationship, and in that case I prefer the sub.
  • I mostly play males or transmales, but I do also play females. I don't want to play the male in a M/F pair, I'd prefer being the female.
  • I won't play anything with characters under the age of 18, or who even look under the age of 18, it just makes me uncomfortable.

Please read my O/O to know a bit more about more things I like and don't like.

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Offline MidnightSpadeTopic starter

Story Centered Ideas

These ideas are story-centered with room for smut if we want.

I have to admit most of the story-based ideas are M/M ones because I'm not much of a romantic with M/F pairs.

I love supernatural and magical beings, however I'm not fond of vampires at all. If you want to have vampires in an idea you'll have to convince me it sounds good.

Story Things I Like
High Fantasy . Modern . Supernatural
Werewolves . Elves . Demons . Dragons
Royalty . Thieves . Knights . Mages
Mafia . High School . Coffee Shop
LGBT . Trans . Queer

Pairing Ideas
Werewolf/Human . Werewolf/Hunter . Werewolf/Werewolf
Dragon/Human . Dragon/Elf
Elf/Human . Elf/Drow . Elf/Dwarf
Royalty/Thief . Knight/Thief . Knight/Royalty
Mage/Assistant . Mage/Summon
Male/Transguy . Male/Crossdresser
Crime Boss/Civillian . Crime Boss/Detective

Expanded Ideas
The Kidnapped Prince (M/M)
Read more
The lands have had problems with dragons for centuries. They would steal all their gold should they leave it unattended, feed upon many of their livestock leaving them with a food shortage, and even the smoke that billowed out of their caves for days on end could block out the sun and cause their crops to grow slower. The Kingdom of Everahll has managed to get rid of all but one of the neighbouring dragons, bringing much prosperity to their home thanks to actually being able to trade and grow and feed their people. Their stores of gold and treasures are notoriously large, almost as if laughing in the faces of the dragons they have slain.

However one dragon remains. He has kept to himself, only swooping down upon the kingdom when he has needed food, only fed upon the weak ones in their herds, or kept to hunting wild animals. Only he has been berated by the kingdom, causing many people to attempt to slaughter him to prevent any further damage. But out of all the dragons he does the least harm, is only trying to survive as any animal would in the world.

In a fit of anger he flies to the kingdom. In a moment of luck he spots the kingdom's prince returning from a trip to a neighbouring town, completely vulnerable out in the open. He manages to capture him, taking him back to his cave to keep him as a prize for himself.

That's as far as I've written for a beginning. The basic idea is that while the two are quite aggravated with each other at first, they soon learn of the other's plights, and grow to be more sympathetic to the point an odd sort of relationship blooms, and the prince no longer wants to go back to his kingdom, or wants to return with the dragon by his side. I want to play the prince, and the dragon an either be a normal bestial dragon, or able to turn humanoid or anthro, depending on my partner's preference.

The Tattooist and Florist (M/M)
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A tattooist goes to a florist for a bouquet for his mother (or someone), and ends up having a very good conversation with the florist there. Another instance means he has to go to the florist for another occasion, where he meets the same man and ends up finding out they have more in common than he thought. He quite fancies him, but things he's out of his league, or wouldn't like someone with his punk-like appearance. So in an effort to impress him the tattooist starts sending him his own bouquets of flowers, each with different flower meanings behind them. Their courtship continues like this until eventually the florist finds out who has been sending him the flowers.

It's a common story for AUs in fandoms but I quite like it. The tattooist doesn't need to be an actual tattooist, maybe just someone with a very punk apperance, but the idea is that there's a punk guy who falls for a very handsome and conventional looking florist guy. This is a little more expanded than just the main pairing, I'm looking for someone who is happy playing multiple roles, such as the friends of these two characters during their courtship. If you wanna throw in a little magic or supernatural I wouldn't mind. I also wouldn't mind playing my character as a transman but that is up to my partner's preference.

Once a Slave... (M/M)
Read more
A half-Drow young man has only ever known slavery. His mother was a Drow, his father was someone of another species whom she kept as a pet, who ended up getting her pregnant. Ashamed of this, she told her clan she had found him abandoned shortly after he was born, and had kept him as nothing more than a slave. He was unsure whether or not she was even his mother. He was abused in all forms. Physically by his mother, who would punish him in the most brutal ways should he do anything wrong, even just slightly, and sexually by being whored out to the males of the clan for various degrading acts.
But then an army from a neighbouring kingdom (or a band of adventurers) found the Drow's home, raiding it and setting free many of the prisoners and slaves they kept, the half-Drow among them. They took them back to their kingdom (or the closest town), allowed the prisoners to return from where they came, but the half-Drow, who had known nothing but the slavery he was born into, had nowhere to go. One of his rescuers took pity and agreed to take him in, but didn't quite realise just how ingrained the ways of a slave where.

I'm looking for someone to play the saviour of my half-Drow character. It'll be a slow burn with the two learning to trust each other, the slave getting over what he had been taught, and the two forming a close relationship. His rescuer can be anything from your average adventurer to the actual prince or king of the neighbouring kingdom. My character would know he'd been a slave and treated wrongly and try to adapt to his new life but old habits die hard and he finds it difficult to adjust to a life where he has complete freedom, and doesn't quite understand the things that every day people do.

Two Kingdoms (M/M)
Read more
The Kingdom of Alterath and Traen have been at a bit of a cold war for many years, some would even speculate over a century. They are of two different races, two different cultures, and both passive aggressively fight over the resources the land around them provides. A new king has taken the throne in Traen, and decides to try and put an end to this long suffering tension in the only way he thinks he can; an arranged marriage. Traen is struggling despite putting up a strong front. The tension between the two kingdoms is only spurning on the issues that are arising and he must help them before their problems become much worse.

Bringing this matter to the king of Alterath, it quickly becomes apparent that neither of them have had any daughters for which to offer their hands in marriage, and so the King of Traen proposes an unusual agreement; what if they married their sons. Whilst initially hesitant the King of Alterath comes around to the idea, hoping that it will spawn new relations between the two kingdoms.

But their sons have their own opinions. The son of the king of Alterath doesn't mind too much, and is quite happy to help their struggling neighbours, understanding the political reasons behind their marriage. The son of the king of Traen isn't very pleased, as he has to move from his home into a culture he doesn't quite understand, maybe with a bit of a language barrier, and whilst he too can understand the reasons behind it wishes that it was one of his siblings instead. But as the eldest of the families the two must marry.

I'm looking for someone to play the son of the king of Alterath, the one who is a little happier with the situation. I want to play the other one. This could work quite easily between races like elves and humans, or more exotic races if you wanted. It's based on an idea I did a long while ago but the RP fell through and I thought of trying to bring it back.
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Offline MidnightSpadeTopic starter

Fandom Ideas

Below are a list of fandoms I'm in and would love to RP something with them.
I rarely RP Canon/OC pairs, it's usually either Canon/Canon or OC/OC

Fandoms I'd Like to RP
Pokemon . Digimon . Undertale
Sailor Moon . Legend of Zelda . Stardew Valley
My Little Pony . One Piece . Cardcaptor Sakura
Yuri! On Ice . Final Fantasy

Fandoms I have no ideas for but really want to play
My Little Pony (OC ponies only)
Stardew Valley (OC/Bachelor)

Expanded Ideas
Read more
Pairings: Trainer/Trainer, Pokemon/Trainer, Grunt/Trainer, Grunt/Grunt
I've played all of the games so I know of most of the canon characters if you wanted to use any of those, but I'd only like to do M/M with canon characters.
I don't mind gijinkas or anthros if you wanted to have those for the Pokemon.

A New Way to Play
A new Pokemon league has been set up based around paired battles. To compete in the league you must find another trainer to compete with, and you battle in double battles. Anyone who doesn't have a partner can enter a random draw where a partner is picked for you. Our trainers have been entered in this random draw and have ended up with each other, and they either love it or hate it.
I'm looking for M/M with this, and this can be played any way as how they get along is entirely based on how we make our characters personalities.

My Enemy
A trainer is on their journey in their region, they can be a contest performer, battler, breeder, anything, and along their journey they meet someone who is part of the resident villain group. They are initially rivals, enemies, they battle furiously but ultimately the battle ends and the villain has to flee. They keep meeting like that constantly, to the point where their rivalry becomes more friendly, and ends with an altercation in the villain group's lair where the villain now must make a choice between following the group or going after the trainer they've come to quite like.
Would prefer M/M for this pair but I'd be open to anything if you discuss it with me. I'd prefer OC/OC for this, but I might be tempted by Canon/OC pairing if you pitch it to me right.

Read more
Pairings: Taichi/Yamato, Daisuke/Ken, Digimon/Digimon, Human/Digimon

Digimon has been a very popular MMO for a couple of years, thousands of people play it every day, and MC is one of them. During a storm, an electrical surge spikes throughout the apartment building MC lives in, causing their Digimon game to act very strangely. There's a lightning strike, and next thing they know they're falling through their computer screen and ending up in the world they've been playing in for so long. The Digimon they've been playing with now must help them find a way home whilst also protecting them.
If it wasn't obvious, it's a Digimon/Human pairing. I've been playing both Digimon Online and Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth which have refueled my love for Digimon, and I'm really interested in playing a human paired with a Digimon. Preferably M/M but as always can be discussed.

You Can't Be Real
Alternatively, using the set-up above, instead of the human being pulled into the DigiWorld, the Digimon is instead shot through the computer screen and ends up in the real world. MC must find out how that's happened and how to send them back, if they even want to. Other Digimon have been appearing around the city, which seems to only happen during the bad storms they've been having. What is going on, and how ar they going to hide the fact they have a Digimon in their apartment?
This one works a little better if the Digimon is more humanoid as they can blend in a little better (for example, Beelzebumon, Myotismon, Devimon, Angemon, etc). Again, Digimon/Human pairing, though this has more chance for a larger overall plot than the first idea, probably a little similar to Tamers?

Read more
Pairings: Sans/Grillby, Sans/Frisk, Papyrus/Mettaton, Grillby/Muffet
I also know of the Underswap and Underfell AUs if you want to do anything with those.

You've Grown Up
I don't have much of a solid idea, but anything of the above would be cool. One idea I do have is this:
Monsters have been living on the surface for a long while now. They aren't quite accepted into society but they're making progress with barely any incidents with the humans now. Frisk has since gone back to school, graduated high school, and has even gone off to college. Five years later they're finally back home and looking for something to do with their life.
During this time Sans has found himself as a bit of a delivery boy for Grillby, unsure what else to do with himself but not wanting to sit around and be too lazy. He's found his mood being more and more uplifted by being on the surface, but with Frisk gone it felt like something was missing. He'd grown fond of the kid after all they'd been through, all the resets and timelines they'd met, both the good and the bad.
Now Frisk has returned after all these years, and it turns out the two have some unresolved feelings for each other. Frisk's childhood crush on the skeleton hasn't quite gone away and Sans has a new found attraction to the grown-up Frisk.
I'm looking for someone to play my Sans to my Frisk, and Frisk can either be male, female, or transmale depending on what my partner thinks (I'm not comfortable playing non-binary or transwoman just because I don't feel I could accurately portray it). Frisk has graduated college so they're approximately 24/25, unless my partner wanted them younger (I won't go younger than 18).

Fandoms I have no ideas for but really want to play
My Little Pony (OC ponies only)
Stardew Valley (OC/Male bachelor)
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Offline MidnightSpadeTopic starter

Smut Centered Ideas

These are mostly pure smut ideas, most of them are one-shot plots or similar, as in there's not much to them besides the sex.
Some of them do have extended plot though, as I still find myself craving a little bit of story with my porn.

Smut Things I Like
BDSM . Bondage . Restraints
Crossdressing . Breeding . Non-Human
Petplay . Sloppy Sex . Master/Slave

Expanded Ideas
Breeding Farm (M/Any)
Read more
Based around the game Breeding Season.

A young man or woman has inherited a very interesting kind of farm. The stock is all made up of monsters and demons that roam the kingdom, that people have taken to taming as not only do they produce things which normal farm stock can't, but they can also be trained to fight to benefit the kingdom. Breeders of these monsters are highly praised in the communities which support the taming of monsters, but it isn't quite so widely approved of.

This idea is pretty much pure smut. One of us plays the farmer and the other plays a variety of monsters which could be found throughout the kingdom. It's open to all sorts of interesting kinks and pairings. We could even each play a farmer and swap who plays what in the roleplay, the choices are endless. This was based on a game called Breeding Season which is sadly discontinued, but I recommend checking it out if you can.

Sex Magic (M/Any, Futa/Any)
Read more
Magic has to come from somewhere. It can't be created from nothing, there has to be a base for it. Some use blood, some use life force, some meditate to gather the energy, there are all kinds of ways which can be the base for magic. One way of creating magic was inspired by Succubi and Incubi; the idea of drawing energy from sex. The concept is simple; sex raises the levels of endorphins throughout the body, makes your heart race and boosts adrenaline, thus creating quite a lot of energy from one small act, especially if it involves more than one person to get the energy from. This energy can be gathered and stored and later used for magical purposes. However, it's not quite so widely accepted in the kingdom considering the basis for it comes from demons, but those who see it can't help but admit it is a very potent form of magic.

Two adventurers are hired for a job, one of whom is a mage who uses sex-based magic. Their companion has no idea, perhaps they don't approve of it, or haven't heard of it, but for the first part of their journey the other has no idea where the mage's magic comes from. They just know that occasionally the mage will take some 'alone time' (to masturbate or find a brothel if they're in a town) and come back looking much more energised. Eventually the truth is revealed, and thus the fun can begin.

I'm looking to play the mage and my partner as the other adventurer. This is open to any kinds of pairings that I've listed above, and your character can be of any species as long as it fits a fantasy setting. We can discuss what kinds of pairs we want. This is one the more story-filled smut ideas, but still revolves around a lot of sex.

Acceptance (M/Transman only)
Read more
My character is a transmale, and he's a huge hornball. He's jealous of all the transmen he sees in pornos having all the kinds of sex he wishes he could have. He has an extensive toy collection that is not struggling to satisfy him. He just wants to someone to accept him for who he is and be able to satisfy the urges he has, but has so far had no luck. He's getting frustrated and desperate.

Enter your character. He's a porn star looking for a relationship where his partner would be okay with him continuing the job he quite loves, but like the transman has so far found no luck. The two of them meet in unexpected circumstances where at first their 'secrets' aren't revealed. After getting a little closer, the transman has to reveal he's not quite like other guys, and the porn star has to explain about his job.

Of course neither of them really care because now they've found someone who can keep up with them.

There's a little bit more of a plot to this one than others but I felt it was more smut based than plot based so I've stuck it here. I just really want to play a transman that likes getting pounded in both holes. There's room for a lot of romance and feelings and an equal amount of smut as well considering what they're both like.

Red Riding Hood (M/Any, Futa/Any)
Read more
Red Riding Hood is a young man/woman who has a very big thing for wolves. All of the warnings to stay away from them have just enticed them more, craving something they've been told they can't have. Then when they're on their way to visit a relative, a wolf finds them and decides they're his next 'meal', only to be surprised his prey isn't exactly struggling.

I just want dirty hot smut with Red paired with a great big wolf with a knotted cock. I'm not into Non-Con, so I'd be interested to make this into a mutual thing where Red really loves being taken by a wolf. It doesn't even have to be the idea above, it can be anything. Red can be male or female or anything in between, I just need your wolf to have a knotted cock.

Breeding Lessons (Trainer/Pokemon)
Read more
I'm listing this seperate from my Fandom list of Pokemon because this is pure smut.

I don't have a specific plot, just ideas I want to explore. I want to play a trainer who has sex with their Pokemon, who can be anything from gijinkas to anthros to beasts. Considering the different tpyes of Pokemon there's loads of kinks and areas we can explore.

I'm happy playing a male or female trainer with Pokemon of any gender (just not into F/F stuff, I like penetration), and I'm open to whatever kinds of Pokemon you wanna play with. I do have a preference for the canine-like ones, like Lycanroc, Absol, Arcanine, etc, but we can do literally anything as long as my trainer is getting thoroughly fucked.
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Update 12.01.2017 - Updated a bunch of ideas and stuff! I'm craving getting back into RPing!