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Author Topic: The Turning (Catholic School Girls In Trouble?) Recruiting  (Read 1238 times)

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The Turning (Catholic School Girls In Trouble?) Recruiting
« on: September 17, 2016, 10:48:12 am »
The Turning

A Lesbian Horror Spoof - Catholic School Girls In Trouble!

This is the recruitment thread for the game I polled interest on in this thread. It is a smutty horror spoof based very loosely on a porn movie of the same name.

Ladies and Lieges who identify as ♀female♀ only, please.
Sorry Lords, it's nothing personal, it's just that I can run the game better this way.

I will be playing a lesbian witch who has the power to make any girl into a lesbian, and these girls will then pass on the "curse" in a domino-cascade effect type of scenario.

All other player characters will be the members of the St Zita The Virgin Catholic Boarding School For Girls. The girls are on their way home from a field trip when their minibus breaks down in the middle of nowhere. It is, of course, getting dark. There is, of course, a storm moving in, and there is, of course, only one house anywhere to be seen - the house where the witch lives. The witch is a nice looking and friendly lady who is only too happy to allow the girls to stay in her house that has plenty of rooms, and to allow the nun in charge of the field trip who was driving the bus to borrow her car and drive to the nearest town to fetch a mechanic to fix the minibus. (Thus getting her out of the way).

The witch will pick one girl and "turn" her, then this girl will "turn" a girl while the witch "turns" another, and so on in a cascade until all the girls have been turned.

Note: This is supposed to be a horror spoof. The girls should be horrified at what they are doing but unable to stop themselves!

Note also: The picture of "Girls Aloud" in school girl uniforms is intended to set the scene only. It is not intended to imply anything other than "This is about teenage girls in school uniforms".

Character Sheet

All characters are to be between 16 and 18, female and Catholic. I will allow ONE and one only, character that is already a lesbian, on a first come first served basis. Please try and be inventive in your choice of characters. If everyone is "The Geek" the game is going nowhere. We need one geek, one nerd (yes there is a difference), one Jockette, one Queen Bee, one tough girl, one religious extremist. Those are just examples, obviously, but I will probably reject characters that duplicate existing roles, unless we get a LOT of players.

Please PM all character sheets to me first, and only post them here once I have said okay. Thanks.

All character pictures are to be photographs or photorealistic art work. Nude pictures are not essential but would be helpful, and must be behind a spoiler with the label "NSFW".

Players may, if they wish, establish existing friendships and/or enmities between characters. This is logical because the characters will all know each other...

Code: [Select]
[floatright][img height=300 padding=5]URL of CLOTHED image[/img][/floatright][b]Player ID:[/b] Your login ID

[b]Name:[/b] The name of your character

[b]Age:[/b] 16-18 inclusive

[b]Devoutness:[/b] How devout a Catholic are they, 1=practically an atheist, 10=believes the pope walks on water

[b]Height:[/b] Inches and/or cm
[b]Weight:[/b] Lbs and/or Kg
[b]Build:[/b] If unclear from picture

[b]Hair colour:[/b] If unclear from picture
[b]Eye colour:[/b] If unclear from picture
[b]Natural Hair Colour:[/b] Do drapes and rug match?

[spoiler=NSFW][img height=300]URL of nude photo (optional)[/img] Or give a description of what she looks like with nothing on.[/spoiler]

[b]Likes:[/b] At least three things that make her say "MMMM!"
[b]Dislikes:[/b] At least three things that make her say "EEEWWW!"

[b]Personality:[/b] What is she like, how does she relate to other people, how does she spend her free time, is she intelligent, sporty, does she get on well with the teachers, does she get on well with her parents, if they are still alive? Please post at least three decent length paragraphs. Note that there is no "history" section, because there's no real need for it, so anything you feel [i]ought[/i] to go in the history, should go in here, or in the "other" section.

[b]Relationships:[/b] Optional, can be added post-approval. Friends and/or enemies. I will also allow sisters.

[b]Other:[/b] Anything else
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Re: The Turning (Catholic School Girls In Trouble?) Recruiting
« Reply #1 on: September 17, 2016, 12:54:04 pm »
Player ID: JoanieSappho

Name: Hannah Starling

Age: 16

Devoutness: 3

Height: 5'2''
Weight: 114 lbs
Build: Athletic

Hair colour: Blonde
Eye colour: Gray
Natural Hair Colour: Brunette, but no rug to check against the drapes.

Hannah's small breasts only fill out a B cup, but are soft and round rather than pointed. Her body is in pretty good shape, with little to no visible fat, a small, firm butt and a crotch that is kept as hairless as her legs. She's not entirely aware of it, but she has a little birthmark similar in shape to a strawberry just above her butt.

Likes: Physical exertion/Exercise, the night, Silence, water (swimming, showering, floating in, etc)
Dislikes: Loud people, sitting around doing nothing, dogs (she wants to like them, but they just scare her), crowds

Personality: Not especially religious, Hannah's choice in school was based more on the quality and closeness of the alternatives rather than any deep need to attend a Catholic school as she is, at best, only mildly devout, concerned with more immediate matters and rarely sparing much thought to more esoteric matters. While polite enough, she is something of a loner, preferring to spend her time alone, running, swimming or engaging in some other physical activity rather than seeking out friends or crowds or, really, any real social activity that she isn't compelled to take part in. Her schoolwork, while hardly the best in class, tends to fall somewhere around, if not a little bit above, the average.

Hannah would, if judged solely on her quietness and unexceptional work, tend to fall into the background and while this is quite often the case, the short girl's self-imposed exercise regime - born more from her simple enjoyment of such exertion than from any deliberate and directed training - has left her quite a bit stronger than one would expect from a girl her age, nevermind one as short and slight as she is. Again, most of the time, her casual displays of strength carrying things that usually take two girls to move would pass with perhaps only a few comments, but Hannah has something of a temper problem, although it takes a bit of work to bring it out, although she has a rather Old Testament approach to bullies.

At least, when they turn their attentions to others. Hannah seems to be as emotionally tough as she is physically and tends to simply ignore the few insults and barbs thrown at her, but if she sees another girl being abused and belittled, well ... most girls would attempt to talk down the bullies, or find a teacher or something along those lines. Hannah, on the other hand, tends to see girls bullying someone and the next thing she's aware of is standing over one of those girls with a slightly sore feeling in her hand, a reaction that has already gotten her into quite a lot of trouble, although most of the students who have seen or heard about her tend to behave around her now, and that seems to be enough to avoid her ire as she doesn't go looking for trouble, or embark on some crusade to keep the younger girls safe and unbullied. She's not even entirely sure where this response comes from, and her exercise never seems to work it out of her although she has tried. Her life up until now was simply a nice, quiet rural childhood with little that could have caused any of the rage that pokes through her distant politeness every now and then.

While something of a generalist, athletically speaking, she has a strong preference for swimming and has quiet hopes to become a professional athlete, having already competed and gained reasonable results in a few local competitions.


If anyone wants to have any sort of relation, let me know and we'll work it out.

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Re: The Turning (Catholic School Girls In Trouble?) Recruiting
« Reply #2 on: September 20, 2016, 09:26:24 am »
Player ID: NowhereWoman

Name: Alix Scott

Age: 17

Devoutness: Christ 9, Church in the low 2s

Height: 5'7"/150Cm
Weight: 126#/57Kg
Build: slender and athletic; small-breasted

Hair colour: brownish, with hennaed streaks
Eye colour: bluegrey
Natural Hair Colour: Minus the streaks, yes

Likes: coffee; having her hair played with; dancing; cold white wine; trancy music
Dislikes: overly long sermons; bigots; football; porn; folks on their phones in restaurants or on shopping lines

Personality: She smokes between classes! She drinks at parties! She listens to Satanic music!  She dresses in an inappropriate manner, with the chokers and the armbands all all that other evil sex stuff!  She sleeps around!, she doesn't.  Alix is, admittedly, a world-class pain in the arse, especially to teachers who expect her to take everything on, you should excuse the term, faith. Her favorite sentences, since the beginning of Sunday School, have always started 'But why' or 'But YOU said...' Always questioning, always challenging through word and deed, she refuses to be either the angel the Church expects her, so hypocritically, to be, or the devil some of the Sisters think she is.

Sure, she smokes, and she drinks. And swears!  (For fuck's sake, if it's OK to claim crap wine is the Blood of the Messiah, what's wrong with having a glass of something that doesn't taste like piss at a party? And Father smells of Scotch on Friday nights, so get real). She listens to something other than Christian rock- mocks it every chance she gets, in fact, though on its artistic merits, not on the message. Alix is very much a new-gen Catholic: she believes in God the Father, and the Golden Rule; she does NOT think that Daddy in the Sky has a belt in his hand to whip every naughty child who tests his patience.  Still very much a virgin (well, OK, she's fooled and fumbled around a bit, but it's never gone too far- and Father Greeley always said that was fine, if you cared about the person!), she believes in love and commitment- and that it doesn't matter what the plumbing is.  Soooo, yeah. Her mom and dad are just happy she goes to Mass, is doing OK in school, and seems to enjoy singing in choir. They take the complaints of the clergy and the disciplinary letters in stride, figuring their little girl could be doing far worse, and will get right with God and the Church in her own way and her own time.



David Preston:
the son of upstanding, not to say up-market members of the parish, David is the closest thing Alix has to a 'boyfriend'. They've kissed, and he's had his hand in her shirt, and they've talked about the future. They both know, though, that his parents don't even like him talking to her. They'd have kittens if they came to believe their Perfect Son was having an Illicit Affair With THAT Girl.  Alix is David's walk on the wild side, and she doesn't really expect much more than that. He's a bud, and he's cute.

Sister Anjelica: History teacher.  While she's required, from time to time, to rein in Alix's iconoclasm, she enjoys having a student who listens to everything and then thinks about it, doesn't just swallow it like candy. To her way of thinking, that is the true bedrock of the Church.  Did not Thomas the Apostle question even Our Lord to his very face? OK, so she's another heretic...

Father Alan:
Alix's confessor.  Partner in a mutual Do Not Like pact. He's convinced himself she's a lying whore; she figures he keeps hoping she'll confess some dirty little secret he can jerk off to. Or wants to get her alone in the robing room...

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Re: The Turning (Catholic School Girls In Trouble?) Recruiting
« Reply #3 on: September 21, 2016, 04:59:50 pm »
Getting my character done  ;D