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December 04, 2016, 06:33:24 AM

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Author Topic: fandom funtimes! [m/m, f/f, m/f; K Project, Pokemon, Yuri!!! on Ice, others]  (Read 175 times)

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Offline paradoxicalreactionTopic starter

Right now I'm looking to play certain characters that won't leave me alone. I plan to list all my fandoms and the characters I play at some point; until I get around to that, if you're curious, just ask!

I haven't repeated anything here that I've mentioned in my O/O thread, so please check that out as well~

Please PM me if you're interested!

The muses who want my attention the most right now are:
- Fushimi Saruhiko and Suoh Mikoto from K Project; I also have a K OC I'd love to play
- Kiryuu Joshua from The World Ends With You (note: I don't believe that he's really as young as he appears to be in-game, so I play him as (way, way) older than sixteen.)
- Akame Nisei from Loveless
- Inquisitor Treveylan (female, mage) from Dragon Age: Inquisition - that's her in my avatar
- Yoshino Chidori from Persona 3
- Domino and Hun from the Pokemon anime; I also have a few OCs I'm dying to play with
- Katsuki Yuri from Yuri!!! on Ice

Because I mostly just want an excuse to play around with those characters, I'm not terribly picky about who you play.
If you have some kind of plot idea or at least a reason for the characters to be interacting, I'll probably say yes. OCs are fine too!

There are some pairings I adore more than others, though! Some characters I'd especially love to play against are:

K Project: Munakata Reisi for either Saruhiko or Mikoto; Izumo, Tatara (or both!) or Yata for Mikoto. I'd love a Saruhiko to play my OC against; I don't necessarily ship that, either, I just want platonic shenanigans. But it can be sexy if you want it to!

TWEWY: Hanekoma. I have a plot idea for Josh/Neku that'd be a lot of fun too.

Loveless: Seimei. Maybe Mimuro, if you feel like tackling a relatively minor character?

Dragon Age: Inquisition: my Treveylan romanced Bull, so... :D Also Solas or really any of the party mages, or maybe Cullen.

Persona 3: Mitsuru, but, again, only if you like AUs. Takaya and/or Jin.

Pokemon: Giovanni for Domino, Attila for Hun still not over how utterly ridiculous those names are, god. OCs for my OCs, probably, but feel free to suggest otherwise.

Yuri!!! on Ice: Victor, duh :P

I don't have prepared plot ideas for every pairing I'd like to play, but I do have some!

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
K Project: As far as Reisaru goes, I don't have any real structured plot in mind, I just love the pairing to death and want to write as much of it as possible! I do have an AU I kind of love, though, where Saruhiko is a girl who was raised by Kisa instead of Niki, and is a very different kind of fucked up as a result. I'd really like to play that.

My OC is a Blue Clansman, and the main appeal of playing her opposite Saruhiko is that she's kind of aggressively the Mom Friend and fusses over Saruhiko, in particular, because someone needs to. The main idea here is "goddammit Fushimi-san if you won't take care of yourself I guess I'll just have to do it for you." and maybe frustration fucking, because why not.

TWEWY: again, no real plot, I just really like Kirkoma. If you prefer to have a storyline in mind I'm more than willing to brainstorm with you and come up with something, though - that applies in general, not just for this pairing!

As for Josh/Neku: When Joshua was putting Neku back together after shooting him the second time, he accidently left just a little bit of himself behind. That tiny bit of immense power is way too much for Neku to handle in the Realground, and when it starts to negatively affect his life he tracks Joshua down to make him fix it. The problem is that Josh can'tfix it in the RG - his power is too limited - and Neku's really not going to like the only way to get him back into the UG... (Death. The answer's death.) I totally stole this from a Neku-mun I played with once, but it's just such a cool idea...

Seimei and Nisei's relationship is so horribly fascinating and I want to play with it! ("This relationship is interesting and I want to play with it" is kind of a common theme, you might have noticed.) I'd especially love to explore Seimei's reaction to Nisei's attraction to him. Seimei doesn't seem like the kind of person to gracefully turn down someone with a crush.

Dragon Age: Inquisition:
The thing about Effie Treveylan is that she's a shining example of a Circle success story? She's terrified of her magic, of possession, of becoming an apostate - well, more of an apostate than she already is - because she really fell for the idea that all apostates are evil blood mages. I'd love to play her against another mage who realizes why she freaks out so badly after battles and tries to help her overcome the Circle brainwashing. I think Solas is the best suited for successfully helping her, but it would be interesting to see Vivienne and Dorian's reactions to this scenario too. And things would obviously go very differently with Cullen, but, again, I think that would be really interesting. This probably wouldn't be sexual at any point.

As for Bull, well - sometimes you just want fluffy BDSM smut. :P No serious plot ideas there - though Bull reacting to and trying to help with Effie's sheer terror of magic could be another interesting take on that plot, especially with his own less than positive attitude towards magic.

Persona 3: I am quite possibly the only one who ships this, but I wrote an AU fic where Chidori falls for Mitsuru instead of Junpei, and the idea hasn't left me alone since. I've also spent way too much time thinking about an AU where Chidori realizes Takaya is an absolute piece of shit and joins SEES instead. And because Takaya is such a piece of shit, Takaya/Chidori is another one of those "super fascinating, want to play" pairings for me. Jin/Chidori's great too. I just really like Chidori, okay.

Pokemon: I have a lot of... probably over-elaborate headcanon regarding Giovanni and Domino's relationship and why she's, from what we can tell from her limited screentime, so close to him. The basic idea is that he met her when she was very young, thought she had a lot of potential, and handpicked her to receive special training. Along the way he conditioned her to feel safe in his presence, even though she's constantly on guard everywhere else - and even if he's not treating her in a way that should make her feel safe.

For Attila and Hun - I think the only way to get Hun to break down would be to do something to Attila. So let's do something horrible to Attila! Hurt/comfort between the two of them or conflict between Hun and Attila's tormentors would both be great.

My OCs are also Team Rocket - surprise, surprise - and I'd love either a police capture and interrogation thing, or a buying-promotions-with-sex thing with a higher ranking member of Team Rocket.
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Offline paradoxicalreactionTopic starter

Complete fandom/character/pairing list!

Anything here is fair game! I'm usually up for other pairings too; there are a few I just don't like, but they're pretty rare, so if I play one half of your OTP feel free to request that!

All my OCs are female, just fyi.

characters I play
pairings I like

Final Fantasy X
Yuna, Braska
Lulu/Yuna, any combination of Braska and Jecht and/or Auron, Seymour/Yuna

K Project
Fushimi Saruhiko, Munakata Reisi, Awashima Seri, Domyoji Andy, Enomoto Tatsuya, Suoh Mikoto, Neko, Hisui Nagare, OCs
Munakata/Fushimi, Kamo/Domyoji, Fushimi/Enomoto, Mikoto/Munakata, Shiro/Kuroh/Neko, Nagare/Yukari
My OCs are: a member of Scepter 4's Special Ops squad, a Red Clansman who joined HOMRA to protect her Strain cousin, and the Red Clansman who is the Strain cousin.

Akame Nisei, Aoyagi Seimei, Agatsuma Soubi, Sagan Nagisa, Saotome Nana, Sakagami Kouya, OCs
Seimei/Nisei, Nisei/Soubi, Ritsu/Soubi, Nagisa/Nana, Yamato/Kouya
My OCs are a Fighter and Sacrifice pair attending Seven Voices Academy. The Fighter is fairly unremarkable, but - unfortunately for her - the Sacrifice has attracted Ritsu's attention...

Mass Effect
Jeff "Joker" Moreau, Commander Shepard, Tali'Zorah vas Normandy
Shepard/Joker, Shepard/Tali, (okay, pretty much Shepard/anyone), Vega/Joker, Kaidan/Joker

Persona 3
Both protagonists, Yamagishi Fuuka, Aragaki Shinjiro, Yoshino Chidori, Shirato Jin, Elizabeth
Mitsuru/Fuuka, Mitsuru/Chidori, Shinjiro/Akihiko, Shinjiro/Akihiko/Mitsuru, Takaya/Jin, Takaya/Chidori, Jin/Chidori, Takaya/Jin/Chidori, either protagonist/pretty much anyone

Domino, Hun, OCs
Giovanni/Domino, Domino/Cassidy, Attila/Hun
My Pokemon anime knowledge doesn't go past Johto. My OCs are pretty heavily game-based but they don't not fit into the anime universe? They're Team Rocket members stationed at the Celedon Game Corner, a team and their... assistant? Unofficially adopted child? Oh, and one of them's a Nurse Joy gone rogue.

The World Ends With You
Kiryu Joshua, Sakuraba Neku, Kariya Koki, Hanekoma Sanae
Hanekoma/Joshua, Kariya/Uzuki
I play Joshua as much older than 16, since I don't think he's actually as young as he appears in-game. Neku I'm only willing to play post-game to comply with Elliquiy's rules regarding character age.

Mutou Yuugi, Dark Yuugi, Bakura Ryou, Valon
Dark Yuugi/Yuugi, Dark Yuugi/Ryou, Dark Bakura/Ryou, Malik/Ryou, Kaiba/Ryou, Dartz/Valon, Rafael/Valon

Yuri!!! on Ice
Katsuki Yuri, Yuri Plisetsky
Victor/Yuri K
Yuri P would be aged up a year, obviously.
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Offline paradoxicalreactionTopic starter

Updated with all the fandoms/characters/pairings I play~