please for the love of god play Final Fantasy XV with me [+ some other fandoms!]

Started by paradoxicalreaction, October 17, 2016, 09:46:17 PM

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Right now I really, really, lots of reallies want to RP Final Fantasy XV. There's a list of my other fandoms in the second post, though, and I am still open to playing those as well! I'm not interested in original stuff, though.

I haven't repeated anything here that I've mentioned in my O/O thread, so please check that out as well~

Please PM me if you're interested!

100+ hours in I am having to face the facts: my borderline obsession with FFXV isn't going away anytime soon. And if I can't make it go away, I might as well take advantage of it, right?

I'm comfortable playing Noctis and Prompto, and... maybe Ignis? I've been switching languages a lot and the personality difference between Japanese Ignis and English Ignis is kind of jarring. I kiiiiind of hope someone on the localization team got fired. But anyway. Oh, and Luna.

I headcanon Prompto as trans, but I'm not opposed to writing him as a cis dude on request. Trans Prompto is my default, though, so you'll have to ask.

Here are some specific pairings/scenarios I like, but feel free to make suggestions if you have something in mind!

Ignis/Prompto, Dom/sub. Promnis is everything I love in a D/s dynamic. I'd love to play this out from the beginning - awkwardly figuring out their mutual interest, realizing a D/s dynamic works for both of them, some awkwardness as they settle into it but then a lot of really hot sex (that's also incredibly soothing and grounding for Prompto)...

Gladio/Prompto D/s. See above, basically. Less Ultimate OTP tier for me, but I'm still a fan.

Ardyn/Prompto torture porn? Just fuck me up. (And Prompto. Fuck him up too.)

Prompto/Noctis. They're just so! cute! I love them so much! I want to drown in Promptis fluff. Or angst, that's cool too. I really like the Accidental Sugar Daddy Noct thing I've seen a couple times in fic, where Noct casually spends money on Prompto like it's nothing - because for him it is nothing - and Prompto has no idea how to handle this, what the hell, Noct.

Gladio/Noct. Size difference stuff and bratty pillow princess Noct are A+++.

Regis/Noct. "You look so much like your mother" (because let's face it, he sure doesn't look like Regis), creepy possessiveness... I'd sell my soul for something where Regis treats Noct perfectly normally until he turns 16, because he's too Lawful Evil to commit statutory rape, that would be crossing the line. I love fucked up priorities.

Crowe/Luna. nope Crowe didn't die that didn't happen la la I CAN'T HEAR YOU


Complete fandom/character/pairing list!

Anything here is fair game! I'm usually up for other pairings too; there are a few I just don't like, but they're pretty rare, so if I play one half of your OTP feel free to request that!

All my OCs are female, just fyi.

characters I play
pairings I like

Final Fantasy X
Yuna, Braska
Lulu/Yuna, any combination of Braska and Jecht and/or Auron, Seymour/Yuna

K Project
Fushimi Saruhiko, Munakata Reisi, Awashima Seri, Domyoji Andy, Enomoto Tatsuya, Suoh Mikoto, Neko, Hisui Nagare, OCs
Munakata/Fushimi, Kamo/Domyoji, Fushimi/Enomoto, Mikoto/Munakata, Shiro/Kuroh/Neko, Nagare/Yukari
My OCs are: a member of Scepter 4's Special Ops squad, a Red Clansman who joined HOMRA to protect her Strain cousin, and the Red Clansman who is the Strain cousin.

Akame Nisei, Aoyagi Seimei, Agatsuma Soubi, Sagan Nagisa, Saotome Nana, Sakagami Kouya, OCs
Seimei/Nisei, Nisei/Soubi, Ritsu/Soubi, Nagisa/Nana, Yamato/Kouya
My OCs are a Fighter and Sacrifice pair attending Seven Voices Academy. The Fighter is fairly unremarkable, but - unfortunately for her - the Sacrifice has attracted Ritsu's attention...

Mass Effect
Jeff "Joker" Moreau, Commander Shepard, Tali'Zorah vas Normandy
Shepard/Joker, Shepard/Tali, (okay, pretty much Shepard/anyone), Vega/Joker, Kaidan/Joker

Persona 3
Both protagonists, Yamagishi Fuuka, Aragaki Shinjiro, Yoshino Chidori, Shirato Jin, Elizabeth
Mitsuru/Fuuka, Mitsuru/Chidori, Shinjiro/Akihiko, Shinjiro/Akihiko/Mitsuru, Takaya/Jin, Takaya/Chidori, Jin/Chidori, Takaya/Jin/Chidori, either protagonist/pretty much anyone

Domino, Hun, OCs
Giovanni/Domino, Domino/Cassidy, Attila/Hun
My Pokemon anime knowledge doesn't go past Johto. My OCs are pretty heavily game-based but they don't not fit into the anime universe? They're Team Rocket members stationed at the Celedon Game Corner, a team and their... assistant? Unofficially adopted child? Oh, and one of them's a Nurse Joy gone rogue.

The World Ends With You
Kiryu Joshua, Sakuraba Neku, Kariya Koki, Hanekoma Sanae
Hanekoma/Joshua, Kariya/Uzuki
I play Joshua as much older than 16, since I don't think he's actually as young as he appears in-game. Neku I'm only willing to play post-game to comply with Elliquiy's rules regarding character age.

Mutou Yuugi, Dark Yuugi, Bakura Ryou, Valon
Dark Yuugi/Yuugi, Dark Yuugi/Ryou, Dark Bakura/Ryou, Malik/Ryou, Kaiba/Ryou, Dartz/Valon, Rafael/Valon

Yuri!!! on Ice
Katsuki Yuri, Yuri Plisetsky
Victor/Yuri K
Yuri P would be aged up a year, obviously.