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May 22, 2018, 05:23:32 AM

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Author Topic: Are you the world of my dreams? [F looking for GM]  (Read 353 times)

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Offline SeshatTopic starter

Are you the world of my dreams? [F looking for GM]
« on: September 25, 2016, 03:48:01 PM »
As the thread title indicates I am currently looking for, or rather craving, a good - preferably system based - single player campaign and am searching for a generous individual willing to, or even better drawing great joy from providing the game master part of that equation.

So what sort of roleplay am I looking for? It is not so much a specific plot or setup I have in mind, but rather a few … themes, for lack of a better word … I would like to see catered to. Mostly regarding the character I want to be playing. The exact details of the world and story are of lesser importance compared to that, even though I am happy to provide input there as well.

So what are these themes? Well, maybe I do suffer from a hidden inferiority complex, but I prefer my characters to be capable and competent, independent with the capability to rely on her own skills and usually well versed in violent conflict resolution. In RPG terms this means I lean towards fighter type classes, or maybe mages/sorceresses. I am not so fond of pure diplomatic characters or seductresses who depend all too much on the goodwill of others to enact their craft, though having some of that as a secondary skill set could work. I am also no fan at all of any sort of divine character, good or evil (witches included) who are nothing more than a pawn of some higher being.

Despite this (overt?) focus on martial proficiency I also greatly prefer it if my character is as equipment independent as possible. The thought to be still fully operational even when stark naked causes a certain pleasant tingle I do very much like. :) Typical examples of this would be the classic D&D Monk class, or some dodge centered warrior with the mystic ability to summon her weapon to her hand in time of need. Or any kind of magic user unless the system is big on material components. Also, while I like it if my character does have that high degree of martial proficiency I do favor initial setups where she and consequently her skill is still not very well known in the world.

Now (strangely?) this does not mean I am looking for nonstop or even frequent action in the roleplay. Sure, an opportunity here and there for our protagonist to display her skill would be appreciated, but it is more how that background of martial competence affects the way I can play her, even in social interactions. One of the (to me) more interesting ideas I had was how it would play out if in a Conanesque low magic fantasy setting a Red Sonja type warrior woman came to live for a time in the debauched cities of the warm south, participating in the usual festivities. With her toned/muscular body, her light complexion and her ideally blond hair (so more a Yellow Sonja type) she would be quite the exotic sight ...

And, tying into all of this the setting should of course be fit to enable such a character. (Low magic) fantasy is my definite preference. I do not like too technology heavy science fiction, where it is all about the gadgets one has access to, or too magic laden fantasy where magic takes the role of technology.

Regarding the system, I am quite flexible and willing/looking forward to learn new ones, as long as they are suited to develop the kind of character I described above.

So now all that is left is for me to wait ... and for you to PM me ... :)

Offline SeshatTopic starter

Re: Are you the world of my dreams? [F looking for GM]
« Reply #1 on: July 06, 2017, 07:18:28 AM »
Time can erode even the best of roleplays, and so once more I am looking for like minded writing partners.