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Author Topic: To Save a Species (F for Experienced Male)  (Read 627 times)

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To Save a Species (F for Experienced Male)
« on: September 29, 2016, 02:30:15 PM »
The Plot:
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A race of Aliens consisting of all males has come to Earth seeking Help. A terrible disease ravaged their home world and because of this their women have either died or become infertile. Not only that but a small number of children have also perished because of the disease. They fled their planet with the remaining warriors and men to try and find a species that could help them restore their people and their culture to what it once had been. They finally stumble upon Earth and find that the Females there are close enough to their own people that they can create new life with them. They study them and learn their culture from afar before making contact with the World Leaders. Telling them of their predicament and asked for female volunteers between the ages of 18-30 to join them in rebuilding their people, and in exchange they would give them knowledge that they've only ever dreamed of. All in the hopes of beginning a new.

The Introduction
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One second. That's how long it takes for someone's life to completely change. Whether it was from good to bad, or bad to good. In this case, everything was turned upside down. One day you're looking up at the stars and wondering about what else could possibly be out in the universe. And the next day, you find out. Tara remembered exactly where she was when it all happened. She had been sitting in the Public Library, reading over some material for her next class assignment when she heard the sirens. Blaring loudly all throughout the town. The siren's were only used for emergencies, and she was certain that whatever it was that was going on could not be good. Then there was shouting...commotion erupted out everywhere.
Tara had run out of the library and out onto the street where a large crowd of people had gathered. And that's when she saw it. High above them in the clouds was a ship. Tara had seen her fair share of sci-fi movies in her life, but none of them could have prepared her for what it was that she saw. The ship was gigantic. Almost as big as an ocean liner, maybe even bigger. It was the most terrifying thing she had ever seen in all of her life. She was expecting for missiles or bombs to drop from the ship and shower the planet with fire. But nothing happened. Hours and hours passed by and the ship just continued to float there in the sky. A state of emergency had been called, telling people to stay in their homes and to not come out under any circumstances. Hours turned into days, days turned into weeks. And then finally, they got word.
A nationwide broadcast was on every single TV channel, telling the people of Earth of the situation. Saying that the ship was indeed not from their solar system. That the species that had come to Earth had come to make a trade. The broadcast even showing an image of a smaller craft landing on a tarmac and one of the Alien’s emerging from it. The sight unlike any she’d ever seen before.

They were offering to give them access to advanced weapons technology, as well as Medical breakthroughs, but for a price. The Alien race that had come to Earth was in need of something. And that something just happened to be the women of Earth. Not all of them, but enough to help them repopulate their species. Saying that women between the ages of eighteen and twenty-five could volunteer to help the alien race to help rebuild their civilization and create a new generation.
Tara had considered the proposition that was being offered. These strange creatures had come to their planet begging for help. Offering them something in return for that help. Tara knew what these sorts of advancements would do for the people of Earth. Her Parents had died many years ago, and she didn’t have many other Family members left. There was really nothing keeping her there on Earth besides her studies. Now there was an opportunity in front of her. Not only would she be able to help save a species...but she would hopefully get to see the Universe and learn about a new culture. Something that most people only ever dreamed of.
So...after thinking over it for a few days she decided that she was going to volunteer. She knew that she was healthy, and as far as she knew was able to have children. So she went to the nearest volunteer station that was in her State and filled out all the paperwork and gave her blood to the people that were there. She had no idea what exactly these Aliens were looking for, but maybe this was what she was destined for. She always felt like a bit of an outcast here on Earth. She didn’t have many friends and she doubted that the ones she had would grieve over her for deciding to do this. There was nothing left for her on Earth that made her want to stay. So Tara waited to receive word if she would be accepted to go up to the orbiting ship above, or if she would be stuck on Earth.

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Re: To Save a Species (F for Experienced Male)
« Reply #1 on: December 17, 2016, 11:18:49 AM »
still really wanting to do this one...