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April 17, 2021, 03:52:37 am

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Author Topic: Star Wars: Those who flee from justice and those who track them down  (Read 907 times)

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Offline IdejTopic starter

I have decided to see if anyone wanted to play in Star Wars game using SAGA Edition Rules.  Just want to see what era everyone wants to play in.

Here is what I have in mind.

There is going to be one group, these are going to be the one who are going to bring criminals to justice.  Now that doesn't mean you are the good guys depending on the era or who you are working for(i.e. The Galactic Empire, The Corporate Sector, The Republic, and any other set government in Star Wars) you could be the bad guys.

This group is going to be gathering clues, flying across the galaxy, and hunting down those who flee from justice.  You are there to hunt down those who break the law.

The others who decide to be the criminals, you are on the run and you have to cover your tracks and hop from world to world to avoid being caught or killed.  You can work as lone man or woman, in pairs, or in a small group.  Be wary, the more numbers you have in the group will increase the risks of being caught, but all in the same time you can significantly decrease that risk if you work together.  It is up to you to elude and evade the law until you can successfully reach Hutt Space as the various governments throughout the galaxy can do very little in Hutt Space without risking the lives of those who serve greatly.

Okay here is the goal in the game.  Law Enforcement are chasing after fugitives of justice and can only catch them if they are withing jurisdiction of their authority or before they reach Hutt Space.

Law Enforcement will have access to a starship(just a stock ship with a few modifications) and they will use that to pursue the criminals.  They also have access to armories for them and which they have to pay for the equipments.  But the level of equipment they can get depends on how big of a threat a criminal is.  Otherwise they have to pay for the licensing and wait the allotted time to receive it.

Criminals can start off with any equipment as long as they can afford it or if a good reason explains why they have it, but the more powerful the weapon the more powerful those who are chasing down the criminal will be.  You have access to the Black Market and will be awarded with a +5 bonus to search for a Black Market and to requisition any items from the Black Market.  Due to your reputation, any multipliers to pay for equipment from the Black Market is dropped by 1.  So if it is a x3 multiplier it is now a x2 and so forth.  Be cautious on what you buy though.  The group of criminals can vary between 1-3, but if you go higher than 3 people thel law gains a +1 modifier for each member beyond 3 to any skill that can be used to track you down.  So you will have to cover your tracks more efficiently than before.

Alright now then, here are the rules for character creation.

32 point-buy

Level 4

Force-users are allowed, but prefer a limit of two or three for either side.

Special Rule on Prestige Classes:  There are some restrictions on what you can be depending on what side of the law you are on.  No side side can take any Sith PrCs what so ever.

Law Enforcement only PrCs:
Enforcer(The Force Unleashed)
Bounty Hunter
Any Jedi PrC(If it is not during the Dark Times or Rebellion Era)
If a Force Adept, you have access to the Imperial Inquisitor Talent Tree(The Force Unleashed) (If during the Dark Times and Rebellion era)

Criminal only PrCs:
Outlaw(Scum and Villainy)
Crime Lord
Assassin(Scum and Villainy)
And Jedi PrC(If it is during the Dark Times or Rebellion Era)
Master Privateer(Scum and Villainy)(Only if you don't have a letter of marque)

Books Allowed:  Core Rulebook(duh), Threats of the Galaxy, Starships of the Galaxy, Scum and Villainy, Knights of the Old Republic, and The Force Unleashed.

Other Sources Allowed:  Anything from Wizards of the Coast that is SAGA Related and unless it is covered in one of the books.  Just provide me a link of where you found it at and I will approve

If you have any questions, you just have to ask.