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April 25, 2018, 11:40:41 AM

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Author Topic: Craving some M// fun (Some new Halloween ideas)  (Read 482 times)

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Offline TotesRiderTopic starter

Craving some M// fun (Some new Halloween ideas)
« on: September 27, 2016, 08:42:02 AM »
I only RP via PM, thread and maybe Email. No IMs
Non-con is kinda iffy on me. While I do like some rough play I donít like full on rape.
I mostly play Bottom but can be dom or switch.
I donít have any post requirements. Just give me something I can work with and weíre peachy keen
For characters I prefer either descriptions or drawn pictures. No Real Photos.
Please PM me rather than posting on this thread
Iíll admit iím kind of a slow replier. On some days I can reply pretty frequently. On others it may take me a few days. So patience is key with me

Things I love
Anal: Both giving and receiving. This also includes rimming, fingering and such.
Being Shared: If Iím playing a bottom, iím a fan of when my characterís partner lets him have a go with one of his friends. This also includes gangbang
Consensual: Yes I know itís generally unfavorable, but I prefer characters who have atleast some aspect of consent. The only time I will go into non-con is if it involves monsters. Never done dub-con but maybe I will.
Cum: Lots and lots of it. This includes cum baths, cum inflation, cum through nose and mouth, etc etc. Letís get messy
Romance: Not all that necessary but Iím a sucker for sweet thingsÖ
Casual sex: Also super dope
Group: I really wanna try something with a polyamorous relationship
Public Sex
Throat fucking
Huge cocks
Anime Cliche. Not really a kinkÖ but I love dorky anime stuff
Multiple in one hole: My character could probably fit about three dicks in his ass ;3

Incest: Iím kind of getting bored with incest as a whole. So this is one of those Ďbetter have a good plotí kind of deal.

Hell The Fuck No
Scat/Toilet stuff
Vore (this shit makes no fucking sense)
Full on turning a character into a brainless cum dump
RapeÖ seriously the fact people want to RP this as a kink makes me want to vomit

Random Ideas

Currently iím craving something Fantasy, Super Hero or Sci Fi related

Though note on the Fantasy and Sci Fi...
Iím not a fan of super strict realistic stuff. Think of it like this
Ö You think Game of Thrones, I think Dragon Quest, FF or a MonHun game
Ö You think Walking Dead, I think Dead Rising or Killing Floor
You get the idea? Cool

Adventure Party: A typical Shounen Anime/JRPG style adventure party. Iíd love a little variety on this one. Some humans, an orc, maybe a dwarf or halfling., etc ,etc. Also iíd love to do a Disgaea style setting.

Battle School: One of the most cliche of ideas but itís something I do like. I have a couple ideas setting wise. One involving a VR Card Battle game and one involving Mecha

Isekai Harem: Another cliche ideaÖ but I like the idea of my character winding up in another world. As for the harem part I donít want it all being just bottoms. I want a good mix of tops, switches and bottoms.

Super Heroes: Maaaaaaany ideas on this one. I generally like to play Toku style heroes but I love mixing it with classic western heroes. Maybe something like two friends finally getting into that super hero team? Or the classic Hero x Villain style? So many options. Note I generally like to play my own heroes for this, but I wouldnít object if you wanna use a canon hero.

Corruption of Champions: Iíd love to find a GM to do an all male version of this

Post Apocalypse: Group of male survivors. Everyone is pretty stressed so my character decides to offer himself as a bit of stress relief

Space Travel: Not really like Mass EffectÖ more like space truckers or something of that like getting waaaay in over their heads.

More ideas to be added. But please hit me up with any ideas of your own
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Offline TotesRiderTopic starter

Re: Craving some M// fun (Super Heroes, Fantasy and Sci Fi)
« Reply #1 on: October 03, 2016, 03:53:25 AM »
Spooky Smutty Fun
Halloween is around the corner so here's some ideas to get us in the spirit

Im Not Alone: MC recently inherited a mansion from a recently passed relative. After getting settled in he begins to notice pdd happenings around. Turns out the mansion is haunted by some rather mischievous spirits. Some kinks: this is one of the few times where im totally down with some non-con. Spirit fucking and ghosts turning objects into phalluses to "scare" MC

Its Aliiiiive!!!: MC is a mad scientist who creates a group of monsters to satisfy him. From giant dicked golems to cute stitched together femboys with the tightest of assholes and so on.