Wanting to play with, not necessarily run - f/f only right at this minute....

Started by StormAngelus, October 10, 2016, 01:28:28 PM

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Hello, all! I'm actually looking for a story that's going to be smut, just to let you know. Yes, I can play a character - but I'm seriously jonesing for something I haven't done before. First, I'm wanting f/f work, no guys got the time being. Strap-ons will be included, if we could, please! Now, just because I'm not running doesn't mean I'm sub. I do not play sub. I don't mind a bit of light bondage. I'd love to try a woman having her first encounter with another woman, even though she's been with men all her life. Just think of it as she wants her first experience, but has never been able to give into that need - she's got some self-esteem issues, she feels ugly because of her imperfections, and women have never found her all that attractive. The one I'd be playing's not a huge beauty, no Madonna or Beyonce' or anything, but she's not too bad-looking. You'll find her just as giving as you are, just as passionate as you are, and she'll have no compunction about eating you until you scream once you open her up.

This is something I'm needing because my muse will NOT leave me alone about it. And now, she's to the point that if I don't do it, nothing else will come out! I want to write with someone who'll be accepting of my wants, but be willing to take the story's details into account.

Hope to hear from someone soon! You can reply to me here or on PM's if you have questions.
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