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Author Topic: InMyKage (M/M) (Open)(Updated. New Plot/Idea)  (Read 491 times)

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InMyKage (M/M) (Open)(Updated. New Plot/Idea)
« on: September 17, 2016, 01:14:25 AM »
Hello. If you happen to find something you like here, please send me a PM. Don't post here. I will respond faster to a PM. Thank you!

I mostly go by Kage, but I am not really picky on nicknames that I am given. Kind of bring personality to me. I am a college student. So when I am on varies. Although, I do my best to post at least once day at the longest a week. If it lasts longer than that I will post in A/A, which I do not have yet because I haven’t needed one yet.

I am still working on my on/off’s. So you can just ask me about it until I get those done.
What I like:
Setting: Anything from a slice of life to high fantasy. Historical to present day.

I keep things one-on-one. I get lost in a group roleplay. However, I can play multiple characters. We can make as many as you want.

I like playing dominance as it comes into play in the story, no one having the typically dom,sub, switch. However, I am not against establishing dominance, if completely insisted. So if I must choose one it would really depend on the plot line. I can not play sadist character I fail at this. You can be sadistic. I get bored playing dom often because they tend to be romantic. So I like playing sub, they are very feisty and it will be a fight to dominate them. I would be most happy if we did a trade. I play a Dom character for you if you play one for me.

I love, love, LOVE, darker plots or something that is just not suppose to go together but it will. I also will listen to taking a classical story of any kind and we create our twist on it. I really enjoy plotting with people. Taking a basic pairing and coming up with something together. I am a very open person so there is a lot that I am open trying.

I want start with a plot and then allow kink and smut in as need.

What I don’t like:
I am going to just put it out there. I am not good with futuristic, aliens or action plots, I have tried. I would be willing to try to them again if someone wants to try and teach me that has A LOT of patients.

As I have mentioned before I can’t write a sadistic character. I can have a side character that is mean but not without a reason. Could they be mean because they have a messed up way of thinking yes. But, not just because and only side characters.

I don’t like being pushed. Once I have said I don’t like something, I don’t like being pushed. I understand comprise and I definitely will comprise with a lot. Expect for limits.

I do very few cannon character. Or play with cannon characters. I am not confident that I can give a character justice. And I feel weird adding new characters to character who are already established.

Kinks (Only because I don’t have an O/Os yet. Coming soon): Fisting, Watersports, scat, castration, Blood play(Unless its vampire story) Bestiality, Diapers. 

I will not center a plot based on what kinks are wanted.

Traveling Solider and The High School sweet heart [1/2:Available]
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
So back story is that MC and YC are high school sweethearts. MC comes from money. And everything that comes with it. The overly protective father that doesn't want a gay son. He believes that YC has corrupted his son. So when YC signed up for whatever branch you like, he leaves for boot camp. They both plan on continuing their relationship. However, the father has plans for it to stop by just making sure that his son doesn't get any calls for letter from YC.

Fast forward. MC is in college and YC is back for a couple of weeks. And they both have somehow managed to have friends that put them on a blind date. Against both of their wishes. Once they realize who they are on a date with is kind of up to us.

Ghost Crushing
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
This one is more of a basic idea. I haven't used YC, MC because I am open who plays who.

CH1 is in a coma, for whatever reason I am open to whatever you are comfortable with. CH2 is a boy at school that CH1 has liked for a long time but their paths don't normally cross. CH1 is a gothic/emo/outcast. CH2 I was thinking brain/geek/nerd. I was thinking that he is a very literate person that didn't even know that anyone was in the least bit interested in him.

CH1 is in a coma, how death is knocking on his door. He has one last chance to set things right. And give death a reason why he should continue to live. CH2 really has no one right now. CH1 has to get close to CH2 as a ghost. CH2 is the only one who can see and hear CH1, and CH1 can't go far from CH2. CH1's life depends on CH2. 

One Angels trash is another Demon's treasure
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This is a Fallen Angel/ Demon pairing.

The angels have gone rogue when the father has decided that he would cut them off. He knew what was going on, the corruption that was happening. There were so many rules to that are ruthlessly enforced. If they weren't done to the T the angel was prosecuted to the highest extent. The highest extent changed depending on the angel.

MC character is an angel who made the minor mistake of wanting to helpful. He was turned in by his brother. They imprisoned MC for a few year being under age they couldn't just cast him out. They didn't make that stay easy either. Before casting him out of heaven.

MC can be a reward for YC. MC could be hurt and YC finds him. What happens can be talked over PMs.

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Re: InMyKage (M/M) (Open)(Updated. New Plot/Idea)
« Reply #1 on: September 29, 2016, 06:53:39 PM »