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February 21, 2017, 08:16:36 PM

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Author Topic: please for the love of god play Pokemon with me [+ some other fandoms!]  (Read 444 times)

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Offline paradoxicalreactionTopic starter

Right now I really, really, lots of reallies want to RP Pokemon. There's a list of my other fandoms in the second post, though, and I am still open to playing those as well! I'm not interested in original stuff, though.

I haven't repeated anything here that I've mentioned in my O/O thread, so please check that out as well~

Please PM me if you're interested!

"I want to RP Pokemon" isn't very specific in such a huge franchise, so here are the three specific parts of the Pokemon universe I'd like to play in:

- The early anime - Kanto and Johto.
- The games - Red/Blue/Yellow/Fire Red/Leaf Green, and Sun/Moon
- And The World Will Turn To Ash, a really fantastic Pokemon Go fancomic. (The artist has given blanket permission for people to use her comic and its OCs in fanworks, including RP.)

Anything after Johto but before Alola is a terrifying void I have no knowledge of.

I'm mostly looking to play specific characters, and I'm not too picky about who I play them against! There are some pairings I particularly like, but I'll give just about anything a shot. It would be wonderful if you approached me with some kind of plot idea, though!

Character I play
Characters I'd especially like to play them against
any notes, plot ideas, etc

Giovanni, Noire (from And The World Will Turn To Ash)
Commandshipping is probably my oldest Pokemon ship, and I still love it lots. Domino has so little screen time that there's a lot of room to interpret their relationship (or just make shit up), but the take on this pairing I like most is a "boss's pet" sort of thing, where Giovanni blatantly and openly favors Domino and makes no attempt to hide that it's because they're fucking. Domino quite enjoys lording it over other agents that the boss likes her best... and she might just have feelings for him that are entirely unreciprocated.

what I have in mind for her and Noire I've detailed below in Noire's section.

Bashou, aka Hun
Buson, aka Attila
look Hun is just the most cringeworthy name the Pokemon dub has ever come up with it and I object to it on principle I will use his English name in RP if you'd prefer that. I play him as a guy either way, though.

Steelshipping is my other oldest Pokemon pairing. I'd love to explore Bashou and Buson as new partners, feeling each other out and discovering a mutual attraction. Or - I'm pretty sure the only way to really rattle Bashou would be for something to happen to Buson. So let's do that! Hurt/comfort between the two of them, or conflict between Bashou and Buson's captors, would both be fantastic.

Alola trainer
Guzma, Plumeria
Goody two-shoes trainer picks a fight with Team Skull. Team Skull's higher-ups don't take kindly to that. I'm not really looking for an elaborate plot here! The trainer can be male or female, I don't have a preference.

Kanto or Johto trainer
See above, but with Team Rocket instead.

Candela, Spark, Noire
Most of my characterization for Blanche is taken from And The World Will Turn To Ash, since Pokemon Go is not particularly plot-heavy. The most notable thing is that Ash-verse Blanche is nonbinary, and uses they/them pronouns. Oh, and that whole "they have a twin" thing.

character summary
Blanche and Noire were test subjects in an attempt Cipher made to give children the ability to create Shadow Pokemon. Unlike their twin, Blanche never gained this ability, but she was "rescued" from Cipher by Team Rocket along with Noire. The two of them were raised by Executive Sabrina, but had a falling-out when Blanche was offered the chance to work for Professor Willow. Blanche became Willow's assistant and, eventually, the leader of Team Mystic; Noire took a different path.

Blanche is bonded to Articuno, and can summon it or channel its power through their own body at will. This goes both ways, though, and Articuno can and does possess them when it feels so inclined.

I ship them in a BDSM poly thing with the other team leaders... and I ship them with their twin. Or both, simultaneously.

Noire (And The World Will Turn To Ash character)
Spark, Blanche, Amelie (And The World Will Turn To Ash character), Domino
character summary
Noire is Blanche's very-slightly-older twin, and Giovanni's second-in-command. The most successful result of attempts by Cipher to give children  the ability to create Shadow Pokemon, Noire can control and corrupt other trainers' Pokemon... at a cost to their own wellbeing, of course. "Liberated" from Cipher by Team Rocket along with their twin, and raised together with said twin by Executive Sabrina, Noire ultimately chose to join Team Rocket after Blanche left to work for Professor Willow. Despite their own rank of Executive, on paper Team Rocket views them not as an agent, but as one of the most powerful weapons at its disposal.

Violent hatesex with Blanche would be fun. This fic is the kind of relationship I'd want between them and Spark. Amelie is essentially the General Hux to Noire's Kylo Ren, so of course I ship that, and I have a hurt/comfort plot I'd love to try out: [x]

As for Domino - Noire is Giovanni's second-in-command. Domino doesn't have that kind of rank, but she does have the boss's attention and favor, and Noire can be very petty and jealous, and that's not fair. (So, hatesex again.)

Amelie (And The World Will Turn To Ash character)
character summary
On paper, Amelie is Noire's assistant. Off the record, her job is to safeguard one of Team Rocket's most powerful - and dangerous - assets. Essentially, she's paid to be Noire's friend, and keep them from self-destructing too spectacularly. ...that doesn't mean she can't have genuine feelings for them, though.
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Offline paradoxicalreactionTopic starter

Complete fandom/character/pairing list!

Anything here is fair game! I'm usually up for other pairings too; there are a few I just don't like, but they're pretty rare, so if I play one half of your OTP feel free to request that!

All my OCs are female, just fyi.

characters I play
pairings I like

Final Fantasy X
Yuna, Braska
Lulu/Yuna, any combination of Braska and Jecht and/or Auron, Seymour/Yuna

K Project
Fushimi Saruhiko, Munakata Reisi, Awashima Seri, Domyoji Andy, Enomoto Tatsuya, Suoh Mikoto, Neko, Hisui Nagare, OCs
Munakata/Fushimi, Kamo/Domyoji, Fushimi/Enomoto, Mikoto/Munakata, Shiro/Kuroh/Neko, Nagare/Yukari
My OCs are: a member of Scepter 4's Special Ops squad, a Red Clansman who joined HOMRA to protect her Strain cousin, and the Red Clansman who is the Strain cousin.

Akame Nisei, Aoyagi Seimei, Agatsuma Soubi, Sagan Nagisa, Saotome Nana, Sakagami Kouya, OCs
Seimei/Nisei, Nisei/Soubi, Ritsu/Soubi, Nagisa/Nana, Yamato/Kouya
My OCs are a Fighter and Sacrifice pair attending Seven Voices Academy. The Fighter is fairly unremarkable, but - unfortunately for her - the Sacrifice has attracted Ritsu's attention...

Mass Effect
Jeff "Joker" Moreau, Commander Shepard, Tali'Zorah vas Normandy
Shepard/Joker, Shepard/Tali, (okay, pretty much Shepard/anyone), Vega/Joker, Kaidan/Joker

Persona 3
Both protagonists, Yamagishi Fuuka, Aragaki Shinjiro, Yoshino Chidori, Shirato Jin, Elizabeth
Mitsuru/Fuuka, Mitsuru/Chidori, Shinjiro/Akihiko, Shinjiro/Akihiko/Mitsuru, Takaya/Jin, Takaya/Chidori, Jin/Chidori, Takaya/Jin/Chidori, either protagonist/pretty much anyone

Domino, Hun, OCs
Giovanni/Domino, Domino/Cassidy, Attila/Hun
My Pokemon anime knowledge doesn't go past Johto. My OCs are pretty heavily game-based but they don't not fit into the anime universe? They're Team Rocket members stationed at the Celedon Game Corner, a team and their... assistant? Unofficially adopted child? Oh, and one of them's a Nurse Joy gone rogue.

The World Ends With You
Kiryu Joshua, Sakuraba Neku, Kariya Koki, Hanekoma Sanae
Hanekoma/Joshua, Kariya/Uzuki
I play Joshua as much older than 16, since I don't think he's actually as young as he appears in-game. Neku I'm only willing to play post-game to comply with Elliquiy's rules regarding character age.

Mutou Yuugi, Dark Yuugi, Bakura Ryou, Valon
Dark Yuugi/Yuugi, Dark Yuugi/Ryou, Dark Bakura/Ryou, Malik/Ryou, Kaiba/Ryou, Dartz/Valon, Rafael/Valon

Yuri!!! on Ice
Katsuki Yuri, Yuri Plisetsky
Victor/Yuri K
Yuri P would be aged up a year, obviously.
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Offline paradoxicalreactionTopic starter

Updated with all the fandoms/characters/pairings I play~

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Re: please for the love of god play Pokemon with me [+ some other fandoms!]
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Re: please for the love of god play Pokemon with me [+ some other fandoms!]
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