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Author Topic: Wicked Games - The Villain's Plots [M lf F, Varies]  (Read 5935 times)

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Wicked Games - The Villain's Plots [M lf F, Varies]
« on: October 08, 2016, 11:23:35 AM »

New general plot collection thread, and I thought I'd organize it a little differently and add some new ideas.  This is too get them all in one place for convenience.

In General -
- PM me if you're interested.
- Suggested plots don't have to be exactly as shown, some flexibility and creative input is not only acceptable but encouraged.
- Ideas are seperated into five catagories by how they work the best, but can be moved. So if you see something you basically like but it's too dark for your tastes, or not dark enough, we can discuss it. Some ideas may also move around based on plot and tastes, in those cases the idea will be put into the hardest catagory it can apply for. Don't say I didn't warn you.

New Point -
- Ideas marked with Astericks mean that at the current time I'm not looking for that idea, most likely because it's taken. Variations of that idea may still work though, so PM me if interested.

The five catagories are Light, Bondage, Dub-Con, NC, and Extreme. The definitions of these terms will pretty much match the site's rules though I will include some extra notes. Quick Warning, some pictures are NSFW.

So let's begin.

Light - This doesn't mean there won't be kink, just that said kink probably won't be of the bondage-and-leather variety. Public places, for example. Light stories also tend to have an Impregnation angle, so keep that in mind.

YC is a career woman whose semi-secretly wanted a child for a while now. Finally deciding to get artificially inseminated, she's been going to her local fertility clinic and working out what she wants in an anonymous sperm donor to help her with her dream of having a baby with one of the doctors there.

However when she and the doctor finally get it down to one potential donor there's a paperwork mix up and she is accidently shown the name and full contact information of the "anonymous" donor, MC. What she does with that information will change their lives.

Ten to One
NSFW Image
n another Earth, a certain sea captain was a little extra cautious with his cargo. As a result the Black Plague didn't really take off until another century or two after the Black Death ravaged Europe and Asia in our world, and with better ships available it the Black Death went global instead. An extra century of Evolution also gave the Black Plague a slightly different genetic make-up, one or two gene markers that ended up one spot to the left or right of where they ended up in our world. On this Earth, these things resulted in something radically different.

This time, the disease carried an extra quirk so that in the survivors the ability to replicate a certain protein was damaged. Which normally would go unnoticed, except this protein had to deal with replicating the y-gene. In actual human beings the accompanying x-chromosome could pick up the slack, but in y-gene carrying sperm cells this resulted in deformities and overall lethargy. As a result, sperm that carried would carry y-genes to the next generation was usually not up to the task.

We officially noticed the effect by the time the Industrial Revolution rolled around and a large work-force was required, noticing that women outnumbered men. By a lot, in some areas. Science, Technology, and Culture still advanced in a similiar path in most ways but the shortage of Males radically altered society in others.

Welcome to the early 21st century on this Earth. It's got basically the same level of technology, roughly the same borders, roughly the same path of history - but as of 2017 Women outnumber Men by almost Ten to One. The Women's Suffrage Movement still happened but a decade earlier and it was called the Women's Duty Movement instead. World War 1 and World War 2 both still happened, but most of the historical faces you'd expect to see were different and a lot of them were now women. There hasn't been a male President of the United States since the 90's, the environment is overall in better shape if only because the World's population is a lot lower, and the relative lack of males is collectively know as 'The Decline'.

On a more individual level, this means society has had time to adjust to the fact that Women outnumber Men by Ten to One. Marriage and Monogomy pretty much have ceased to exist outside of history books. Public Indecency, Exhibitionism, and having Sex in Public are actually encouraged within reason. Males are often not just expected but required to move out at 18, often to another country if the numbers have gotten particularly bad. And most of all, nobody thinks this is the slightest bit odd, this is just something we do to keep the species going.

Something's got to happen though, because 'The Decline' is getting worse. The Ten to One ratio is only getting higher and eventually there will be no Male babies being born at all...

Time Perv
Additional Tags - Sci-Fi

Basically I'm treating this thread as one giant plot bunny.

In the future, time travel technology is developed. Secretly, one of it's first uses is to form a sort of sex tourism service for the particularly rich and powerful. Want to experience a flapper from the roaring 1920's? Join in on a Roman Orgy? Feel the Free Love of the 1960's for yourself? All this is possible for the right price. Of course there's rules and procedures, basically boiling down to two points.

-No use of technology that isn't supplied by the service, technology that is designed to be visually indistinguishable from things found during the time period anyway.
-The service desginates all acceptable potential sexual partners. To prevent damage to the timeline these temporal sex tourists are only allowed to have sexual encounters with people from the past that are going to die within the next couple weeks anyway.

Possible Plot Twist - A male future sex tourist has sex with a woman in the past that according to history dies in an accident three week later. However, what actually happened was that in a week she was going to commit suicide, her family used their connections to cover it up. And now the sex was so good that she's changed her mind, especially when she discovers she's pregnant from her mysterious lothario...

Additional Tags - Sci-Fi, Impreg

Welcome to the year 2287, A time when Womankind is making its first real steps into the galaxy. Sadly, the male half of the species didn't make it. A runaway biological weapon killed every human being with a Y gene about 150 years ago, even in the Womb. Thanks to cloning and genetic engineering the species survived anyway but Men have only existed in old stories and in historical textbooks for well over a century. Scattered among 7 star systems are about 80 billion living humans and not only are all of them Women but most of them don't even know what a Man is.

But the crew a salvage ship has just made a startling discovery. Among the remains of an old astronomical survey ship that was lost almost 200 years ago is a living human male in cryonic suspension. They just made the salvage of a lifetime with the discovery of someone who might just be the Last Man Alive.

What could be every guy's dream though quickly becomes a nightmare as many of the women of the future decide that they were doing just fine, and possibly were better off, without him...

[Actually going for a more solid, series sci-fi bend then the description may suggest.

Bondage - Same as the site; whips, leather, and all that jazz.

The Bride
I thought I'd toss out an RP based on Frankenstein's Monster and the Bride of Frankenstein. Details negotiable but here's a few possible ideas.

Set in Modern Times -

A young woman goes to a costume Halloween party as a sexy Bride of Frankenstein, as in the female version of the Creature invented from the movies of the 30's. The costume is a hit, and she ends up having sex with a man who she thinks had a similiar idea with a handsome Frankenstein's Monster costume.

Except afterwords she finds out that her paramour of that night wasn't just a man in a Frankenstein's Monster costume but the Real Frankenstein's Monster...

In 1818, Dr. Victor Frankenstein using his genius created a living being. A man, born not from a woman's womb but from the corpses of the dead and a bolt of lightning. The creature did not please him, and instead of celebrating his victory over Death he tried to kill his creation. The creature survived, and their fueled began.

In 1825, their fued having already cost him dearly, Dr. Frankenstein offers a deal with his Creature. His experiments having continued, the Doctor now thinks he can create something better. In exchange for peace, Dr. Frankenstein has proposed to create a companion for the Creature, a female version of the Monster that will benefit from several more years of previous experiments known simply as 'The Bride'.

But is the Bride truly Dr. Frankenstein's peace offering to his "son" - or the instrument of his Revenge?

It's an old story, hidden from the world. In 1818, Dr. Frankenstein created the Monster. In 1825, Victor tried again with a female version of the creature known as The Bride. The Doctor always did view the Monster as a failure and the Bride as his greatest success. He did too good of a job on the Bride, in the Doctor's humble opinion. He didn't think she'd be just as Willful as the Monster turned out to be.

One thing that none of them expected was the lifespans of the Creatures. Years would become Decades, Decades became almost 200 years and both Monster and Bride seemingly have not aged. Are they truly immortal? How long are they going to walk the Earth?

Their paths frequently part and reunite, and tonight they have once again.

Confessions of a Horny Devil
Additional Tags - Modern Fantasy

It all started with the end of the world. Seriously, the Biblical Apocalypse actually happened much to everyone's surprise. The Rapture of the Faithful, the Spread of Darkness, the Four Horsemen, the Anti-Christ, the Rise of the Armies of Good and Evil - all of it. The only part they really got wrong was how long it would last and how it ended. It was supposed to be the War to end all Wars with Satan finally defeated and God ruling a perfect paradise forever.

Instead, we got a few war stories then life went on. The armies of Heaven and Hell expected us to chose sides and fight with them - but instead we chose our own path. Even the "Good" guys of Heaven decided that they wanted to kill everyone, just wanted to kill the demons first, so in the end we decided to give a big "screw you" to them both.

Funny thing though. Turns out, both the armies of Heaven and Hell apparently had made no big changes in their military hardware or strategy since the Roman Empire. So when Humans entered the final battle of Armageddon we brought modern technology and tactics - and as a result the war was so one-sided it made jokes on late night television. Oh sure, and individual demon soldier or heavenly angel can take a human - but since when do humans fight alone? It was nicknamed the Curb Stomp War, and instead of ending the world it became just another skirmish.

The surviving members of the forces of Heaven and Hell gave unconditional surrenders, and in return we proved to not be total bastards. The surviving supernatural creatures of the world were for the most part allowed to live among us, if now they had to register with local immigration authorities and were now subject to human laws. In America, this meant that NIS gained a new branch called the SINS, the Supernatural Immigration and Naturalization Service. Excuse the name, with the Rapture taking away all the Bible Thumpers we're a little more relaxed about a little blasphemy between friends.

It's not a bad gig if you can get it. It's a lot like a normal immigration agency, but since the clients this time are a bit stranger by law and pretty rare it's not unusual to only need a few social workers and even then they only have 2 or 3 clients each.

"Nick Brooklyn" is a special case that gets special attention though. A registered Demon trying to make a living in NYC as a writer but he's famous for something else. Supernatural creatures usually reproduce via complex rituals and magical ceremonies. Most of them are even genderless. But "Nick" recently came out as an Incubus in his writing, a demon that specializes in sexual sins. So he not only actually is as male as he appears but he can father offspring the old-fashioned way - and in theory he can father children with any female sentient being.

Which needless to say makes things interesting in the office of SINS...

So I Don't Have To Dream Alone

Harry McBride doesn't know why it's happening exactly. He couldn't even tell you why he's in the coma, he just knows that his body is in a coma somewhere sleeping away his life. The weird part is that while his body is comatose his mind can leave his body and enter the dream planes to explore a whole new world.

As such he's discovered that he can enter the dreams of other people when they're asleep. It's even more fun then it sounds, especially when he's in the dreams of attractive women as he's discovered that he can still seduce and have sex with these women at least in their dreams. Hell, it doesn't even count as cheating since nobody's physical body is actually involved - right?

None of this your character knows. All she knows is that one night not to long ago she had an unusual intense sex dream involving a handsome stranger, and now he shows up on more dreams then not. Even in dreams where it seems like it wouldn't make sense, like in nightmares about monsters. And then she discovers that she's not the first to have this mysterious 'Dream Lover' and something strange has to be going on...

Dub-Con - Dubious Consent. Usually of the variety of your character thinks they did or technically did consent but something happened that suggests their ability to consent was actually comprimised at the time. The use of Aphrodesiacs or Blackmail for example. [Do keep in mind I'm basing this on definitions of the terms used by the Site, not the Law. :P]

Close Encounters
Extra Tags: Sci-Fi, B-Horror
It was supposed to be the first Manned Mission To Mars, cut short by tragedy when humanity lost contact with the brave crew of the Ares mission. It was kind of weird how there was no real warning, just all the sudden the craft just disappeared from it's path. No explosion, no word of anything weird from the crew, just suddenly a spinning transport as long as a city block just vanished from the night sky.

Then things got even weirder, only a week after the Ares disappeared. Mission Specialist Dennis Hunt was found nude and unconscious in the middle of a crop circle, somehow returning to Earth months faster then the technology would have been capable of bringing him - let alone bring him back perfectly fine.

But then Dennis wakes up, and things take a sinister turn. Now it seems like he's somehow become sexually irresistible to fertile women, and he seems to be leaving a wake of alien hybrid offspring in his path...

Arstotzka, a small eastern European nation that's gotten a lot of press lately. It may not be a communist state anymore but some things about Arstotzka never changed. Claiming to be the decendents of the Hordes of Ghenkis Khan that settled in the Russian Steppes, Arstotzka is notorius for the weirdly sexual angle it's propoganda takes. Proud to call themselves a mix of Mongol and Russian, Arstotzkans claim to have unmatched sexual prowess and fertility, even going as far as to claim that no female foreign spy has ever not been turned to Arstotzka's banner just from the sheer sexual skill and hunger of Arstotzkan men.

The weird part is that there might actually be something to this. Arstotzka itself is absolutely tiny but a series of events has revealed that several female intelligence operatives from around the world have indeed been turned into double agents for Arstotzka. Between their connections and a few "lucky" breaks, Arstotzka has almost accidently claimed the vast majority of the world's nuclear arsenal under it's control and - at least in effect - this tiny country nobody ever heard of now rules the world.

Fun fact about Arstotzkan law. Technically the "Right of Lords" is still on their books, in fact in the late middle ages it was expanded to be a right of any Native Born Arstotzkan when they're in lands outside of Arstotzka's traditional borders but controlled by Arstotzka. This hasn't mattered in centuries but now, at least technically, Native Born Arstotzkans can legally sexually claim anyone else on the planet...

Additional Tags - Blackmail

The General Purpose Breeding License. Such an innocent sounding name for something seen as something so sinister.

The plague hit in 2017. A variation of the flu that achieved near-universal communicability, nearly everyone on the planet had it at some point - at the time we just thanks our respective gods and stars that the symptoms were only fatal to those whose immune systems were already compromised in some fashion so the actual fatality rate was very low.

Then the babies stopped coming.

Testing discovered that while the "Man Flu" killed very few it did greatly hinder male fertility. In 2018, most of the world's men didn't even have sex drives - let alone get erections. The worst news of all was that even the most optimistic of experts thought that no more in 1 in 100,000 men could still get a woman pregnant. The human race could very well be extinct by the end of the 21st century if something drastic isn't done.

So something drastic was done. GPBL's were formed and legally recognized in the vast majority of the world's countries. Licences given to the few men left that still test as fertile - licences which give the man the legal right to override a woman's consent, within reason. He could still be charged for assault if he harmed her too badly in the process for example, or maybe if she can prove that she's sterile. Critics say its legalized rape. Proponents agree, but claim that its also necessary to save the species. Most people just try not to think about it.

Something In The Air
MC is a nerdy biochemist that's never been a hit with the ladies accidentally discovers a way to make honest-to-god synthetic sexual attraction pheromones. With their use this sad little man can, for brief periods, make himself sexually irresistible to women just with a little dab below the neck with a sort of super-cologne.

Which of course the power goes right to his head and he starts using the pheromones to make up for lost time.

The Unwritten Rules
Additional Tages - Blackmail, Superhero Setting

In the world of superheroes and supervillains, there are Unwritten Rules of conduct. Obviously both sides aren't exactly bound by a little thing like 'laws' but there were still rules. Rules broken at your own peril on both sides.

Rule 1 - Killing. You try this and don't be surprised when the victim's side comes down on you like a pile of bricks. Angry, angry bricks. Assassin super-villains often refuse to take contracts on superheroes for this very reason, because they often have a man who can shoot death lasers from orbit on their speed dials.

Rule 2 - Families. For the love of all that's holy, leave Families out of it. Hell, people have jumped people on their own side for doing this sort of thing.

Rule 3 - Imagine you have someone on the other side at your mercy, tied up in your [prison cell/lair] as your prisoner. Stripped of any way to defend themselves and any sort of back-up, all alone. What do you do then?

If you answered THAT then don't be surprised if people on your own side END you.

That's how the delicate balance of powers is supposed to be, but sometimes rules are broken. A superheroine's secret identity is discovered by a male supervillain, who in turn decides to use that information to blackmail her for sex. The sickest part is, he's actually really good at it...

[A gender flipped version of this RP is also doable, with some modifications.]

NC - My character will probably rape your character at some point and she will never doubt otherwise. I will add that I tend toward the lighter end of the NC scale, as one partner put it the "NO NO NO YES YES YES" school of NC RPs.

Bloody Trinity
Welcome to Trinity Bible College, where biblical lessons combine with the best education money can buy. Here at Trinity, we consider God our president - we just put a body into the seat for legal reasons.

What's that? Oh, yes - we have been having some trials lately. Our newest Biology Professor does insist on teaching the Theory of Evolution in his science classroom and. . .

Oh, not that? Alright, I'll tell you. It's just sad really, some of the students have taken to calling it Bloody Tuesday, dreadful really. I don't know what you heard, but I do confirm that last Tuesday we had two students and a faculty member have miscarriages while on campus. Nothing to explain really, beyond stress there really isn't a link. . .

What the school doesn't realize is that the new Biology professor really is trying to bring about the moral collapse of Trinity, the teaching of Evolution is actually the most ethical thing he does. An incubus who is trying to covertly use the college as a breeding camp, he's seduced and/or raped several several if not dozens of female faculty and students to get them pregnant - but he's finding that human women don't easily carry demon babies very well.

Special Note worth pointing out, while miscarriage is an important aspect of this plot they're not to be sexually presented and will always be "off-camera". Just in case that's a trigger.


The news article catches your eye immediately with a perverse fascination. The names are being withheld to protect the victims as expected, and it's not like you don't feel any sympathy for them, but something about the story seems to be utterly enthralling. Somewhere in your home city there's a serial rapist on the prowl.

The police call him the Wedding Bells Rapist but the media took to calling him 'The Incubus' a long time ago because he hides his face from his victims using a full devil mask. Described as tall and powerfully built, he tends to simply overpower his victims from sheer strength. The news article mentions that he's been active for over a year now with the police seemingly no closer to catching him but insisting that they're doing their best, though that must be a shallow comfort to the housewives he's raped.

That's what the newspapers are saying though, the tabloids claim he's actually had over a hundred victims, it's just that for some reason his victims refuse to come forward. The darker corners of the internet tell an even more twisted story if you're willing to listen.

Mr. Perfect
Fully admitting that it's a sick joke, he calls himself Mr. Perfect. Some supervillains try to destroy the world, others try to take it over, some are in it just to steal the next big score and retire to an island somewhere, others mean no harm and just have the wrong king of powers.

Mr. Perfect is none of those villains. Whoever Mr. Perfect is, he's just been using his powers to commit a string of rapes across the city. And he'll do so until someone stops him.

The Orang Minyak
The Story of the Orang Minyak comes from Malaysia, the name best translating as 'The Oily Man'. Described as looking like a large, muscular, nude man covered in some sort of oil the Orang Minyak is essentially a Malaysian Incubus who hides in shadows and sneaks into homes to force himself on the women inside. What makes the Orang Minyak particularly interesting from a folklorist's perspective is that normally having conservative sexual morals and being chaste is the best way to protect yourself from a sex demon, but for the Orang Minyak this has been reversed.

Instead, when the Orang Minyak is looking for victims he is specifically hunting for Virgins...

Quote from: Info
Can go multiple ways from this set-up. Some particular favorites -
1.) One-Shot: A young woman on vacation finds out the truth about the legend the hard way.
2.) A folklorist looking into the Orang Minyak gets too close to the subject for comfort, but craves to know more.
3.) Some archaeology students accidently transplant an Orang Minyak out of Malaysia into a more westernized, more heavily populated country.

The Sacrifice
NSFW Image
Extra Tag - Fantasy

A female adventurer (YC) bravely attempts to stop an evil cult from sacrificing a virgin to their demonic master. However, while she succeeds in rescuing the virgin and breaking up the cult the demon just forces himself on her like he was going to do to the virgin.

Quote from: info
I do picture this one being on the lighter end of the NC spectrum with the female adventurer feeling a lot of pleasure - but because the demon has plans for her afterwords.

The Ultimate
Extra Tag - Superheroines/Impreg

It started 4 years ago. An extremely poweful alien supervillain known only as "The Ultimate" came to Earth from Space without saying a word and in the ensuing days flew to seemingly random locations around the globe- and raped dozens of women in the process including several well-known superheroines. Then, just as suddenly as the Ultimate came, he flew back into space seemingly without saying a word. Shockingly, as far as anyone can tell every single victim of The Ultimate became pregnant, even the ones that thought they were sterile.

Then a year later, to the exact day, The Ultimate returned. The Ultimate went around the globe, gathering up his offspring from the previous year's rapes while once again he raped dozens of women including several known superheroines. Except this time he also killed anyone that dared to try to get in his way. Then, once his task was complete, he once again left back for space without saying a word.

He did that last year too. Whoever or whatever the Ultimate is, he's using Earth as a personal rape-and-breeding camp each year coming back to gather up his progeny while planting the seeds of a new "crop" of Ultimates for the next year, often having his way with several of the best superheroines on the planet in the process.

And now he's been spotting coming back in to do it again...

Extreme - Something about this goes above and beyond the normal NC RP. For me this usually means there's a good chance your character will die as a direct result of something my character did, my character being a serial killer might be a possible example.

Momento Mori
It started just about this time last year when they found Annette George, a local actress and model, dead in her apartment. No signs of forced entry, no stuggle, not even a clear sign of death - she was just in her bed nude and she had simply stopped living. They still aren't really sure what killed Annette. They can tell that she was having sex with a man either during or just before her death, but very little beyond that. It just looks like that at the peak of an orgasm she just died.

Then, six weeks later, it happened again. Stella Weber, wife of popular televangelist Ronald Weber. No signs of a break-in, no apparent struggle, no clear sign of what exactly killed her. She too just appeared to have died right at the peak of an orgasm while having sex with an unknown man. Then it happened again, 5 weeks later with an athlete named Tonya Perry - another woman that just appears to die at the peak of the throes of passion while having sex with an unknown man.

It's been a year like that. It started at every 4 to 6 weeks but whoever's doing it has picked up the pace, now they're at most 2 weeks apart. Every two weeks at most someone will find a woman who just appears to have died at the peak of an orgasm during sex for no reason. The police have no idea how he does it, but they are now certain that this is somehow the work of a serial killer.

Which, frankly, it's a Serial Killer if they're lucky...

The Terror Within
Nobody remembers who started it, just that once it started it pretty much spelled doom for civilization. The ultimate apex of biological warfare had been achieved, custom made lifeforms made for warfare. The nukes weren't deployed until it was clear that the creatures were out of control.

Easily the most feared of all the mutants are these handsome fellows, nicknamed Gargoyles. Strong, powerful, and capable of an extreme degree of regeneration they're most feared for what happens when you let one reach maturity. The only known mutant capable of reproducing a fully mature Gargoyle will attempt to rape any fertile woman they can get their claws on, and if successful the victims almost always become pregnant with the monster's offspring. Even worse, the gestation periods seem to only be about a week and the births are usually violent - violent enough that between the accelerated pregnancy and the birth the mother rarely survives.

This is the story of the legacy of horror one Gargoyle can leave in it's wake...

[Considering giving the Gargoyles aphrodesiac pheromones to make them more insidius.]
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Re: Wicked Games - The Villain's Plots [M lf F, Varies]
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Bump - Added "Queen of the Castle", "The Understanding", and "Bad Things"
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Re: Wicked Games - The Villain's Plots [M lf F, Varies]
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Sorry this was so soon after the last post. In my defense, it sort of evens out. :P

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Re: Wicked Games - The Villain's Plots [M lf F, Varies]
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Added - "Momento Mori"

Removed - "An Understanding"

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Re: Wicked Games - The Villain's Plots [M lf F, Varies]
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Added - "International Incident"

Edited - "10 to 1"

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Re: Wicked Games - The Villain's Plots [M lf F, Varies]
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Edited - "Compatibility"

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Re: Wicked Games - The Villain's Plots [M lf F, Varies]
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Added - "The Bride"

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Re: Wicked Games - The Villain's Plots [M lf F, Varies]
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Added - "Mr. Right"

Moved - "The Bride"

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Re: Wicked Games - The Villain's Plots [M lf F, Varies]
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Added - "The Slow Walk"

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Re: Wicked Games - The Villain's Plots [M lf F, Varies]
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Added - "The Registry"

Removed - "Compatability"